Rudy Huyn releases 6tindr, an unofficial Tinder app for Windows Phone

Tinder is a very popular iOS app that essentially matches people. It’s primarily used for finding a date or hookup. What’s unique about Tinder versus other dating sites and services? Think of Tinder as a modern Hot or Not site, but one built for the very mobile and app centric world we live in. 

​While there's no official app for Windows Phone, we previously looked at Rudy Huyn, best known around these parts for his work putting out high quality apps in the Windows Phone Store, teasing a client in development. Huyn has now released said unofficial client. Say hello to 6tindr.

For those who haven't used the service before (which is also now officially available for Android), you simply select the gender and ages for matches you’re interested in. You’ll select radius for how far or close you want matches to appear. All that's left to do is to show your interest (or disinterest) in potential matches by swiping those you like to the right and those you don’t to the left.

If you and another Tinder use like each other you’ll be invited to message each other and see if you do hit it off. Sounds fairly straightforward, right? It really is and 6tindr makes it super simple to get started. 

The app itself is gorgeous, as is the case with other apps developed and published by Rudy Huyn. You've got all the functionality you'd expect to see in a Tinder app, including messaging, profiles, inviting other people to the app and more. That's excluding Live Tiles and other Windows Phone features. Overall, we're impressed.

You can grab 6tindr from the Windows Phone Store for free here or scan the QR code below. Let us know your thoughts on the unofficial client in the comments.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Ready to see what all the hype is about with always I know Rudy made an app of excellence .
    Edit: not entirely sure how to use it though but I got a like from some girl nearby haha. This is an app I can definitely see me having fun laughing at creepy people trying to get off(I had to be sure to edit since some people go over the top with their replies).
  • hey guys look at the gay black kid HA HA. thats not funny is it? didn't think so. next time think twice about laughing at other people. it could really upset someone. btw i dont have anything against anyone (including gays and african americans.). i said it to show its not very nice nor acceptable to laugh at someone especially for no reason.
  • Take a joke.
  • tell that to the alarming increase in suicide rates:). oh wait i'll tell their parents its a joke im sure they would laugh too ha ha.
  • tindr isn't for kids...
  • +920
  • Lol you are a riot. I'm laughing at the fact so many people on this app are so desperate. I've gotten several messages from creeps and losers lol. Has nothing to do with me laughing at anyone for any thing specific to them. Thanks for the laugh though dude :P not offended at all.
  • a riot? really? thank you for the compliment, appreciate it. on a more serious topic, i dont think its nice to make fun of these 'creeps' and 'losers'. if you dont like it get off the app maybe? the fact you're on it makes you no better then the 'creeps' and 'losers' you're laughing at (the irony). lastly, i didn't write my 'joke' to be laughed at but instead to prove a point. the fact you laughed at the 'joke' should be an insult to you more then anything. i get you're 17 but you will learn as you get older that 'jokes' aren't funny when they're at other peoples expenses. i'm trying to show you something as a leason. take if for what it is. ignore it if you'd like (most likely the path you'll chose) or you can open your eyes and research teen suicide rates. all im saying is i hope you have a deeper level of understanding for the 'losers' and 'creeps' to try to help them instead of ridicule them and possibly tip them over the edge. if you have the pleasure of working at a hospital you'll see why i dont think its funny. seeing teenagers (like your self) cut them selves or OD because of silly comments (on all the social networking sites)isn't a joke. i hope i enlightened you a bit on a very serious topic.    lastly, this 'over the top' or 'take it as a joke' is excatly whats wrong with people now a days. to you & i it might be a joke but to someone with server depression (or other mental illnesses) could have a lot more severe consequences then a pitty laught. i've seen the damage these 'jokes' do. if its at someone else expense, its not funny period.
  • You are really taking this WAY too seriously. I said i was laughing at my room or in my car or in private. I am not laughing at people in their faces or being rude to them. If someone messages me asking am I "DTF?" yes I am going to laugh because it is funny that they think a desperate thing like that would get them laid. I downloaded the app not becuase i care about getting laid or needing someone to validate me by clicking app...I download all Rudy's apps and i have been wanting to see what all the hype was about tindr so no i am not like the rest of the people who use this app to hook up. Furthermore, What on earth do teen suicides have to do with this app. Again, you are taking something way too serious that is not even necessary.  And to clarify, I am 18 years old...not 17. It's a year difference, I know but just wanted to correct you on just chill out. It was not meant to be taken serious. I laughed at you simply becuase you're being ridiculous.
