6tin temporarily pulled from Windows Phone due to Tinder complaint

On June 21, developer Rudy Huyn re-released his Windows Phone Tinder client, changing the name from 6tindr to just 6tin. The move follows a six-month gap between when Huyn began speaking with the Tinder team to make his app the official client for Windows Phone. Talks failed to materialize an app, so 6tin was released instead.

Tinder though seems to not be taking the news too well as they have filed a trademark complaint against the French developer. In short, Huyn evidently used the word 'Tinder' in the app description and that was enough for their legal to file a complaint. Although the company is within their right, it appears to be a subtle form of harassment as other third-party clients rarely receive such scrutiny from Tinder legal.

Huyn is not deterred, however as he plans to remove the offending name and bring 6tin back to the market soon. Currently, users are greeted with a "This app is no longer published" message when following the direct Store link.

We'll of course let you know when 6tin returns, as we are sure this saga is far from over.

Source: Rudy Huyn; via Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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  • Here is what we all do. Email these clowns: ideas@gotinder.com and tell them we want our official WP app. If we all get loud they have to listen.
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  • How about writing this in an email :p
    Subject -Rudy>>Tinder
    Message- ---blank-- Sent from my Windows Phone
  • Done!
  • Sent. They'll definitely get the message this time!
  • Done!
  • Done :)
  • +925, sent my email
  • Done!
  • Done!
  • I did this as well! Good idea.
  • What is Tinder thinking? WP users want an app; tinder won't make an app and they won't let anyone else do it. And this is after Tinder talked to Rudy Huyn about getting an app ready. Makes Tinder look really bad.
  • I heard a high ranking employee at Tinder put the deal on hold. Apparantely he was a massive apple fan who believed he could help put an end to MS by not giving them access to key apps.
  • Fire his @$$ lol
  • Not surprising if true
  • Or tell them to support Rudy's app because they are unlikely to release anything that is as good as what comes out of Rudy's lab.
  • done
  • Done.
  • Already did
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  • Done!
  • Done.
  • Wouldn't twitter be better? Public then!
  • Both!
  • Sending such mail would be fine but please anyone doing so be positive and constructive
  • Why? They're basically tell you to f*ck off.
  • Sent a mail.
  • Doing this now.
  • Sent a mail
  • I don't want an official app. They are a bunch of morons anyway!
    I would prefer Rudy to get any revenue
  • Thx, DONE
  • Done +1020
  • Done!
  • Went to go send an email and found something funny. I use the Outlook desktop client at work and have my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts linked to it, so if I'm sending an email to someone who has used that email for one of those services, it will show me their profile. This is the profile that came up with that email address you provided: https://www.facebook.com/Rawhideproduction
  • That's messed up. Not a good look.
  • Don't forget to also tweet @Tinder
  • Done tweeting them with this link!
  • everyone use "windows phone support" as subject line.
  • I just sent them a long mail, but I wasn't very nice to them xD
  • Me too. Told them to get back to working in their BlackBerry App since no one on Windows Phone wants a service that's hostile to both the Users and the Devs.
  • Done, we should all flood their inbox!
  • Thank you. Here is what i just emailed: Is all of this drama really necessary? There are millions of Windows Phone users. You are denying one of the best developers for the Windows Phone platform to help you make an app. Microsoft even helps develop the first iteration of your app.  
  • I just email them and I don't even use it. Every bit helps
  • Me too!!
  • Just emailed tinder a vine of crying children titled."windows phone users"
  • Done
  • Done!! :D
  • Done
  • Done with the e-mail! Good luck with your awesome app, Rudy Huyn.
  • Dan you are posting all tragedies today
  • Lmfao.
  • Rudy just can't catch a break with this one. 
  • Yeah, it seems like someone at tinder has a vendetta against him.
  • Rumor has it that Rudy's app was of a quality much higher than Tinder's own, and thus Tinder's  investors were complaining to the company that the app they invested in was sub-par. Tinder pulled the app out of embarrassment and to save their skin.
  • That was my initial impression, but I thought I was looking too deep into it. If it's true, I hope they get their act together.
