6tag update adds support for Instagram's new portrait and landscape image formats [Update]

Update: There's yet another new version of 6tag in the store, with the version number It fixes the bug that was causing the app to crash when users were encoding a video during the app update.

Original story: Earlier this week, Intstagram announced that it was updating its iOS and Android apps to support viewing images in both portrait and landscape formats, in addition to the regular square format. While Instagram hasn't updated its Windows Phone app since March 2014, the popular third-party app 6tag just got a new version that allows uploads and viewing images in the new formats.

Here's what's new in the 5.6 version of 6tag:

  • Upload non-square pictures
  • View non-square pictures uploaded by other users
  • Add three new filters: Clarendon, Gingham and Moon
  • Tap and hold your picture to quickly compare with and without filter (on filters page)
  • Bugfixes and use last Instagram API

6tag screenshot

By the way, 6tag's creator Rudy Huyn has posted word on his Twitter account that there is a bug in the current version of 6tag "if you have a video encoding in progress during the app update". He has a fix ready but apparently the Windows Phone Store can't accept new updates for apps at the moment, so be aware of this issue before you download.

Download 6tag from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

QR: 6tag

John Callaham