  • I came for the obvious awesome Rudy Hyun app. I stayed for the cyberwar. Popcorn anyone ?
  • Nice way to go over the top.
  • Ohh my gosh...This guy is one heck of a developer. He has so many apps of his own and all are heavily downloaded by WP users.
  • that's how he's able to quit his day job. and i'm jealous.
  • He's already a major WP developer and he's very successful at it. I can see why he quit
  • i completely agree. MS should hire this guy to make them apps for other companies. win win for everyone. the apps would grow on a new platform with out them having to do anything. MS would get more customers (because top apps would be there) and less bitching by the public (but does it have instacrap?)  for very little pay to the dev (considering how big ms is).
  • The funny thing is Rudy Huyn did work at Microsoft and left to do this :)
  • Downloading now
  • Good to see another great app of his completed. Now how about a Tumblr one next, hmm? ;D
  • There's an official Tumblr app already available, ergo he won't do one. Huyn only works on apps *not* on Windows Phone officially ;)
  • He could consider making a web browser. That's a segment in windows phone ripe for the picking.
  • You want a one-man team to make...a web browser? Hmmm...can't tell if serious.
  • At least work on a modded IE? With few more user friendly features like say forward button? :/
    It may seem demanding..but rudy has reached a level where we naturally expect him to be a developer apart from the competition..
  • "a modded IE?" That would never get approved because it will be mirroring a system level application and future features of Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft won't let that happen. Also, making or modding a browser isn't as easy as you may think it is. And for you to say, "It may seem demanding" is demanding. He makes 13 of his 16 apps in the store available for free and is constantly improving them. And for you to, "naturally expect him to be a developer" makes you sound like a douche. Developers aren't robots, they have a life as well.
  • Naturally expect him to be a developer apart from the competition. Now don't go around calling people things unless you want to be labeled in return. This was a basic comment and thought. I'm not slave driving rudy and I've always praised him including in the last comment.
    The current browsers use the IE present as the core. We use the APIs present to do what we can. So if he improved upon the current browser, he's just making an application that takes it a little farther like the UC browser. If anything i say is not correct logical, you can state it and ignore it. Don't be so abrasive.
  • This is probably not the developer for it, but it should only take one hotshot developer to port Firefox for Android to WP.
  • I'm not sure if that's allowed... It'd merely be IE with a different face on it, because Windows Phone 8 requires any browser apps to still use IE's engine and webkit, or whatever it's called (I know very little about browser development :P).
  • I would love to claim IE works great on WP. But it crashes a lot for me actually. Especially on the damn NFL fantasy site. So yes, WP could use some alternatives.
  • Try UC Web or Maxthon. We've covered both. 
  • My impression was that the third party browsers on WP still use the built in IE engine. If that's correct, im not sure it will help. But I'll give one a try.
  • Or maby a weather app. We seem to have a shortage on that in the WP store.
  • Actually made me lol, thanks for that!
  • I would like a Pinterest and a Youtube app :)
  • Omg i never thought about this but Rudy totally needs to make a youtube app!!
  • myTube has got that covered..
  • Agreed. myTube and Metrotube are solid apps, no need for Rudy to make one when we already have full-featured apps that are excellent.
  • I know, very good point, lol. It's just that not being able to ask or access my inbox with the official one has been a point of contention for a while, that's all.
  • You can name me "Rudy" :D Yes your totally right, I don't compete with official apps, I just want to motivate ios/android major apps to come on WP
  • Can you please make a decent YouTube app metro-tube doesn't update and mytube is full of bugs please help
  • Love the work you've been doing, I'll pay for this even though I don't use tinder
  • quick question... what programming language are you using? c++, c#, or something else?
  • Hey Rudy looks great and works fast, but I would like to help you by reporting these bugs/things that could be improved:
    -Some settings like background agent are not saved.
    -The horizontal gestures needed in the settings are competing with the swipes required to switch to another settings screen, not such a big deal but I heard MS doesn't like competing gestures.
    -There is no bar with the dictionary predictions on the keyboard when chatting, would love to have this.