  • Not unlikely. His apps are beautiful and showcase the Metro design language. Many 'official' apps are just horrible ports of cringeworthy iPhone apps by programmers who don't know how to write for WinPhone.
  • I wouldn't have use my real name ;) then they wouldn't have known
  • Motherf*cker. Not this again..
  • Lol!
  • Stupid ass hats
  • It was just matter of time, unfortunately
  • If you're not investing in your own app, don't stop others that are doing for free. What a stupid thing to do, Tinder.
  • Stupid french developer, rudy rocks
  • The French developer being referenced is Rudy I believe.
  • Bro, Rudy is the French developer.
  • -925?
  • LOL, they're talking about Rudy :P
  • If they can't do, let Rudy do it
  • It's clear that Tinder doesn't want an app on Windows phone and is willing to sacrifice subscribers to do so. Maybe they have quiet exclusivity with the other two players, I.e. Jawbone, and fitbit. It's not far fetched. The others have a vested interest in limited apps on WP.
  • Been saying this for a while too. But as usual, nobody believes it's possible.
  • Funny that a Timber on the other hand is still available and has always been. The app is using the term Tinder in the app description as well. Stupid f*ckheads at Tinder.
  • Shhhhh
  • Definitely seems like they have something against Rudy. Rudy should collaborate with another developer and release it through them on the low and see what happens.
  • LOL
  • Why am I not surprised? If you don't have an app, and the dev is not profiting from theirs, what is your beef??
  • Just forget about Tinder for god's sake. They will come when its ready or when they lose their user base which is generally how we get some of these.
  • I try hard to convince people to tell them to f*ck off every bit as much as they are telling you to... But people still insist on begging them for a shitty app.
    And you just know if they do ever put on on WP it WILL be shitty.
  • I agree with this fella
  • Agreed. Its not like they don't know we exist. They recognize if they give us a half baked replica, we are some loud ass users on the interwebs. So they hid behind "we decided to go with the larger platforms" bullshit. Flick that. Its about all about reach and WP is that reach.
  • Rudy actually does Tinder a service by providing a quality client for them, they should celebrate a guy like him and maybe even try to hire him, I can't believe those geniuses sued someone trying to help their service grow on other platforms.
  • Did Tinder start taking a leaf from Google's book, hell its only a matter of time, before these apps are released anyway as WP is still climbing.
  • I don't understand why they won't just make this app official. Or give him the OK on the app or something. What's the big deal
  • Rudy should work on a NHL Gamecenter app instead
  • Assholes.
  • Some guy comes along, reverse engineers an app and its private APIs, puts it on the Store for monetary gain then gets blown out of the store due to copyright violation. And you're outraged at Tindr? Wow.
  • Can you tell me more about this monetary gain he is receiving?
  • Paid version and ads
  • +1 my point exactly
  • You haven't made a comment on this thread. What do you mean your point exactly?
  • +1020, Rafael.
  • Point is Rudy offered to work with them, they announced they working with him
  • Nothing different than what the timber devs are doing.
  • You can be mad at Rudy all you want, those are completely valid points.  However: 1. Tinder stated specifically that they wanted Rudy to build their app for them, and this would happen after the original was pulled.  This was done, and Rudy never heard back from them.  I'm sorry, but for the CEO of a company trying to get as many people on their platform as possible, this is just asinine, and outright lying like that is no better than the shit Google & Facebook do. 2. Tinder is a dating/hookup service.  They should want AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE on their service.  Why would they purposefully keep 10's of millions from using it?  Rudy already did all the work.  All they needed to do was say "thank you for saving us Development costs!  Lets get all of those on your platform onto our service which would only help it grow!!!".    I'm sorry, but Tinder management are a bunch of toolboxes.
  • You jus mad. So mad.
  • hahahahahahahahaha
  • Rudy, could you please work on a 6grindr?
  • Shame on tinder
  • Rudy improves the whole tinder experience, he gives all people more matches since WP users are included, how can they be against it? Pfffff
  •  When Tinder pulled the first app, that is when the #MobileEquality movement really took off. Tinder was pretty surprised by the huge number of tweets coming to them. Let's do it again!
