60 Seconds

60 Seconds is a relatively new Windows Phone 8 game that caught our eye this morning. It's a fast paced game that has you caught up in the middle of a wild west shoot out.

You are tasked with protecting valuable cargo from wave after wave of bandits trying to rob your wagon. You have sixty seconds to take out as many of the bad guys as possible. The more bandits shot, the higher the score.

The game is drawn up nicely and is well suited for short game spurts or longer gaming sessions and is well worth a shot.

The main menu for 60 Seconds is fairly simple with access to your gaming settings, achievements, your earned Gacha items, a Store, and your game settings.

The game's Store looks like it is still under construction and settings cover turning on or off sound/music/vibration. Here is where we find the first downside to 60 Seconds in that the settings don't stick. If you leave the game and return, default settings are in place (everything on). A little frustrating but not a deal killer.

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60 Seconds

To jump into the game, just tap the screen from the main menu. Your game screen has your current score and last score displayed in the upper left corner, your game timer in the top center and a pause button in the upper right corner. Three fire buttons line the bottom of the screen that correspond to the three columns the attacking bandits follow.

Game play is simple in that you have an endless supply of bandits racing towards your wagon in three columns. You tap the corresponding fire button to take out the bad guys. Tapping the wrong button counts as a miss and impacts your final score.  As you take out the bandits, the pace of the game quickens and 60 Seconds will definitely test your reflexes.

60 Seconds

Each round only last sixty seconds and in the end, your score is tallied and added to your experience. As you gain experience you move up in levels and additional bad guys become available. You also earn Gacha Tickets that are redeemed at the end of each round for bonus items. What these items do, is a bit of a mystery.

Which leads us to another downside to 60 Seconds, the lack of a help section. 60 Seconds isn't a difficult game to pick up but a help section would really help clear the air about a few game play features.  A section to explain the Gacha loot or what prompts the need to take out a dinosaur? The dinosaur is one of the bosses but are they triggered by points scored, experience levels or at random? Or why every now and then your six-shooter turns into a Gatling Gun.  Is it triggered after so many consecutive bandits taken out or when you reach a certain scoring level?  The lack of a help section isn't really a deal breaker.  It just leaves you with a few unanswered questions.

While there is room for improvement, 60 Seconds is a fun game. 60 Seconds has great graphics, challenging game play and with the sixty second rounds, it's well suited to help pass short bits of time with. With the level advancement, 60 Seconds is also well suited for longer stints when you need a longer gaming fix.  In just tinkering with 60 Seconds for a short time today, it makes an entertaining first impression and is a welcomed addition to our Windows Phone gaming library.

60 Seconds is a free game available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can pick up your copy of 60 Seconds here in the Windows Phone Store.

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