    -Reporting people gives an error message.
    - I get no notifications when I'm out the app.
    -Clicking on the circle with profile picture doesn't bring you to their profile.
    -When checking out photos of a person, the two little buttons top right don't work and bring you back to the main screen.
    -It doesn't always bring new messages to the top of the list in the chat overview.
    That's about it for now, but great job!:)
  • I heard proper implementation of the WP8 keyboard (with spelling suggestions and all) is coming in the next update, and knowing Rudy, that'll probably be out in five minutes. :P
  • Its decent too.
  • Official Tumblr is here and works well. Could use more updates, but gets the job done.
  • Hey check this out then. "Turtle Blog Viewer"
  • IE on WP is awesome. It is awful on my 8.1 desktop and Surface RT. Constantly getting "cannot display web page" even though internet connection is there. Desktop is plugged in to network, phone and Surface are wi-fi. Never had that page error on WP, happens many times a day on Surface. I use Mozilla on the desktop.
  • IE is not crapping out when it shows that page, your home WiFi is timing out because you are getting slow service. In Windows Phone, if it can't load a page from WiFi, it uses your cell data. Your Surface doesn't have access to this so it shows an error. You'll get the same errors in Firefox.
  • I have never in my life received such a page in Firefox. The same desktop machine running 8.1 has the the error page appear constantly with IE11, and that PC has an Ethernet connection. My PS3 and tvs never drop WiFi connections, neither does the L920. I've turned the data connection off and never had that page appear on the phone. I never used IE on the PC until trying after having the problem on the Surface I've had for only a few weeks. I do wonder if the cable modem may not be compatible with Windows 8, its a 4 yo SciAtlanta. The WiFi router is compatible. I've tried all the tricks from MS communities, no dice.
  • I am now completely satisfied with Windows Phone.  No apps missing that I would ever consider leaving to get.  Rudy has picked up a lot of slack for Windows Phone, he's awesome!  
  • POF would be nice to have
  • I thought that already existed? Or maybe for WP7 and wasn't updated.
  • That existing POF app is so bad it's worthless.
  • Ah, not surprised - last time I checked their website was pretty bad, too.
  • POF?
  • The only issue I have is my gender. Everytime I try to set it, it doesn't fully let me know if it is set on the correct gender
  • The app, much like the rest of us are still wondering about you.
  • Lol, NIST at "their" best =P
  • haha too good. especially considering he's laughing at other people. that was a good laugh.
  • Lmfao.
  • I want to download it to support Rudy....but I'm in a relationship...sorry man. App looks great though!
  • +820 wife would kill me ^_^
  • What she doesn't know wont hurt YOU.
  • +928 girlfriend would murder me
  • Download it, remove the ads, rate it 5 stars, delete your account, uninstall.  Done :)
  • Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  • I did just to check it out and then promptly deleted my account.
  • It would be funny if you both got the app and both swiped left.
  • +920 I'm a man who does what he wants.
  • Well.... Does this show up on facebook and is it easy to remove yourself?
    Well done to the dev for bringing all these apps to WP8.
  • It doesn't post anything to your wall just collects your first name, age and then you can select photos. You can delete yourself from the app pretty easily but the only way someone would know you were on it is if they were on it as it shows mutual friend statuses. So if you have your wife on facebook and you looked at her profile it would say mutual friends with so and so. 
  • I like how he doesn't make anything for windows phone 7 anymore. What a disappointment
  • From what i understand, there was some controversy with a developer sort of stealing code or whatever for various instagram apps. I think Windows Phone 7 wasn't entirely secured and that is a reason he doesn't do wp7 apps anymore...this is just something i read on the forum so i am not sure if it is 100 percent.   Also, no offense to those who have WP7 but the OS is more or less dead and i feel like by trying to appease that smaller group, we on wp8 won't get to fully use the power of the OS since the apps need to be able to work for both wp7 and wp8.
  • It's also because he's a one man team and simply doesn't have the time or resources to do everything. The fact is, if you're a developer making a new app today, it's waaaay easier to make it WP8 only rather than support both due to the coding structure and tools available. It's really that simple.