  • Can't MS pull Google and such apps developers from PCs? BTW very funny things happens with WP.
  • Am I the only one though that believes that there is something unethical about building something that is a knockoff of someone else's original hard work? I respect Rudy but there is a bigger picture here that is conveniently ignored in the name of supporting the ecosystem. How is this in Tinder's best interest allowing someone to essentially steal their work. We cannot choose when laws are to be ignored simply because it is not convenient to us. Microsoft built the platform and it is their responsibility to support it with these apps. Developers like myself are trying to support the platform with apps that are exclusive to Windows Phone yet knocking off someone else's original work elevates the developer to hero status. Rudy is smart and extremely talented so this is nothing personal. I would be pissed if an iOS developer knocked off my work so why shouldn't Tinder. Let us not confuse issues here. You cannot force a company to do something they don't want to since clearly it does not impact their bottom line enough to compel them to make a WP app. And now let the hate begin. The truth is sometimes uncomfortable unfortunately. I challenge WPCentral to focus on the good work being done with official apps built for the platform and stop trying to force issues this way.
  • Someone with a brain here, +1020.
  • Get a room you two.
  • Good point. Rudy is a very talented developer, but you can't use other peoples stuff without permission. I would think a company would like free advertisement. If they don't though you have to respect their wishes.
  • Free advertising is me retweeting their app. Making my own is not. You cannot be mad at Nike not making shoes your size and then go off and make your own copy.
  • Very true.
  • Rafael Rivera (who works with Paul Thurrot sometimes) is a Windows Phone developer. I sense a bit of profesional rivalry here! I don't need Tinder but I'm going to send them an email ... A lot of people don't want Windows Phone to succeed ... Google for example, and if you just sit back and let them get their way they win. As the old saying goes ... If you always do what you always did, you always get what you aleays got!
  • Windows Phone has 10% market share in a few European countries. Tinder's determination to remove Tinder from this platform undermines the whole concept of their app. IOS and Android users now have 10% less people to interact with.
    On that basis alone, I applaud Rudy for what he is doing. I also find it quite funny that Tinder cannot make an app that comes close to competing with Rudy's third party effort!
    Refresh of data button, custom location button and google image search (to detect fraudulent profiles).
    Tinder can do what they like. I have my stable and well featured Tinder app :).
  • Taking other peoples ideas is wrong no matter the motivation. As a developer I am troubled that even Microsoft elevates this guy to hero status. Rudy is talented but the only problem is that he is crossing lines and cannot cry foul. Tinder is not his to do as he pleases.
  • The problem is, Tinder promised to work with Rudy to create an official app.
    They haven't....they are just trying to undermine Windows Phone.
    Rudy has my support. Tinder are behaving like idiots
  • If you were an employee of Tinder then maybe I would believe you. Speculation is not fact which is why I will not even comment on private business conversations that clearly failed. Whatever the reasons is it still is not justification to take someone else's work. Rudy knows this else why would he have put the "tin" in 6tin? I get it that he is the Robin Hood of the community but laws are laws. Sorry.
  • spinzeroWL is right.   Think about one thing, the value of a service like Tinder is the number of users. They don't have official apps and don't seem to work on it. 6tin is perhaps unofficial, but this app can bring them millions of users for... FREE, no need to pay developers, to hire someone, to manage support, to answer emails (I explain 100 times by day to users how to use Tinder) etc...
  • I may agree with the logic but it still does not mean a business cannot exercise their legal rights. I really have to stress that this is not about Rudy but about the practice of creating knockoff apps. So the same applies to all the Tinder knockoffs. Like I said in another post, just because Nike does not make a shoe in your size you still do not have permission to make a knockoff shoe and call it Mike. The apps are not named "6tin" or "Timber" etc. by mistake, we all know why this is so but in case you choose to be blind to it - it is called association. Let these apps implement their own dating "systems" and use original naming etc. and then you may have a case to make against Tinder. As long as Tinder says something about it as they have done then the burden of proof is on the developer to prove otherwise. In the meantime I will still go against this idea that knocking off other people's ideas is not ethical whether or not the developers heart is in the right place. Whether you agree or not is really up to you. I am just presenting my side of the argument. I am looking forward to the official apps Rudy is working on.
