On June 21, developer Rudy Huyn re-released his Windows Phone Tinder client, changing the name from 6tindr to just 6tin. The move follows a six-month gap between when Huyn began speaking with the Tinder team to make his app the official client for Windows Phone. Talks failed to materialize an app, so 6tin was released instead.

Tinder though seems to not be taking the news too well as they have filed a trademark complaint against the French developer. In short, Huyn evidently used the word 'Tinder' in the app description and that was enough for their legal to file a complaint. Although the company is within their right, it appears to be a subtle form of harassment as other third-party clients rarely receive such scrutiny from Tinder legal.

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Huyn is not deterred, however as he plans to remove the offending name and bring 6tin back to the market soon. Currently, users are greeted with a "This app is no longer published" message when following the direct Store link.

We'll of course let you know when 6tin returns, as we are sure this saga is far from over.

Source: Rudy Huyn; via Reddit