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With 160,000+ apps, Microsoft breaks down the numbers for the Windows Phone Store

Today during one of the many Build 2013 sessions going on, Microsoft also publicized some Windows Phone Store numbers since Windows Phone 8 was launched.

By now, many of our readers have probably figured that Windows Phone 8 has quickly become the more popular OS (over 7.x) partially due to the new and exciting hardware and also because of it being more powerful.

Windows Phone Store growth

So how much of an impact has Windows Phone 8 had? It’s quite significant. Since November of last year (around 7 months ago):

  • 52k+ app have been submitted with WP8 SDK
  • 102k+ new developers have registered with Windows Phone
  • 2.5x increase in daily app revenue
  • 200M monthly app downloads
  • 160k+ apps, with 191 markets and 50 different languages

The take away? Microsoft has built up quite an ecosystem around the Windows Phone Store and Windows Phone 8 has only accelerated, somewhat significantly, that growth.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • MS killin' it.
  • Hopefully in the future wp can get more market share.
  • It will when Microsoft buys BlackBerry.
  • Lol, nobody wants that sinking ship
  • Actually I kinda do. I want the Q10 also :)
  • don't forget to buy inner tube with it 
  • If only some wp8 programs work on wp7
  • get a 520
  • +1 got one today.
  • just got one from HSN for 130$ for a family relative, really nice phone, amazing value at that price point
  • Thats what I'm talking about !! Lets go WP, can't wait for the 925.
  • All the Nokia people here have the 925, so I've been playing around with it a lot...soooooo nice. Can't wait myself.
  • I had a chance to use it at the launch in London, it is a stunning device. Btw, any chance someone was sneakily packing an EOS???
  • Daaamn lucky, I like the new design though it looks nice. I have a 920.
  • I remember when it was only 120,000 apps this is awesome
  • I still remember when it only had 50,000 apps.
  • I remember when it had no apps. 
  • lol
  • Didn't it start with like 10,000?
  • 2,000 I think actually.
  • i thought it was 1000
  • Hey Sam I was in Redlands today and needed cash so I looked up Wells Fargo and walked over. As I'm walking I'm checking out all the little shops and I pass a coffee shop that sounds familiar. On my way back it hit me this is the place you tweet about. Its just across the street from my clients office.
  • Lol
  • Hmmm... How many apps were there in the HTC Fuze days?
  • I think it was around 25,000 when I published my first app.
  • They'd go farther if they worked on refinement and adding new features now. Basically, they need to establish themselves as "the first to support new features and very refined/stable" in the consumers minds. Microsoft, with its resources, has the ability to marry those two concepts effectively and just by doing that, they'd have a leg up on competitors who fall into either the former or latter camps. Great to know about the progress though! They need to get the word out more!
  • Now there is only 200000 fart-apps missing...
  • Feels good to fart.
  • then I guess you're not a fart-app client
  • go eat some potatos or yams, it'll help you get started
  • This is great stuff. Keep it up Microsoft.
  • System wide orientation lock pls
  • +920 can't believe we don't have that yet!!
  • That would be amazing!
  • Yes yes yes yes. What the hell? Why can't we get this???
  • We need to bug the crap out of big companies and pressure them to make windows phone apps. I usually go on their twitter page every few weeks and ask them when are they releasing an app. Its about time I bug American express, discover card, wells Fargo, EECU, Costco, square, mint, page once (update), PayPal (card reader) again. If we don't bug them, they'll never do it.
  • I remember seeing a wells Fargo app at one of the previous events hosted by ms or Nokia.
  • 干得好
  • What ever that says :)
  • Bing translate = Well Done :)
  • Bing says it means "well done"
  • Hi , i am doing the same, i really want a bank in Belgium to make a Windows Phone app, they answered me with, we will send your suggestion to the technical part of the bank, i really hope it works, will be so awesome!
  • I agree with you. Someone should write an app for it ;)
