Acer says its 14-inch Swift 5 laptop is the lightest in its class

That's not because the Swift 5 is a convertible, nor is it a tablet, instead, it weighs just 2.1 lbs, which Acer says makes it the lightest in the world for its classification.

Utilizing ultra-light magnesium-lithium alloys throughout the build, the Acer Swift 5 boasts incredible portability. The 14-inch IPS touch display, with tiny bezels, Dolby Audio and Intel 8th generation processors makes this a solid all-round Windows 10 laptop, for those who want a no-nonsense device for work and media consumption.

The battery life isn't particularly impressive at 8 hours, but clearly sacrifices had to be made to keep this laptop slim and light. It's also certified for Skype for Business, which not only provides a great video conferencing option, but also a great Cortana experience.

There's not a great deal of information out there about the specs on this thing, but considering it starts at $999, it will likely be decent enough to power every day work tasks. This seems like a device designed for the office, rather than the gamer or the content creator.

The Acer Swift 5 is aiming to be available in North America in December 2017 starting at $999 and in Europe starting at €1,099.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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