  • "Taking other peoples ideas is wrong no matter the motivation." Sorry, but the idea of "stealing an idea" makes no sense. Stealing the implementation of an idea, now that is indeed stealing.
  • Except he is not stealing their ideas. Stealing would be taking over and profiting and claiming it as his own. 6tin is free. And isn't the fact that 6tag and 6sec being paid because they utilize his servers or something. I respect developer's who do apps for windows phone but at the same time I don't see anything wrong with Rudy and 6tin. The app is free.
  • It is clear that the concept of intellectual property and copyright is foreign to you. Even making it free is stealing from the copyright owner as they lose out on potential revenues from not only the app itself but also associated revenue from their brand.
  • Rudy offered to make an official app. Tinder confirmed they were working with Rudy to make that happen.
    They reneged on their commitment....so they are just reaping what they have sowed.
    I applaud Rudy for giving them the middle finger and giving us users a great app.
  • Tinder does not owe him or is anything. If they did he would have sued them. Knocking off their work is not ethical. Think about the big picture here. What you are saying is I can essentially go through the Windows Store and decide that an app is not "good enough" so I'm just going to knockoff the idea add a couple of things and if you dare to challenge me then you are the a**hole??? As a developer the answer is no. Leave my idea alone and if you are so good then come up with your own ideas.
  • Hey!!!!! your ideas would be in dustbin if people/users do not use it. Your idea needs users mind well.
  • What you are saying is I can essentially go through the Windows Store and decide that an app is not "good enough" so I'm just going to knockoff the idea add a couple of things and if you dare to challenge me then you are the a**hole??? 
    Yes, absolutely. That IS how competition works after all. I see something someone is doing, I think I can do it better and I make my own version. If it's better then I (hopefully) win in the marketplace.   You do realize that MS Office wasn't the first office suite, right? Other companies had one, Microsoft decided that they could do better and did it. Now they are the defacto standard.
  • I also wonder if Rudy did work with them and when the relationship broke down if they refused payment or broke the contract in other ways.  People who like to say things are "clear" have NO IDEA what is going on behind the scenes.
  • It is clear that legal nuance is foreign to you, but a "know it all attitude" about complex issues are quite easy for you to soapbox about.  Why don't you demonstrate the "harm" being caused here? They would have to demonstrate harm in court...unless they just decided to have you determine the outcome without evidence or argument or any craziness like that.  While you're at it, please explain to us poor little silly idiots, why they target Rudy and let Timber...an app that charges to interface with Tinder...do what they will?
  • Copyright laws are there for a reason but clearly it is not convenient for a lot of people. I make apps and I am alarmed that knocking off is seen to be justified simply because some disagree with a companies decision. It alarms me because then my work is also not safe if some decides it is not convenient to them how I choose to run my business.
  • Isn't that the basis of competition and the free market? You have an idea but if you fail to scale and meet demand, someone else can come in and reap the rewards? This situation isn't even like that through, as Rudy isn't creating an app to compete with Tinder, just fulfilling the demand for them.
  • You chose to ignore the question about the other unofficial app "Timber" which takes payment for use of the app. Tinder has ignored that app completely. So by this action, your logic on the company's action against Rudy seems flawed.
  • I feel exactly the same way about Timber. My issue is the issue of knocking off apps that is ignored and that worries me. Windows Phone faces an "not enough app" perception problem BUT that is no justification to promote the development of "knock off apps" to fill the gap. There is a bigger picture here.
  • My issue with this whole love affair with "official" apps is multi-tiered.  *  People use that word for things that don't even have "unofficial" counterparts.  The bliss when the "official" Photoshop app arrived was skull scratching.  There was no "unofficial" Photoshop.  To start calling whatever brand names exist on iOS or Android, "official" makes us just a "me too" and "we'll wait for our crumbs" OS.  In this case, 6Tin is an "unofficial", but I don't really care.
    *  There "knock off apps" as you call them are often better than the original from other platforms.  4th & Mayor > Foursquare. 
