Acer Liquid Jade Primo specs

Acer has finally made its Liquid Jade Primo official. It'll be in hands from February and if you're thinking it might be your bag you're probably interested in what's inside it. Fear not, below you'll find everything we know about the hardware.

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Operating systemWindows 10 Mobile
ProcessorHexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
Display5.5-inch AMOLED at 1920x1080 (Full HD) resolution with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass
Internal storage32GB
Rear camera21MP f/2.2
dual-LED flash
4K video recording
Front camera8MP f/2.2 wide angle
1080p video recording
Connectivity802.11ac Wi-Fi
Cat. 6 LTE
AvailabilityFrom February 2016 (EMEA), other regions to follow
OtherContinuum support
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  • Not bad at all. We are getting options now
  • No fingerprint scanner... Which is meh.. :-/
  • Fingerprint?seriously?
  • Windows Hello is much better and easier to use than fingerprint scanner IMO.
  • Your reverse. It's finicky.
  • Does it even has Windows Hello, doesnt really say so :P i'd prefer the Hello over fingerprint too
  • No it is not. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • Windows Hello is not Iris Scanning. It's how you log into Windows without a pass/pin. This includes Iris reading, facial scanning, fingerprint, and anyother form of personal identification. So, if it has NONE of those, it still has Hello, just not usable, since it's an OS feature.
  • No win hello, normal res, and too big. Default lenses... Why bother to buy that, if lumia 950 is cheaper and superior every time??
  • The Lumia 950 is only a 5.2" screen. This is 5.5". I would not consider the 950 for my personal use, as I already find 5.7" a bit cramped at times. I might consider this. It's a choice between this and the 950 XL for me.
  • 5.7" cramped? Maybe you should rock a 7" tablet then.
  • No sd card?
  • It's only coming in one (32GB) configuration, so it almost certainly will have microSD. The expandable memory patent appears to be part of the patent portfolio OEMs get access to when they licence Windows for a tablet or phone.
  • I'd say Taiwan at its Excellence.
  • Nice looking phone.  Will be interesting to see more detail over the next couple of months.
  • SD support?
  • Since this only comes in one storage configuration, almost certainly yes. The last Windows phone I can think of that didn't have that was the Lumia 1020. So every one that's come out over the last three years or so has had it, no matter what price point.
  • Lumia 930 is 32GB without an SD card.
  • i love my lumia 1020 64GB
  • Only Vodafone got the 64GB version
  • I thought the cost would be less  
  • Me too
  • Me three.
  • Definitely my upgrade to my l730
  • What about glance screen or notification light for missed messages?
  • No glance screen. Only Nokia/Microsoft phones have glance.
  • Notification light will be nice
  • Pretty nice.. Hopefully there'll be more companies launching win10mo phones..
  • Yep, indeed it's nice to see other companies launching W10m devices, supposedly HP is also releasing some.
    That said, I hope MS finalizes the OS, cuz as we've learnt from the Lumia 950/XL, no matter how great the hardware, the buggy-ness of the unfinished OS, is hurting reviews and user experience.
  • I believe it's the other way round. 950XL is pretty much the only Lumina with significant issues, suggesting that it is the hardware and not the software...
  • From what I understood it was both's OS related issues such as games that stutter, apps that crash, random restarts, issues while filming in 4k etc. Havent tried the XL so wouldnt know but from reviews ive seen and my personal use of the 950, both seem to have the same/similar flaws, 950 overheats with basic app usage but XL doesn't.
    Either way, I think it was a mistake for MS to release these devices running a preview OS, along with older firmware.
  • that has improved well now, working perfect for atleast, on my L1520, and im looking forward to the firware update and official release to make it even better,  i mean how good it can be , its been 15 hours since my last charge , i took it off charge on %92 and im at %84 now :D
  • Whats the difference between gorilla glass 2.5D and 3?
  • O.5 %? :P
  • Haha nice one =)
  • The 2.5D is a reference to the edge of the glass tapering to meet the rest of the frame of the phone ala Lumia 800 and iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  • Thanks for explaining and so 3 is basically when the entire front panel is gorilla glass that correct?
  • The '3' refers to the generation of gorilla glass used (I think they're up to 4 now). This has 3rd generation gorilla glass which is also '2.5'D(imensional), covering the entire screen.
  • Not a fan of the design. Bottom and top bezels are too big.
  • Whats that on top?
  • I believe it is the reciever speaker.
  • How come there are no premium headsets out there. Don't say 950as nether xl or regular have a premium feel. Light and feel cheap. Aluminum construction with nice product design would be nice. Still hoping for surface phone :(
  • Just traded the original back cover with one of the mozo leather ones, makes the phone feel so much better in hand. Wish they shipped the phones with it.
  • Premium headsets? If you meant premium handsets, then I care very much what it can do and very little how it looks. This is premium when it comes to what it can do, which is what matters to me.
  • Battery?
  • I think it has one.
  • Walked into that one
  • Obviously its going to have battery.. Wat a dumb ans.. I meant size.. :/
  • Will this be costlier than 950 when it launches? If so any reason to buy this?
  • SD card ? Battery size?
  • I know it's starting in Europe, but any ideas if this will work on Verizon at launch or in the future? I hold out hope that the reason MS has not done anything to make the 950 available on Verizon was to support OEMs. If that's right, we still need an OEM flagship on Verizon. This could qualify. Not quite as nice as the 950, but close enough and certainly flagship grade with an 808, Continuum, and 21mpxl camera.
  • Not bad at all. I'd give this a go if it looks nice in person.
  • Radios? CDMA?
  • Really great phone & I'm glad there's another option but €569 for a phone with a 1080p screen and no biometric verification is a HUGE ask. It has to be 400 or less to stand a chance.
  • Wow look at those specs
  • Not on Verizon. I had a screenshot of the specs but that was on my icon and font think I moved it to the cloud before resetting it. But the radios is what I was specifically looking for while I was with Verizon.
  • Nah. It looks like an old Samsung device. I want something that's good to look at and catches attention. This ain't it Posted via the samsung galaxy 6 edge plus
  • Does it have windows hello?
  • Nice to see a high-end Windows phone coming from someone else other than Nokia.
  • Doesn't look sexy..... Meh! (rejected)
  • Looks horrid with those curved bezels but oh well. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P