Acer kills off ETEN brand, brings new phones to Singapore

As cell phones get smaller and thinner, Acer apparently has gone against the grain and is launching 3-foot-phones in Singa- ... Wait. This just in. No giant phones. Phew.

But what we do have is a launch event for a slew of new phones in Singapore. It's worth a mention here because we've seen a number of these before, most recently on the floor of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year. The initial five either available now or in the near future are the DX900, DX650, X960, F900 and M900.

Also noted by TechieLobang [via BGR] is that Acer is putting the ETEN brand out to pasture.

During the speech, Mr. Roger Yuen mentioned about Acer and its current plan. Plus information of ETEN. Apparently, there will be NO MORE products from ETEN. New handsets will be in the name of ACER. Currently, the Acer Smart Handhelds are designed in Europe, Paris, according to Mr. Yuen.

So there you go. More phones we won't be seeing here anytime soon. And that's a shame.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Is it just me or does that screen in the background on the left look just like the picture tab of touchflo3d ?
  • Yes indeed it looks very similar, but it is actually Acer's UI.
  • Yes, yes it does.
  • I know this is old news, but it is sad to know that Acer had to buy out such a good company. My device has been through a lot as far as its usage. The only thing wrong with it is the microphone is busted, but i can still use my bluetooth earpiece to make my phone calls. My device is the first smartphone/pocket pc i own and i still use it. I notice that even with a bunch of programs running on my PDA, it still somehow is responsive; it may slow down a bit, but the is still responsive. My device is old (G500 model) but i still love it. i bought it second hand, with the mic already broken but i did pay only sixty bucks for it. With all the freeware apps out there i managed to breathe new life into it. With all the abuse my phone had (it fell in a gutter when it slipped out of its case while i was walking; i fixed that with velcro), everything else works flawlessly. i know that the E-TEN brand was a reliable and good piece of hardware to own if anyone was looking for a windows phone.
  • Nice phone.
  • Is it available in Asia?