    As I've said before- give me the 10,000 apps that have the largest volume on iOS and Android and I'll have a successful platform. App counts don't matter- having the apps your friend tells you to get or the popular store you shop at, service you use, etc. does. On WP, I don't even consider apps that have much less than 1,000 ratings unless it's an official app and I'm downloading it day one (thanks to WPC breaking the news to us!). If I was ever an iOS or Android user, I probably would step that up to probably 1,000,000+ downloads... maybe even 10,000,000. It's not because I don't think apps with less aren't useful, I just think that there is a reason the apps with the huge numbers have them. There are certain apps on both platforms that would meet my criteria for trying and I dislike it or fail my criteria and I would probably enjoy. Of course, I have to imagine if I'm going to enjoy it, others will and eventually it will meet my criteria. You rarely see a 1-2 star app with a huge number of ratings.
  • Agree 100%. The app count doesn't matter to me. It's which apps they have.
  • Ha! I do the same thing with Square and PayPal. This reminds me, I got Square again yesterday (after their big Square Market announcement) but I haven't bugged PayPal in a while...
  • What was the big market announcement about?
  • THIS!  This is what I've been saying too.  We need to get organized if we can.  Give me your twitter handle.  Mine is @bartdog66. 
    I've been involved in hashmobs, coordinated facebook postings, etc. to help keep tv shows on the air and it WORKS.  When companies see something trending week after week.  they take notice. 
    I think this would be even more effective when dealing with smaller, local outfits like my local tv station, who doesn't have a wp app, but just released one for apple/android.  If we orgnized and helped each other it would have so much more impact than a couple of people in each town.
  • I bought,paid 6 app until now....
  • We told you no Instagram and no WP8.1 news...
  •   :(
  • Did you actually read the article? It in no way implies that Instagram will be added to WP any time soon. Actually, it implies that it might be a while.
  • i hope not next year
  • I Hope its this year an not next year cause i'm planning to buy the rumored Nokia phablet or the next Nokia flagship that is going to be available during the holiay season
  • if you really give a shit about instagram use instance and dont annoy everyone
  • And in that link, did you catch the part where it said it took Instagram two years after iOS before it got to Android? There are  alternatives to Instagram available for WP, we have to be patient. Probably best way to get Instagram to move forward is to let them know you want their app. MS knows we want it, WPCentral knows we want it, but ultimagely its up to Instagram/FB to make it available to us. If you are going to complain or get pissed, best to send it to them, not WPC/MS. Just sayin'.
  • but those alternatives are missing the video feature and MS should go to Instagram and pay them and instagram on WP will be a huge selling point over BB I'm starting to feel that google paid facebook or instagram to not make an app for WP
  • I think Microsoft would know... being a relatively significant share holder of facebook stocks. One suggestion I never see people throw out there so I'll try it- I don't have any reason nor interest in using instagram, but is there any reason you can't use the actual website? I would imagine a service primarily used on mobile devices would have a mobile version of the website. Both methods use data so it's not like there would be a significant reason to use the app outside of convenience.
  • Point. I was trying to wrap my head around that, too. Until, of course, WPCentral published an article about Instance and got me to download it. Then, I found out, you can't register nor post photos via the instagram website. You can only like and comment.
    Instance is great, but it crashes on me alot.
  • It's PhoneArena for crying out loud!!!
  • Thanks for yelling. We would have never known you were a troll without all caps.
  • I Own a Lumia 920 
  • Doesn't mean Microsoft trolls aren't still trolls. I don't particularly care for trolls of any kind. You make the rest of us look stupid.
  • microsoft are not believing in their mobile OS cause they added video messaging feature in skype for BB , ANDROID  AND iOS but not for their own OS 
    Also they are bringing xbox games to iOS and Android and Age of Empire will get them after android and iOS and microsoft is being selfish for doing that 
  • i cant even send videos or songs that are stored in my device via whatsapp also i cant download anything from the web browser except photos because there is no file manager 
  • call Zuckerberg
  • who's that O.o
  • * FACEPALM *
  • ik
  • ohh
  • The skydrive app includes the file manager. Yes its for local files as well.
  • Just hurry up and get an official Instagram app with video so all the complainers will shut up.
  • There was an interview with istagram executive who indicated no instagram anytime soon but will come b4 google glass. If I'm right.
