5 things Ubisoft can do to make Far Cry 5 a smashing success

Ever since the success of Far Cry 3 in 2012, the series exploded in popularity. Far Cry 4 built upon 3's reputation by adding more content, while Far Cry Primal took the series to a new, ancient setting. This March, Ubisoft is releasing its latest game in the franchise, Far Cry 5, and expectations are higher than ever. Here are five things that would help game truly shine.

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More stealth options

In the Far Cry games, there are many ways to engage enemy combatants. One of the most effective is through the use of stealth. However, aside from bow and arrow, knife, and silenced firearm, the series has felt somewhat lacking in regards to the variety of stealthy options.

One way that Far Cry 5 could fix this problem is by bringing the spears and clubs of Far Cry Primal into a modern setting, and you could use these melee weapons to kill enemies much more silently than with an unsilenced firearm. It wouldn't be as silent as the knife, but it would give you an option to take out multiple foes quickly before they alert their allies.

Bring back multiplayer

Both Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 boasted player-versus-player (PvP) multiplayer modes that allowed players to battle to the death in the lush environments of the franchise's locations. However, multiplayer was noticeably absent from Far Cry Primal.

While Far Cry's multiplayer was hardly considered amazing, it was still a fun and interesting way to bring the series's singleplayer RPG experience to an online setting. If it has good balancing, dedicated servers, and a variety of modes to play, there's a big chance that Far Cry 5 can bring back the PvP experience in a satisfying way.

Focus on story

The stories of the Far Cry games have received mixed reception. A common trend in the series is a strong, compelling antagonist (such as Vaas Montenegro) but a bland, shallow protagonist main character. In addition, the plot and side characters are overall average.

Far Cry 5, with its strange militant religious faction being the main antagonistic force in the narrative, can hopefully deviate from the franchise's typical storytelling and deliver something impressive. While story isn't always important in open-world games, titles like The Witcher 3 stand as proof that a great story does nothing but help.

Better AI enemies

In any singleplayer-oriented combat game, it's important that the enemy artificial intelligence (AI) is solid and provides a good challenge to the player. Sadly, this is an area in which Far Cry has underachieved in consistently.

When the shooting starts, Far Cry's foes usually stay in one place, rarely moving and turning the experience into nothing more than a shooting gallery. With Far Cry 5, it would be awesome to see Ubisoft take a page out of The Division's book, another game of theirs, for good AI design. In that game, the enemies are aggressive and attempt to flank you constantly, making you think on your feet.

Better performance

As much as the above ideas would improve the Far Cry series, none of it really matters if the games don't run well. Far Cry 3, 4, and Primal all launched in poor states, and while Ubisoft was eventually able to get all three games working within a decent timeframe, it's still harmful to a game's reputation when it's borderline unplayable on release.

Your thoughts

What would you like to see Far Cry 5 improve upon? What else could Ubisoft do to ensure that it's a success? Let us know in the comments.

Far Cry 5 is available for preorder for $59.99.

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  • Yes, about the story I think that should be the focus. I'm not too sure about multiplayer though. I'd rather see them give 100% on the single player experience and make great than having them also focus on multiplayer.  I thouht the stealth worked nicely in 3 and 4 (didn't play primal).  I would really like to  side quests or side missions to be real stories not some generic "save the hostages" or "kill that animal"... I hope it'll be great. 
  • Single player is all I ever use. Sniper Elite, Wolfenstein and Fear are favorites of mine. I would like to see a new Fear.
  • 6. Make sure there is a jump button Ubisoft. Contrary to Ubisoft's belief, it seems that people are capable and have been jumping for sometime independent of running at full speed even.
  • No loot crate or similar mechanics.
  • Parkour mechanics like those in Dying Light would be a huge improvement.
  • the #1 way to ruin a single player title is to bring in PVP multiplayer. Immediately forces the developer to create control and weapons balance for PVP. Can you imagine of witcher 3 had to include multi-player? please no.
  • Worked pretty great in FC4, other than the lack of a few features.
  • This article is kinda pointless since it's too late to do anything meaningful to this game now. It's all about polishing and wrapping up development at this point. Ignoring above mentioned, I agree with some of these, but my main concern is that it will be more of the same. I adored Far Cry 3 but couldn't play 4 more than few hours because it was just felt like fc3 with a new skin. Didn't even try Primal.
  • This is my most anticipated game of 2018, and i don't plan on getting anything else until November anyway. I'm a big Far Cry and Assassins Creed fan, unless i see another Lego Star Wars game or something from TTgames or Dead Island 2 or Dying Light 2. Still i totally agree with everything in this article. The real focus should be the Single player experience and Multiplayer should be second. Although i'm not a multiplayer gamer, i would atleast to have that option again in Far Cry. Primal is ok, and a decent game, but it's not the real Far Cry i absolutely love. Hell I've been playing FC3 Blood Dragon a lot more than Primal these days, and i'm pretty much almost wrapped up FC4. I'm towards the end of FC3 Blood Dragon as well. Ubisoft better put their time and effort into this one, to make it the best Far Cry experience possible. GTA is good and all, but Far Cry is what GTA should have been striving for. Even though it's total first person. The vehicles, the gear, the weapons, the bases etc.. are all so much fun. Also they need to add a new feature to the slide move. Where you can shoot your gun while sliding, but your aim won't be as good, but still would be a lot of fun. I think they would add that in FC6 i hope.
  • I didn't you could do that. Never played any of those. But have played Vanquish...which goes into a slow motion slide and shoot. Then also Bulletstorm which lounges people into the air to shoot. It would be cool if they had something along those lines. 
  • I've had all of those games at launch (3,4 and primal) and I have no idea what you are talking about when you say they are "unplayable". That's really exaggerating by a long shot.
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