    *  Do they whine and moan on other platforms when they have "knock off" Microsoft Office apps? No, because they don't have an inferiority complex. I never see a thread populated with a chorus of "oh my...the official apps" and "we're just raining official" and other cult sounding nonsense.
    *  If you are wetting yourself everytime an brand original app comes out, you should THANK developers of alternative titles.  I'm sure 6Tag has something to do with Instagram arriving and I'm sure 4th & Mayor has something to do wtih Foursquare arriving.  They were probably like "woah, there IS a demand and decent traffic coming from those Windows Phone users. We've been told by the moron press that it's just an Android/iOS world".
    * Even when an "official" app, like Facebook exists, you people complain about WHO made it.  Spoiler alert: A lot of the apps you use aren't made by the brand they represent. Get over it. The biggest problem we have is the vocal segment of our userbase that is WHINY about everything, throwing terms like "useless" around because a feature that they want is missing. I wouldn't want to develop for this crowd either.  If it's not free...complaining.  If it has ads...complaining.  If it has a bug...useless.  If there's a missing feature, even though it is in beta or even first release...useless.  There seems to be a lack of respect for what the developers DO..."official" or not.
  • Your issue is jealousy. You and riff raff are mad that Rudy gets all this limelight, and nobody knows who you two are. Just my two cents.
  • Copyright does not protect an idea, only a recorded version of it.
  • If there is no official app, please explain to me exactly how they are losing revenue? It's not like 6tin is stealing users away from them. Unless you are suggesting that a substantial number of people would drop WP and go buy an iPhone to get their official app.
  • Ever wonder why Louis Vuitton cares about knockoffs since clearly the "poor" people buying them would never based on your logic "impact" their bottom line? Brand identity contributes to revenues indirectly. Reputation contributes to revenues indirectly. Am unofficial app compromises those two things and more. Hope that clarifies the revenue question.
  • Rudy has violated the terms of use, which essentially equates to software piracy/theft. He is stealing their services and brand equity even if he is not using the trademarked name. Rudy is a great dev, no doubt. However, Rudy should release his app running on his own service and own userbase if he does not have Tinder's permission. It's hard to blame Rudy for behaving like this as it has worked out so well for him before - violating terms, getting apps pulled, then seeking permission.   It's amazing to me that people easily recognize hotlinking images as theft of bandwidth, yet it's so imcomprehensible that 'hotlinking' a companies whole product is to be celebrated.    It would not be totally out of line if his developer account was revoked for repeated infractions.     http://www.tinder.com/terms "Except as expressly permitted by Tinder Co in writing, you will not reproduce, redistribute, sell, create derivative works from, decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble Tinder. Nor will you take any measures to interfere with or damage Tinder. All rights not expressly granted by Tinder, Co. are reserved."
  • 6tin is not free it has adds & a paid version to remove adds.
    Tinder doesn't want to make app for WP, then leave them alone.
    I know Tinder asked Rudy to make an official app, but they don't want to, so Rudy should leave them alone.
    Tinder is not Rudy's service, he can't do whatever he wants with them.
  • I thought Tinder had an api that he was using. Am I wrong about that?
  • I think he reverse engineered it.
  • I see what you mean, but as far as I know (I have never even see this app) it's free. So they make thier money somehow that has little to do with where/from who the app is downloaded. I don't see how more people using it can do anything but help them. All Rudy has been doing it answering the call of the community.
  • well you can say Rudy shouldn't use APIs without permisson, just like I said once in Forums, when someone was crying because some other developer seemed to steal their code... but it was instragram APIs which they accessed illegally so I said, how can they complain about other stealing if they are doing the same?
    So I understand your point. but you have to remember thanks to developers like Rudy we have a Tinder app, without him what would we have? waiting for Tinder to finally work with Rudy? or for them to hire a developer or something?
    you have to remember this app doesn't have an official release, and won't have an official release in a while maybe many months more to come... Yeah Tinder team has the right to complain BUT they don't provide a solution for Windows Phone users, they don't try and probably don't care. so you can call it "unethical" "bad" "illegal" call it whatever you want, but without Rudy there wouldn't be a Tinder 3rd party app. Do you use Tinder on windows phone? because you should know Rudy wouldn't care publishing this app if Tinder had an official one. I am sure of that. why would him? in the end Tinder team is the only one who never worked with him to release an official app anyway.
    and he is NOT a hero, but he is the ONLY real option we have for tinder on Windows Phone store. and it's OBVIOUS you can't force Tinder team to release an official app, but then you can't condemn Rudy only because he wants to provide something that is not officially available.
