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Four of Destiny's senior developers have left Bungie in the last month

A few months ago, Bungie announced that it was leaving its partnership with Activision. Destiny 2 support would continue, but it would be on the company's terms, without any interference from the publisher. While many expected this to be an excellent sign, it seems like there's trouble in paradise. According to a report by Forbes, four prominent developers have left the game in the past 30 days.

Forbes wrote the following. It seems like Joe Blackburn, Jill Scharr, Jon Weisnewski, and Josh Hamrick have moved on from Bungie. It's unclear what many of them are up to nowadays.

Yesterday brought the news that two high-profile figures at Bungie were leaving the developer, Joe Blackburn, the former Raid lead who was promoted to 'broader responsibilities' this past November, and narrative lead Jill Scharr who worked on the well-received Forsaken story. Both announced their departures within ten minutes of each other on Twitter... These two are joining weapon specialist Jon Weisnewski and sandbox design lead Josh Hamrick who left the company at the same time almost exactly a month ago.

Just like Forbes, we've run into the problem of not knowing how to contact Bungie. It's unclear if the team is handling its own public relations or has delegated that responsibility to an agency.

Destiny 2 is an ambitious game and it's never easy becoming a truly independent developer of that scale. Here's hoping that everything is fine, and these departures aren't part of a larger trend. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. What do you think? Let us know.

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  • It’s probably nothing, but if this keeps on happening it may be part of a larger trend.
  • I bet Activision stole them
  • I won't be surprised if they went to the initiative.
  • Or 343. Sandbox, weapons, raids, narrative, seems like everything Halo Infinite is doing. Comes with the added bonus that 343 is literally in the same town as Bungie. Initiative is in California.
  • Or better yet, Bethesda snag them to improve their Anthem game.
  • The only improvement I would like to see is adding team PVP and adding a few more side missions, with new areas and bosses.
  • Bethesda is fallout 76 not anthem. Anthem is bioware.
  • Better offers, maybe they start a company together. I wouldn't read too much into 4 out of 750 people leaving over a month.
  • Could also be from burnout as they probably looked at Bungie's roadmap and said no thanks to another 4 years of destiny
  • At the end you meant marathon and Halo... Not marathon and destiny I suppose?