AdDeals launches Windows Phone SDK for a unique ad network

Ahead Solutions, the makers of the popular AppDeals app, have announced the release of the beta version of AdDeals advertisers and publishers network for Windows Phone. Interestingly, it’s arrived for the Windows Phone ecosystem first, and is ‘coming soon’ for Android and iOS.

The Windows Phone SDK allows developers to have their users benefit from AppDeals offers while earning free traffic and downloads for their apps. AdDeals is not a banner ad network, but an appwall that is discrete and much less intrusive than a banner since it is only displayed when the user wants it to be (by clicking on a menu or a button).   

With AdDeals, developers and advertisers can run campaigns on either clicks or downloads. At a later stage, the service would also allow monetization of apps. The SDK integration is pretty seamless and takes only five minutes. While banners and AdDeals can easily co-exist on an app, users expect banners to disappear on a paid version or after an in-app purchase, whereas an appwall could stay in place.


AdDeals provide a 1:1 exchange ratio on implying that each display in the app will be rewarded by a display of the app in another network developer’s appwall. The company claims that, on average, the conversion rate on AdDeals is 13%.

The AdDeals is free, and looks very interesting. It is non-intrusive and user retentive, and promises to boost recurrent traffic for your app thereby generating downloads.

Windows Phone Central readers can sign up using this link or use the coupon – 1000WPCENTRAL – while signing up to receive 1000 free displays for each registered apps. The coupon is valid till December 20, 2013.

Abhishek Baxi