Sam George Microsoft

Today during one of the many Build 2013 sessions going on, Microsoft also publicized some Windows Phone Store numbers since Windows Phone 8 was launched.

By now, many of our readers have probably figured that Windows Phone 8 has quickly become the more popular OS (over 7.x) partially due to the new and exciting hardware and also because of it being more powerful.

Windows Phone Store growth

So how much of an impact has Windows Phone 8 had? It’s quite significant. Since November of last year (around 7 months ago):

  • 52k+ app have been submitted with WP8 SDK
  • 102k+ new developers have registered with Windows Phone
  • 2.5x increase in daily app revenue
  • 200M monthly app downloads
  • 160k+ apps, with 191 markets and 50 different languages

The take away? Microsoft has built up quite an ecosystem around the Windows Phone Store and Windows Phone 8 has only accelerated, somewhat significantly, that growth.