4th & Mayor v3.0 teaser shots appear with new features

If you're like us, you're waiting anxiously for Jeff Wilcox to get a Mango version of his uber-popular '4th & Mayor' Foursquare app out. And while simply re-encoding for fast-app switching is an easy task, Jeff is doing more than just that for version 3.0.

In a few teaser shots seen above, we can get a glimpse of what is coming down the pipe. First, you can now see your friends and where they checked in on a map, which makes total sense to us to have as a feature. Next you can see how you can customize the multiple-live tiles you'll be able to pin, including changing the tile or the photo for it for quick checkins. Finally, checkin deep-links and those multiple live tiles are shown on the start screen.

Release date? We hear that the app was submitted to the Marketplace on Sunday, which means we should be seeing this this week sometime. We're pretty excited about this one! Grab version 2.9 of 4th & Mayor here in the Marketplace for free.

Source: @JeffWilcox 1, 2, 3; via WindowsPhone Daily

Update: Jeff was kind enough to provide the full changelog for v3.0. Curious about all the new features? Head past the break!

Big Changes

  • Quick Check-in now respects your Foursquare settings preferences for pinging Facebook & Twitter
  • New Live Tile Studio for organizing, customizing, renaming, and enjoying pinned places.
  • Fixed bugs where places pinned to the start would disappear after a phone restart.
  • Performance improvements and user experience tweaks
  • Integrates with Bing Local Search on the phone
  • Supports Windows Phone 7.5 features like fast app switching
  • Lists support from Foursquare, the new way for sharing information about places and tips, replaces "todos"
  • Maps of nearby friends
  • Maps from place pages will show your current location and the destination place

Changes and Features of Note

  • More fluid transitions between pages and experiences
  • Checkin photos appear inline when looking at all your friends' check-ins
  • Checking in will no longer show places from far away when you've been on the move
  • More informative progress messages during data operations
  • Checkin photos can be marked as being viewable by everyone or just your friends
  • Adds direct Leaderboard access from the main application bar
  • The app's small icon now matches your accent color instead of the bright red background
  • You can find more friends quickly by searching through your phone's contacts
  • Simplified experience for learning more about a friends' check-in
  • Better privacy: the app no longer uses your anonymized ID or device ID for push registration

Minor Changes

  • After checking in, you'll get information about the services that were pinged with your check-in for confirmation
  • Adds a confirmation when you hit 'sign out' app bar menu item
  • The legal information is shown if you come back to the page from elsewhere on the phone or app
  • You can now view the high resolution profile image of people
  • A full resolution user photo will be used when pinning people to the start screen
  • There is a dedicated settings page now, it is no longer hidden away in the your profile page
  • Supports the selection of the classic tile for those who loved it
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  • he already submitted the app for certification as tweeted by @4thandmayor
  • Cant wait to get the update
  • It's soooo good. The Checkin Tile is brilliant--just tap and it goes to the venues list for super simple checkins. Plus it's even faster, which is almost hard to believe...
  • I think this app will steal me back away from foursquare
  • This guy is just brilliant, definitely one of the best WP devs around.
  • I actually don't want Quick Check-in to ping Facebook... can I opt to ping Facebook with regular Check-in or will it be locked out because my new preference won't include Facebook?
  • You can pick whether Facebook or Twitter are pinged in the 'My Settings' page by default; if you decide to ping them, just do the full check-in and select there.- Jeff
  • The only thing I want now is the leaderboard live tile. I know it seems stupid, but it's useful for a couple of reasons- when it changes, I know someone has been checking-in to places... sorta neat. Also, the competitiveness of check-ins is actually somewhat compelling. Sad, I know.The other thing I'd really like to have is push notifications for when a friend checks-in. I don't know that this is something Jeff can do, I suspect it's a foursquare problem...
  • +1 on the leaderboard live tile. I love it on the official foursquare app.Also I was wondering about that as well. Getting a toast when someone checks in. I wonder if that is possible
  • Toast will come in before a leaderboard live tile, if only because I don't like the leaderboard tile... I'd rather have the live tile tell me how many things I should know about (similar to e-mail).In time (this stuff takes a lot of time to do for a free app) I'll be expanding to more features, of course, and appreciate the input.- Jeff
  • Thank you for getting back to us Jeff. It is appreciated. Great work on 4th & Mayor.
  • what's the name of the weather app? I wanna try it out
  • I believe it is Stormglass...I'm using it right now and it's great live tile app!
  • I'm actually testing the Mango build of the official Microsoft 'Weather' app in the store :) I don't know when it comes out.
  • where can I download this weather app?