  • I keep showing my phone off. If I see a windowsphone I help the person tweak it. And teach them something new..
  • One thing I never knew on wp8 is that you can attach alot stuff to regular txt messaging, including location! Awesome! LOLZ! I'm slow.
  • My mom is the only person with a WP that I know... and that's because I bought it for her.
  • your mum must be proud
  • Shame they didn't mention the windows 8 store. How popular is that? 120 million copies of Windows 8, how many downloads, revenue details? People buy apps on their phone, but maybe not on pc. Is the app ecosystem strong?
  • How many spam apps? I'm all for cheering them on, but I gave up a long time ago searching in the marketplace. Honestly, I only pull apps from the WPcentral app.
  • We appreciate the support :)
  • If only you got a referral credit.
    you don't do you?
  • Yeah, I actually agree... I pretty much only install apps I see promoted here and link to it via the app.
  • If Microsoft allows 3rd party UI launcher and their themes, that number would quadriple in 1 year or Android /s
  • Some Great News. Lets go Microsoft.
  • More games!! More halo wallpapers please Daniel.
  • Ohh, woe is me, my halo wallpapers request continually gets ignored. I'm soooooo sad.
  • :]
  • The WPcentral app is one of the best apps I have, if not the best !!
  • I don't use instagram but it hope we get some news on an official app relatively soon.. This app is a huge deal for many people apparently
  • Yess pleaseee, i want it so badly,but i"m pleased with Instance, i buyed it to support Daniel Gary... Greetzz.
  • I remember about a month ago that windows phone store had 140.000 apps and it has the store is growing fast...very fast
  • Wait, 200 million app downloads a month? That seems too high....
  • I do see the relevance, but why does number of apps really matter? Wouldn't we all be better off with quality over quantity?
  • Quality is opinion, and thus difficult to count. Number of apps is easy to count.
  • Is Flipboard coming to wp8?
  • I definitely think that Microsoft is on the upswing. The haters can hate but what is is what is.
  • Now apple and androids cannot complain about the lack of apps. :)
  • Exactly. Conversation between be and my friends: Me (after looking at their phone's menu): Sure doesn't look like you have 500 thousand apps on your phone.
    Them: Well duh, I only use a few of them.
    Me: Exaaactly.
  • My conversation today was that the many of the same apps on android and ios are on WP.
  • You say 'Since November'. Does that apply to the 160k too? Or is that total?
  • There's a flaw with the WP store. They don't post correctly according to relevance in each category. Therefore you never know what's new or which app is actually the most popular. Like Discovery Channel and TLC. If Wpc didn't post it, you'd never know it existed. Gerrr! Wish they'd fix this.
  • They order by popularity, like the other stores. Once it's popular (or featured) it will be higher in the list.
  • With all these 3 screens 1 cloud talks, I wish there's a unified app store.
  • Doesn't really matter how much they add, until they get to the missing ones that are going to make my next phone an iphone. As much as I love the 920 as a phone, the limitations of WP8 and the continued lack of major apps are a constant annoyance.
  • Why, app like whatsap, line, wechat & youtube official & more not update since a long time... ?
  • Did they also say how crap are (Some) they developed?
  • Why MS don't open API:s to get better functionality f.e Rapdialer, Chronos and allows Swype?
  • 160,000+ apps? 90% of them must be spam apps cause i cant find a single useful app i had on my android.
  • Describe their function or name them because I think you're being disingenuous. 
  • Now if Microsoft only could put there back in to WP so they don't loose the confidence they gained.
  • What is WP8??
  • Yea-something I won't see till next upgrade in November. In the meantime I'll enjoy my legacy L900 and pretty much no new apps..
  • Need to be over the 200,000 by the end of the year.   Also, have to get Instagram and a few of the big boys on board.
  • MS needs to keep the momentum going now. Once we get some good apps from Devs that haven't bothered with WP before, we should see more people shift over.
  • Woot woot!!! Loves me #WP8!!
  • Ok, I get that the numbers apparantly mean "quite an ecosystem", but when we zoom in further what does 52000 for WP8 SDK and 160000 apps really mean for the enduser? Are they all unique? Is there skewing between countries? Is it a lot of the same? Does it mean support is coming for noobs to make making apps more accessible to the enduser? Or does it mean something entirely different?