Admit it ... You're waiting for that iPhone thingamabob

Look, we know full well some of us you are double-fisting and dabbling with the iPhone. Or at least an iPod Touch. And so you're probably sitting there, clicking the "Check for update" button in iTunes, waiting for the 3.0 software to come out today. And that's fine. But while your waiting, at least make yourself useful and read through The iPhone Blog's excellent 3.0 Walkthrough. And share it with a friend.

And join them tonight for the latest edition of iPhone Live, where you'll find out how you can win a free iPhone 3G S, courtesy of TiPB.

Then, you know, come back and hang out with us some, mkay?

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  • Reading this type of article on WMExperts makes me cringe.
  • Yeah this is WMEXPERTS dont post articles on these shambles of phones!!
  • i am sorry but if we dont get a capacitive screen on winmo!!
    and soon!!
    i would never do an iphone...for the most part...but DROID HERE I COME!
    and man am (was) i a dedicated winmo guy :(
  • It's LIVE! Finally downloading now. TiPb is down...
  • It doea make me cringe to read such an ariticle on WMExperts...but u r right...I am a WinMo fanboy but even more than that I'm a tech fanboy and thus a recent Iphone convert. I hate the Iphone for many different reasons (one of being that typin this mssg. On a fake keyboard is a nigtmare....but if its one thing I hate more than Apple is a Microsoft that has sat idly by as an upstart ate there lunch. I love WinMo even with all its defects but I love tech more and the momentum is being harnessed in Apples corner?...thas where I'll be for now.
  • Until an iphone can truly multi task its no better than palm. If I cant stream internet radio while surfing the net while tracking my GPS in a saved map then its not a very smart phone. My fuze kicks the cr@p out of that apple junk.
  • Err.. Just how long do you expect the battery to last doing that?! :) My i780 dies halfway through the day if I have Skype, Tiny Twitter and Exchange push running in the background. I tried streaming through Kinoma and that probably chewed through 50% of the battery in an hour! Plus I'm sure a lot of us WinMo users have an iPhone or iPod Touch on the side. Myself, I have an iPod Touch and can't wait to get home and purchase/download 3.0
  • I'm sure we're all grown adults here who are fully capable of managing our batteries and charging when we need to. I know that doing more on my phone will drain the battery quickly, but that's no reason to not let me do it.
  • Cant be worse than the iphones battery life even without multitasking
  • Why would we care about this?
  • Regarding Capacitive Screens.
    I have an iTouch that I use as a web pad at home. It's good for casual surfing, and the capacitive touchscreen works well enough for it. What I have noticed with this much touted screen technology is, it can be infuriatingly difficult to click accurately at times.For example, in the Facebook app, I try to click on the leftmost tab, and instead it interpreted my finger position to be where I update my status. It usually takes 2-4 tries. What I got from that is capacitive touchscreens aren't all that great, and there is a need for resistive touchscreens. User interface only need to be tweaked to gain the benefits of capacitive. take Google Maps for example. Its built to be more finger friendly, and as a result, I almost never take out the stylus. I can scroll through the map, zoom, center on location, etc. So really, this capacitive touchscreens hype seems to me to be a lot of BS. Whereas resistive is unforgivingly accurate, capacitive is like fuzzy logic. I'd rather start with accurate, and dumb it down to fuzzy, because you can't do it the other way around.
  • I like the Post. Thanks for sharing