  • No I do not use Tinder but have used Wikipedia by Rudy and other apps. I am not condemning Rudy, if you have time to read through the other post where I asked him directly and explained where I was coming from you will see his response. I am condemning this "by any means necessary" attitude that is now encouraging the creation of knock-off apps. It worries me as a developer who works hard to bring an app to Windows Phone only. So does it make it ok for an Android or iOS developer to knock off my app because I do not provide it to them. Unfortunately this bigger picture is being lost here and sadly it ultimately does little to help the ecosystem.
  • The product of the Tinder company is not the app. It's the service. (Why would anyone buy the app without the backend service?) As long as 3rd party developers respect the IP of the company (e.g. a disclaimer in the app saying all rights belong to Tinder and no representation is intended or made) and API's of the service, then there should be no problem. By not providing their own 1st party app, and then going after anyone making a 3rd party app, they are self-limiting their service's market share. It's a terrible business strategy.
  • He's not stealing Tinder's work. He's providing a way to access their work. It's like Tinder is the opera house and Rudy's a taxi cab driver, chaueffeuring customers to the opera house so they can see the opera! Right? No?
  • I don't get their problem. They should be f**** happy about that. Maybe they are just depressed that this app is so much better than their official apps on Android and IOS
  • I wonder. Looked at their FAQ and apparently a common question is "Why does the app keep crashing?" Hahaha! Losers.
  • honestly do we really need a tinder app .... if they dont want to make an app thier loss let them run down apple and adroid .....  Tinder clearly does not want thier app on Windows Phone .... which is a big loss for them .... its not like he is charging for the app. smh shame on yall ...
  • Excatly, stop begging.
  • Um.... does Tinder want customers or what? Either make an app for people to use or appreciate that someone is doing the work for you already.
  • Heyy buddies,send a mass email to their email id
  • Lets realize that we windows phone users are third class citizens, so lets make apps EXCLUSIVE for us that other OS want to use and can't, lets not make the stupid microsoft moves that makes apps for them BETTER,like Skype which is still a piece of shit for us, the users who buy and use their platform.
  • Ha! I'm not a "third class citizen" to anyone. And damn if I'll ever let an "app" make me believe otherwise.
  • Absolutely agreed. If they choose not to support the platform, that is their prerogative but I will go out of my way to black list any companies who do. I also black list their parent company and so forth. It may not be much but as for me and my own, they are not getting my money.
  • This guy gets it.
  • Maybe he should release it for dev unlocked devices thru sites like xda
  • He confirmed that he would do if Tinder forced him to pull the app.
  • Humiliate tinder people by sending them mails. If there developers can't make an app why take down others work
  • Man, someone there really hates MS
  • Who cares tinder anyway?
  • Deezer were also pulled. Does n1 know why?
  • Those motherfuckers
  • Tinder never bothers the Timber dev and they charge for their app, while Rudy's is free.  Hmmmmm....
  • Its because Rudy's app is far better than Tinder's own.
    It's an embarrassment for the Tinder developers.
  • I do wonder how the talks went. Seems they started on a good high note, but I wonder what they asked for that he wasn't able/willing to give. Or what he was asking for that they thought was un-fair. We'll never know. But the public face is painting them in a bad picture.
  • You will know : I asked nothing, no money, nothing
  • Is it ok though for a developer to take someone else's copyrighted idea and make it their own simply because you disagree with their business decisions? Is it ok for you to take my app and make it your own? I appreciate your skill and talent but that is no reason to ignore the law. You can't cry foul for being told not to take other peoples work. As a developer myself it is disturbing to know that you endorse this practice as I see it no better than knocking off Louis Vuitton simply because you have a problem with the price or availability. As a fellow developer I implore you to use your talents to make original apps for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Your talents inspired me to learn how to code and build for Windows but there are some ethical lines I cannot cross and taking someone's else copyrighted material is one of them. Please move on and make great original apps for an ecosystem that badly needs them. I am sorry things didn't work out with Tinder.