  • exactly... What is the priority now : Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. I've not the time to port all my app from WP8 to W8 (so imagine for WP7). Even microsoft doesn't release apps from WP7 A WP8 costs now less than $120, almost nothing for a phone. I'm sorry about it, but I release sometimes apps for WP7 but if you ask to users what they want :  - take time to make a wp7 version of one of my app - make a new app for wp8 they will prefer the second choice
  • I agree, any chance Hot or Not Could be your next project? hehehe  
  • > A WP8 costs now less than $120, almost nothing for a phone. Yeah but they're missing important things.  Like keyboards.  That's why I'm hanging on to my LG Quantum.
  • WP7 is dead already, just face the truth already and stop bitching, its the same as saying that he doesn't develop for Symbian
  • In all fairness, someone who bought the much hyped hero flagship Lumia 900 would still have several months left on their contract. So they might not agree with the "oh just move on" sentiment. Not that im saying Rudy should develop for WP7. I wouldn't. Given the shrinking market share, its not worth the effort. But I wouldn't tell a L900 owner to "stop bitching" either.
  • A lumia 520 costs as low as 60 bucks off contract. I was a Lumia 900 owner, I'm on a family plan and was able to use my mother's long overdue upgrade. There are options.
  • The Lumia 520 isn't available on all carriers and many people are entrenched in family plans on other carriers. The 520 should be an option on every carrier, but it's not, and that's hurting Windows Phone's growth.
  • I got a 900 on launch day and it was frustrating for months knowing I was stuck on wp7 but I never expected developers to keep developing for wp7 even after we got the 7.8 update so when the 520 came out I got that at $99 I don't see why anyone else couldn't have done the same and this week I upgrade to a 1520 I'm less demanding than most people so I guess that's why I didn't bitch about developers making apps for wp7 that's going to cost them more then there ever going to make off it
  • I like how you are complaining about the OS with a shrinking user base that pretty much no one else is supporting anymore. The dude is a one man team, what do you expect him to do kill himself cause you can't wait until you are able to upgrade to WP8?
  • well, that escalated quickly.
  • Ron is that you? Bust out the yaaz flute
  • Bro i know your feeling but you have to switch to wp8 device. We all know that in future when windows phone 9 will get popular developers will forget wp8 and working more on the upgraded operating system
  • Really pretty and fluid app from Rudy once again, but I don't understand why I can't just use pictures from my phone (I don't use bookface)
  • It's how tinder works, you can only use pictures from facebook
  • Hi rudy! Downloading 6tindr now, just to show support for your awesome work! :) Will never use it as I'm 15 years old and from Finland, but I also didn't use 6snap ever.. Also, your apps are so gorgeous I love to just mess with them without using! Keep up the best work man, can't wait to see what's next!
  • Good for you! :-)
  • Oh okay, I guess the creators of tinder didn't expect there was anyone on this planet who doesn't use bookface hahaha
  • Why do you say bookface? It isn't clever.
  • +925
  • F*c*book
  • Now, This is clever!
  • Still waiting for a fix for Fuse...
  • It informs you that you have a match, even when you "pass" on someone. That's one of the most interesting bugs I've ever encountered :)
  • You received a match not from your pass but from a previous person. (depends of your internet connection, but it can take 3-4 seconds sometimes between your answe and the match)
  • Fellow dev here. I am fairly certain that I got matches from ppl who I passed on. I am also pretty sure that it in fact happened from the very first person (so your assumption is not true). Then again, I could be wrong as I wasn't paying too much attention while doing this, so take everything with a grain of salt! Great app as always btw!
  • Yes it matched me with 2 ppl I said no to. I dont even remember passing 1 of them or liking them. I don't think that is considered a good bug. I don't want to be matched with someone I passed on. I can also tell because it was someone I immediately got a match from when I swiped left for Nope.  
  • Hey Rudy, the app is AWESOME, but the reported bug is right, If a pass on clicking on the X button, it works, but if I pass the girl scrolling her to the left side, it says its a match if she liked me too. Not a huge problem anyway 
  • Just to confirm another case - same bug present in my case. I love the app -- it's great -- just fix that bug!
  • I can confirm that I have receieved the same error. I swiped left, I wake up to a notification and it's one I said no to.
  • True love doesn't hide, it stalks you...
  • Same problem here.
  • You have to have Facebook?? I don't
  • I guess no one uses it in my area. I even widened the search to 150km.
  • forever alone?
