Adobe announces updates to several Creative Cloud desktop apps

Adobe has announced new updates to most of its Creative Cloud desktop apps (opens in new tab). These include new tools for graphic design, UX and web design, and video. Adobe is also introducing new touch-compatible workspaces for Windows devices.

Photoshop CC is being updated to be tightly integrated with Adobe's upcoming Fuse app, which allows you to create realistic 3D models. With this integration, you'll be able to easily insert your models into a Photoshop scene. The new version of Photoshop CC will add the Design Space, a new design experience streamlined for web, UX, and mobile app designers.

Adobe has also been hard at work building new Touch Workspaces for Windows devices. InDesign will now allow you to create layouts in a Touch Workspace, while Adobe's video apps will allow you to scrub clips, drag and drop them on your timeline, and more. Photoshop has also seen its touch experience refined.

Designers can also sign up now for the technology preview of Project Comet, Adobe's Creative Cloud app meant for prototyping and designing users experiences for both the web and mobile devices.

You can read all about Adobe's forthcoming updates at the link below.

Source: Adobe (opens in new tab)

Joseph Keller
  • Not mentioned here are all the updates for mobile apps, none of which apply to Windows Mobile :(
  • Lollllll Mind washing
  • "upcoming Fuse app, which allows you to create realistic 3D models" well... Adobe Fuse is not mean to create "realistic 3d models", what it is, since it's based on Mixamo acquisition, it's that it is just a desktop application for anyone to create fully customizable 3D human characters "in just minutes", it doesn't work to create anything else from zero, an airplane or house or horse or a rock...  no, you can't create anything else but human characters.
    that's far from "3d models", since it's not a full 3d modelling too, but I understand they (adobe) wanted to make it sound nice and better, but it's just one of those generic tools to create characters, nothing more, it might be worth and maybe the topology of the models aren't bad and it can be used as a base mesh or something. I will have to see that, maybe lazy people will use it and render and call themselves 3d artists... I don't know. but it won't create anything else than Characters so it's useless if you want more. Let's be honest, Adobe sucks at 3d, their 3d integration on Photoshop is really bad, so bad, I don't see anyone use it ever. well I used it and yes, it sucks. nobody use it to paint when there are better tools, 3d-Coat, or Allegorithmic Painter, Mudbox, Zbrush, or even Mari (I dislike the foundry though, so I would have never used this. no need to make that company richer).... who needs photoshop for 3d? yes, it can be used for 2D textures, but 3d stuff is bad, and has been bad for years.  
  • Why do you dislike The Foundry?
  • Nerd lol
  • They should first fix known bugs then add new features. Adobe CC 2015 is buggy as hell.