Rudy Huyn teases his Tinder app for Windows Phone

Rudy Huyn is known around these parts for his work putting out high quality apps in the Windows Phone Store. He has a mix of both original, official and unofficial apps published under his name. His Wikipedia app was so good it received the blessing of the Wikimedia Foundation. TVShow and Fuse are some of his more original work. He really gained the support of the community for his efforts on making unofficial apps for Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. Now he’s tackling another unofficial app that many users have been waiting for –Tinder.

Tinder? If you’re over the age of 30 you’ve probably never heard of Tinder ( If you’re under 30 and in a committed relationship you’ve also probably never heard of Tinder. Tinder is a very popular iOS app that matches people. It’s primarily used for finding a date or hookup. What’s unique about Tinder versus other dating sites and services? Think of Tinder as a modern Hot or Not site, but one built for the very mobile and app centric world we live in.

On the official iOS Tinder app, users login via Facebook and select a handful of their profile pictures to add to their Tinder account. You’ll also fill in a brief bio for other Tinder users, although it’s fashionable to leave your Instagram, Kik, or Twitter username there so potential matches can further check you out.

Then the fun begins. You’ll select the gender and ages for matches you’re interested in. You’ll select radius for how far or close you want matches to appear. You’ll then be showing your interest (or disinterest) in potential matches by swiping those you like to the right and those you don’t to the left. If you and another Tinder use like each other you’ll be invited to message each other and see if you do hit it off.

It’s a super popular app on iOS that just recently put out their Android app. Which means any plans for Windows Phone are down the road. Rudy is stepping up and getting a Windows Phone version out as evidenced by the screenshot he teased on Twitter.

Tinder for Windows Phone? Would you use it? And any guesses on what Rudy will call the app? Maybe 6twig (Just kidding, he's going to call it 6tindr). 

Thanks for the tip Daniel C!

Sam Sabri