  • You will be happy cause, except 6tin, I work on 4 official (big) apps right now
  • You keep using this copyright word. I don't think it means what you think it means. You can't copyright an idea for starters, only the specific expression of said idea. The only way Rudy is infringing copyright is if he copied their code and/or graphics. Whatever your app is, Rudy could come along and make a better version of it. As long as he didn't steal your code, there really isn't anything you can do. That's how competition works. Now, you could make an argument about his app making use of their resources and perhaps you might have a valid point.
  • To stop communication by this way between people itself is out of laws. If Rudy and Tinder have issues of monetization, first tinder should respect people/users and publish app in WP store and than would have removed it.
  • I read through your post but I think you have the wrong idea of what all the tape is around the general situation and how some of this works. You're a developer yourself? So, I think you would gather the idea of how 3rd party apps work. These services provide API access and toolsets to allow auxillary apps to be made using their services. The reason what they did was enforcable was because of the intertwining mess that is the law, but in truth there's no claim he invented Tinder, he's not making a whole new service and labeling it the same. He's using their APIs and access to provide access to their own service. That's all. Obviously, you can't use the same name and such as that's where the legal hoohaw comes in. But like I said, I think you may have missed a mark there. Else there'd never be alternative to first party apps. Help us all if we had to wait on an official GMAIL app, or no alternatives for access to apps like twitter or instagram or google talk (IM+ by this logic should be shot down).  If you're instead debating the likeness of his app to the original, that may seem debatable indeed, but likeness is not infrigement.  If I have much or anything wrong up there (I really probably do), lemme know.
  • Perhaps read the legal agreements associated with the API's before you make assumptions about what is right or not. I asked Rudy himself the question and his reply is there for you to see.
  • Oh and unless I am wrong he reverse engineered the API...
  • I read through all the comments on this thread. Very fascinating how peoples minds work and their ethical views or lack thereof. I wholeheartedly agree with you thettk. Your arguments are eloquent and valid and I respect your honesty. It is interesting and very disturbing that people are ok with disregarding laws when it is convenient for them and then twist the facts to justify their wrongdoing to themselves.
  • Legally there could/should be sanctions, can´t seem right to use a service without their permission. However, if you accept the consequenses you can do whatever you want. Chain yourself to an oilrig to protect the arctic and go to jail for it.... but you get your point through.
  • Too lazy to make it, yet upset when someone else does. Odd company, this developer for free is PROMOTING their company with an app they could only dream of making.... If they spent half as much time just pulling their finger out instead of having things removed, having 'fake' secret talks about making an app then going quiet they could of just made an app by now.
  • I will be the only one to think this, but this dev should stop crying and just develop his own, original apps, copying/cloning cannot be forever...
  • Am I crying? Account created 6 minutes ago... strange :D
  • Good catch Rudy! That was kind of a sad attempt by him to blend into the community and voice his opinion.. :P
  • Where has Rudy copied anyone. He apps are far better than the original are
  • STFU and get lost.
  • Does it sound like the Youtube saga we had before? What's next?
  • How about you guys just go out and find girls on your own?
  • I know my way(s) is basically an unwinable fight at this point, but this is why I always say "fuck them" when it comes to developers like this. You can't possibly give a logical, legitimate reason to avoid WP, or any other OS in all honesty. It really makes no sense. 
    That line of crap about "not enough market share" is a bullshit cop out that so many of you have unfortunately fallen for... it's crap. Period. It's way too easy to develop for WP. So if you aren't doing it, you don't want to do it... or even more likely, you can't do it because you're a hack developer. What's worse about this is people are allowing these types of hack company's dictate how this market runs... HUGE mistake. You're begging these guys who don't respect you nor where your money goes to dictate terms to you. For me if it comes down to allegiances or "taking sides" I've made up my mind. And if I have any doubts I'm always reminded of it when I remember that I actually paid for this OS. There's no way in hell I will let a free "app" dictate where my money goes.   /rant about clown-ass developers.
