Adobe updates its Creative Cloud suite, launches 3D modeling app, unveils Adobe Animate CC

Adobe has rolled out a major update to Photoshop CC 2015, introducing a flatter user interface. The image-editing app now sports a launch screen called Start that shows a list of recently viewed files, presets and Library contents. Also new is the ability to customize the main toolbar on the left, giving you quick access to the tools you use the most.

From Stephen Nielson, Adobe's senior product manager:

We did a significant amount of work in improving the UI and having more uniformity throughout the UI. We also updated the look and feel of the dialog and gave them common new features so everything is consistent and integrated.

The new Start screen has made its way to other Adobe CC apps, including Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects. Other new additions include support for multiple artboards within a file, ability to favorite fonts, and tweaks to the touch-based interface for devices such as the Surface Pro 4.

Speaking of Adobe's other apps, a number of new features have been added to apps across the Creative Cloud lineup. Illustrator has a new Shaper tool and new Live Shapes, while InDesign has made it easier to create and distribute new layouts. Premiere Pro has added comprehensive format support for 4K-to-8K footage editing. After Effects now features more powerful color tools, while Audition has introduced a Remix feature for automatically rearranging music.

A major change that comes with these updates is the rebranding of Flash Professional. Beginning next year, the app will be called Adobe Animate CC, and while it still supports both Flash and AIR formats, the change reflects the shift of content, and use of the app, to web standards like HTML5. You can find out more about Animate CC here (opens in new tab).

Adobe has also launched a new 3D modeling app called Fuse, which lets you create and animate 3D objects. Tight-knit integration within Creative Cloud means that you can then import the 3D models into Photoshop and manipulate camera angles, lighting and more. Still in preview form, Adobe is making Fuse available to anyone with an Adobe ID for free.

Download Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) (opens in new tab)

Source: Adobe (1) (opens in new tab), (2) (opens in new tab)

  • Hope that they will also launch 3D modeling with holo lens in future .
  • +950
  • Yeah! Was waiting for it!
  • So that guy that went off on Adobe in the Autodesk article earlier should repost here...
  • Does anyone know if the scale problem for high dpi devices is fixed? Means by default Ps was at 100 % and way to small. In Options you could enable experimental 200 % which was way too big. Other such as InDesign used 150 % (like Edge scaling for websites), which is the best for the surface... Anyone knows, if there is 150 % scaling?
  • Nope, scaling is still Auto, 100% or 200%...
  • Updated mine immediately... Hmmm, I think I like the new look...
  • I like the new look. Good work, through to bad that they still use the Windows 7-ish window buttons for the main window... Also, to bad that the interface isn't for programs like Dreamweaver, these are still using the old gradient interface.
  • Probably still haven't fixed the Touch Issue when NOT using the Touch Monitor as the Primary Monitor so I'm setting my hopes down pretty low until I get back home to test it out.
  • Correcting my own accusation of them not fixing this LONG oververdue problem with the Touch Monitor not being the Main Display. They actually fixed it! At least for now I wasn't able to reproduce the problem of the Canvas going all apeshit on me once you're zoomed in and started doing gestures on it. Just took em 14 Months since the announcement of "proper" Touch support during the SP3 reveal and another few years before that when the Wacom Touch Monitors were all the rage for half a decade.
  • Multiple artboards! Wonder how it taxes the RAM & graphic processor. I use Ai more than Ps because the absence of artboards. Some people might consider changing workflow.
  • I've updated my install and it's looking good but I need to learn how to use artboards properly...
  • Does ui update work for cs6 collection?