Affinity, a company that makes graphic design software for Mac, has announced that it is almost ready to launch the Affinity Designer beta for Windows. In an email being sent to those who signed up to test the beta, Affinity says that it is aiming to make the Windows beta available before the end of June.


From Affinity:

It has taken very slightly longer than hoped, but we are excited to be able to tell you that your first free beta of Affinity Designer for Windows is nearly ready - in fact, we confidently expect to make it available before the end of this month.

We are making very good progress with Affinity Photo on Windows too, and we expect that to follow Designer within a few months.

So, if you're eagerly awaiting your chance to give Affinity Designer a shot, the beta test should be here very soon. And if you haven't yet signed up to be a tester, you can do so through Affinity's website at the link below.

Sign up for the Affinity Designer Windows beta