  • I'm with you there but we are probably a minority. That reminds me that I need to look up Tinder, parent company and affiliates to include them in my black list.
  • I like Rudy's apps a lot but Tinder's reaction is understandable. Rudy is making money by ads in his apps while using the Tinder ("closed") API/platform. Not really professional republishing the app, though I'm glad he did because now I have the latest version.
  • Timber straight up charges for their Tinder app, but Tinder never has it pulled. This sounds personal and vindictive against 6Tin/Rudy.
  • well then why doesn't Tinder team releases an official app so we don't have to download 3rd party ones? blame Tinder team itself not Rudy for providing a good app for something that doesn't exist officially in WP store.
  • What a bunch of clowns. Seems to me they're. Mad that Rudy's version is better than theirs. Go Rudy u da man!
  • Why are these devs so bitter of microsofts ecosystem?  Instagram didnt want any of it, so was facebook and Google itself.  what a bunch of descriminating pricks.
  • I've been thinking for a while that google is paying these guys to stay off of WP. Sounds far fetched, but it's very possible.
  • Actually, it isn't far fetched at all.
  • Are they owned by google. That's the sort of sh## they pull
  • How pathetic. Rudy's app had to be pull simply because he wrote the name "Tinder" in his apps description. Hey Tinder nice way to act childish. If you care about your service, which obviously you do, you'd think that you'd want all platforms and said users of those platforms, able to use your precious hookup app. For god sakes, show some maturity and perspective.
  • Boo on MS for siding with Tinder and delisting it. It's not a trademark issue to use the name in a factual description. That's why Coke and Pepsi are able to use each other's name and logo in advertising. Ditto for every other company that advertises by making a comparison to competing brand X.
  • Assholes at tinder need to get a date.
  • Dear Tinder, Your attitude to Windows Phone stinks. Six months ago your CEO entered into talks with brilliant developer Rudy Huyn. Now I read that you are harassing him legally for releasing an app for Windows Phone due to yourselves dragging your heels /wasting his and Windows Phone users' time. Please desist from your legal bullying tactics, stop faffing around, and release an official app for Windows Phone like mature adults. Kind regards,
    Enda Crowley,
    Dublin, Ireland. Sent from my Windows Phone
  • Awesome!
  • Thanks :)
  • Done
  • Well done!
  • Team Rudy
  • Done
  • Tinder was thinking "hmm how will we troll Rudy today?" and this was the answer, go and stalk the description of 6tin and complain. poor Rudy having to deal with this kind of crap by stupid companies that can't make an official app, but don't want 3rd party either.
  • Hey Rudy your apps are really great but honestly I don't need tinder so what ever they do they do. MOST APP DEVS THAT BACK ANDROID AND IOS are lazy of course windows phone will lack market share if the apps people use are not there duh .... Tinder and these other apps that people so need also to realize they are the ones limiting market share ...
  • This was my email:
    Please offer app support for wp8. I am currently using a variety of other dating sites to meet singles in my area despite Tinder being the best service for my needs. I would love to use a first party app though Rudy Hyun's 6tindr offered an exceptional experience however brief. I can understand why developing an app for a third platform could seem too costly - all the more reason to open your app to independent developers. Please consider allowing independent developers to "fill-the-gap" by bringing your popular and much loved services to Windows Phone. I really need to find a date. -Brad Sent from my Windows Phone Tl;dr I know
  • The founder and CEO of Tinder is Sean Rad @seanrad. His tweet from April is classic, "Try to see opportunity where others see adversity."
  • Just to inform you that 6tin is back.   When you receive a Windows Phone Marketplac​e Content Infringeme​nt Complaint, you have 1 day to fix all problems, in my case : "Tinder" word in app description (no comment) and the logo (no comment...). I've changed the description, the logo (on the store and in the app) and published a new update (in bonus : some improvements). Microsoft has republished the app due to these changes. Now, no idea of what will be the next Tinder move...
  • Looks like its fixed