  • Live in the country? Or are you Amish?
  • After the update it seems to be working. I live in a fair sized city. Must have been a bug with the geolocation.
  • Whoo, time to get mah freak on
  • lol
  • Awesome. This app is made with love.
  • Rudy you put developers like me to shame. I've only managed to make myself finish one of the many apps I started on. I need to kick my self in the pants.
  • I wanted to try it out, but it looks like you can only sign up through FB so NOOOOPE
  • Even though I don't use the service, once again Rudy made a fully functional and beautifully designed app
  • Not really 100% about the name, but he has to stay consistent lol
  • Wanna get a date? Leave ur house hit up a bar or other social places. Free tip don't need an app for that
  • Works for some yes, just like apps and websites work for others
  • It's not a replacement dating/hook-up imo, just something to supplement.
  • That's an old-fashioned view. Not to mention, a lot of the girls I've met at bars were, well.... Lets just say the girls you meet in bars can sometimes be sub-optimal. Drunks, cheats, etc etc.
  • Online dating has its cons, it would seem, as well.
  • Only 2 other users within 100 miles. It was fun while it lasted.
  • you can click on the "geolocate me" button in settings to force a gps refresh. You can also change your search settings, sometimes you get more result with a 18-30 yo search than with a 18-55yo search
  • Thanks for the answer. One question: does Tinder/6tindr ever show repeats (in case you changed your mind)?
  • no, but in a next update, i will add an exclusive feature for that ;)
  • Ever since I clicked on "update my position" button, It keeps searching for my location so I can't see the people around me :/
  • Hey Rudy my pictures not showing up next to profile or when it is searching for more people
  • Lol...going through a similar experience here...:P
  • I cant seem to get mine to work on my 820, its just constantly searching for people, my location services are turned on and Ive given the app permission edit: it has occasionally found the odd person but only when ive reinstalled, maybe its just me actually
  • Same problem over here (Lumia 820)
  • Hmm...apparently only 5 gals use tinder in a radius of 160kms here in Chennai, India...sad...:/
    Oh..btw...brilliant app...kudos to you Rudy...:)
  • I'm more interested in the app design vs actually using the app Rudy makes really beautiful apps I wish he could make a Google plus app I have tons of friends on there which is why I use it
  • people use google plus?
  • Yes pls.
  • Hey Rudy, Facebook albums don't seem to load when editing profile pictures.
    Okay, well they load now, but I'm having the issue where it won't let me use the top of the image. Trying to scroll up bounces it back down. Edit 2: okay, so the whole cropping thing didn't actually change the picture, it's just a visual bug when selecting pictures. However, I've now run into the problem where it's continually searching with those concentric circles, even though it worked earlier.
  • I'm also having this problem.
  • Also having this problem and also sometimes the app crashes when tapping on profile (Lumia 920)
  • Downloaded, purchased, reviewed. Exactly what I was looking for! My final Android phone is now going on Ebay.
    Cheers Rudy!
  • What kind of phone?
  • I didn't know that we need a Facebook account to register on tinder, I don't use Facebook
  • Tinder requires this. It's not this apps fault.
  • Are you supposed to see people around your profile picture? Because Im not seeing anyone. And I know people are using this app around here. Bug?
  • Will much appreciate if he does the same for grindr. Rudy you really are a WP rockstar. Please keep up the good work.
  • +1020!
  • Why doesn't it works when I got in on it??? He
  • Nice app, but clearly made for younger folks. I went on and waded through a sea of 20somethings. I then changed my preferences to make the minimum age 45 and got one hit.
  • Background agent setting will not save. Always off when I go back to settings. Sometimes when I hit like it wont do anything so I have to go back and swipe manually. When you hit between km and miles the label for the age messes up. I cannot get into my facebook albums to change pictures for some reason. But still a 5 out of 5. Tried emailing, but the email in the app bounced back failed.
  • How can you rate something 5 stars even though you're having several problems? It's Rudy but you don't have to ignore the bugs you know.
  • To motivate the developer, it's the right reaction to have, send an email to the developer, not write a review (I can only read review from my country ^^)
  • I'm getting all of these problems also
  • background agent is just a UI problem, agent is really launched, and all the other problems are fixed in 1.0.1
  • We only need Path now!
