Access Linux Platform: Not Gonna Be a Threat to WM6

French site Mobinaute has a video and screenshots of a device running Access Linux Platform - the successor to, ah, er, to the Cobalt version of the PalmOS that never saw the light of day. Watching the video, I'm pretty far from quaking in my boots. In fact, I'm pretty far from my keyboard right now because I'm afraid that soda will come shooting out of my nose as I laugh at the UI-lags, mis-matched dialog boxes, terrible PalmOS emulation, and so on.

To be fair, the OS hasn't been put on any devices designed for it and isn't even finished yet. But if this video is any indication, Microsoft doesn't have much to fear from Access.

WC Staff
  • Since ALP will likely never appear on Palm devices, it doesn't really matter how bad the OS turns out be. I have as much interest in ALP as I do Chinese tea pots. Who really cares about this OS? Anyone...anyone? Bueller?
  • It's like a car wreck, you don't want to be yet another gawker, staring at the carnage, yet you can't... look.. away..
  • I don't get your "quaking in your boots" comment. If a better OS comes out than that is a good thing right? The only thing you stand to lose is this website. You can always start a new one!
  • yes, if a better OS comes out that is indeed a good thing. But what if a crappier OS comes out? eh?
    anyway, I like WM but I'm not married to it or anything, I'd be happy to start up a new site. :)
  • there are a lot of individuals that just can't let go of their PalmOS devices for some reason. I've used plenty of POS and WM devices and the winner is clear to me - WM all the way. but, maybe if this offers something innovative, then it'll be a worthy contender. as I see it however, it looks like ALP is just a sad copy of POS w/ some much-needed GUI improvements. oh well, WM still has BB and Symbian OSes to compete against, something that will give a good fight for a while to come.
  • in my opinion Symbian OS is much better.
    when they finished this?