  • official Path is under development since July with Nokia help, just be patient
  • Mine worked fine now it just searches
  • No idea as to what Tinder is, but just the fact Rudy is, as always, making Windows Phone awesome is still great!!! So, what's Tinder for, exactly, and why should I care?
  • When i 'nope' a person it marks it as 'yeah' instead?!
  • Bug with gesture recognition, an update will be very quickly available (in some hours), use the button for the moment   Sorry guys :)
  • First up, thanks for making this app. You've got a real flair for designing apps that I want to actually use!
    I have also had the swipe issue. My profile picture also doesn't come up in the circle next to 'Profile'.
    One further issue - when I limit my search criteria and run out of matches, it doesn't tell me that there are no more matches. The app instead just 'pulses', suggesting it is trying to find more matches. On the official apps, it tells me that there are no more matches available... For a first release though, this app is top notch! I can finally retire my Android phone!! 
    An app that would definitely get HUGE support from the WP community is Strava. I can't understand why they still won't release an app. They seem to have no intention of doing so - yet they are far and away the most popular fitness app out there. Possible next project? :) Keep up the good work.
  • Agreed! there is a great deal of demand out there for a Strava app, but their continued response on their forums is that they wont develop an app. At the moment Cyclometer does a fantastic job with the in app Strava plugin.
  • Good suggestion...thanks (I'm currently using Endomondo - almost tempted to stick with them just because they don't ignore the WP community).
  • Have you tried Runkeeper?
  • the man :) rudy u rule
  • Rudy is single handedly keeping windows phone relevant app-wise, at least in the young adult age range. Only problem ive had so far is moving the square to crop pictures. It always bounces back to the center
  • well it only found 3 girls in my area that were all swiped to the left.. keeps searching without any results since then *forever alone*
  • Where do you live? In the UK I have a near unlimited number of women within my search criterai (25-40, within 35 miles). So it may just be a case that your country hasn't yet heard of Tinder...?
  • I'm here in Cairo, Egypt. And yeah, looks like not many knew about Tinder yet!
  • Alors Rudy, tu nous livres ton prochain projet en exclu pour WPC ? :)
  • shouldn't the app suppose to tell you when your match is  LIKE and not a NOPE? Cuz i have NOPED a person or two and its says we match thus we could start talking haha
  • According to Rudy, this is a known 'gesture' bug. It has been fixed in the 1.0.1 release which we are apparently going to be receiving shortly. It also fixes a number of other bugs apparently.
  • Oh that's cool
  • Rudy laaaaaaaaaad!! :D
  • Looks good. Wish I didn't have to use FB though as I don't have one. I logged in with my dog's Facebook though (yeah he's more socially active than I am) and the app looks and feels really great as expected from Rudy! *****
  • you dont have facebook, but you made an account for your dog? lol
  • I am now very happy that Rudy got this out. Tindering in class all day yeee but I am curious to know what's his next app. I paid for 6tag and 6vine to bad we can't just get him on the payroll
  • perhaps 6daysofsleep :D
  • I would love to try it but... Needs Facebook to register, no thank you!!
  • Your apps are better than the official ones.. That's saying a lot, Microsoft needs to put you on payroll asap!
  • With all due respect for Rudy's great and hard work in bringing all these apps to windows store, now its time to drop the digit 6. As creative your work is, I'm sure you can come up with great names for your apps too. Also, I'd love to see his creation for a new and unique app, not bringing missing titles to WP.
  • There is nothing wrong with the 6ix, and a little uniformity doesn't hurt anyone
  • Now its time for game developers to show more interest in wp
  • So wanted to check this out. I counted 10-15 girls vs 100-150 guys. Im not exaggerating. This is so, so sad. Im in Turkey btw. T_T
  • Hey guys there is already a version 1.0.1 (update) available of tinder for some bug fixes..
  • When is 6gag coming? Would love it!
  • Can't get past the search screen and phone gets extremely hot.. lumia 920
  • rudy is such a baller
  • Can he stop with 6 infront of everything?
  • He said it's his branding. So no, sorry.
  • I have no use for it, as I'm married. I just wish I could just support Rudy more, haha.
  • Is it available in New Zealand???
  • My phone wont let me download!!! Please help, its saying this app is not allowed in my region or country?
  • I'm in Australia btw!