Affinity Photo makes the jump from Mac to PC with Windows beta launch

Affinity Photo, a photo editing app that has seen quite a bit of praise from Mac users, is now available in beta for Windows. The initial beta version of this solid alternative to Photoshop is available to test completely free, allowing any photographer or artist to test it out ahead of release.

According to Affinity, Affinity Photo for Windows is a complete feature-for-feature match with its Mac sibling. That means you should have access to granular editing tools and compatibility with a wide range of file types. On top of that, Affinity says the Windows beta includes some big upcoming features that aren't in the release version of the app yet, including:

  • HDR merge
  • Focus stacking
  • Macros
  • Tone mapping
  • Batch processing
  • 360 degree image editing

If you're a photographer, editor or artist using Windows, then Affinity Photo is definitely worth trying — especially since the beta is currently free to test. If interested, you can sign up to test the app on Affinity's website now.

Sign up to test Affinity Photo for Windows beta{.cta .large}

Thanks to Tanzim and Neville for the tips!

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  • Great news
  • Indeed. There's something to do with the Creator's Update (marketing niche) announcement and Studio launch.
  • Yes, great news. If the mooted Indesign-equivalent surfaces I will be grateful to Affinity for allowing me to sidestep the Creative Cloud subscription. First two are fine, fairly priced apps.
  • Any competition to Adobe is welcome!
  • There's already some good competition in Paint Shop Pro.
  • I thought about joining the beta but ultimately realized that I didn't need anymore software to experiment with.  I already have PaintShop Pro X8, which is really good editing software (and cheap on Amazon right now).  I even have Photoshop Elements 14.  Given that, post-beta, I would probably have to pay for Affinity, I'd rather just save my time and focus on what I already have. 
  • I'll check it out. If it's a better tool, then I'll use it.
  • Any competition to Adobe that influences them to do better.
  • I've been checking this news out a while this morning. really exciting. I probably use this to really learn photo manipulation.
  • I downloaded the beta this morning and can't wait to give it a shot.
  • Is it a coincidence that this software makes the jump from the preferred platform for graphic artists to Windows around the same time that the surface studio is released? Or are they anticipating more graphic artists using the windows platform going forward?
  • Nope, they planed this for a while and their AI competitor is already in beta for Windows, it was out for some time now.
  • But have they been planning this for a while because they knew MS was planning the Surface Studio?  I mean, I would be surprised if MS wasn't courting software developers to provide that missing element to go with their awesome new hardware.  If I was MS and working on the Surface Studio I would want to make sure all the best graphic design software is available for my new device, at or near the release date.  
  • They've always wanted cross platform. They've planned that for a long time. The release date may be related to Studio, but this is only in beta, and the beginning of it (a real beta, just designed to fix a lot of bugs). Affinity designer has been in beta for a long time now, so would not be surprised if this was in beta for a month or two. But perhaps they were approached by Microsoft. It is fantastic software after all.
  • I doubt it. They've been doing the affinity designer beta for a few months now, and as that's now in "(RC)" they're now working on Photo. Probably just want to expand to a big market share of graphic artists, and the Surface studio was a happy coincidence. Nevertheless its just great they're bringing their programs to Windows. Might buy affinity Designer+Photo. Better than Adobes subscription payment
  • Who photo edits on a mac now Surface Book and Surface Studio exist? Especially Studio.
  • Too bad its not a universal app
  • Let the whining begin!
  • Its not whining. I really like having UWP apps, it means all my installs are in one place. All my licenses are in one place. Its very convenient. Paint.Net is the only app I seemingly cannot replace for a UWP equivalent. I don't even want that much. Magic wand. Layers. Canvas reszie. Levels. Just some basic manipulation. I hope Paint3D has the features I want. This should easily be achievable for Microsoft.
  • They should release it through Centennial on the store. Not only does it provide licensing and installs in one place but it is also a clean install/uninstall process that further mitigates issues around privilege elevation. You do not need administrator permissions to install, uninstall or to run it. As far as I'm concerned, qualifying Windows applications should ALWAYS use Centennial. Anything less is user hostile and irresponsible.
  • Cool cool cool. Bring on more creative programs to windows store. Why does only Mac get to have them? In any case, Surface is the new cool!
  • ¿windows store? is not in store.
  • Polarr is the one app I use on my phone for photo enhancements. Also use it on PC but more often on phone.
  • Well, Polarr is not available for my phone. :/
  • That's because you own a Windows Phone, It's available for iPhone and android
  • Feature-matching Adobe's ransomware, identical Mac and Windows versions, ability to read and save in .PSD and .AI format, etc.  For those of us who use Mac and Windows to create, this is a godsend.  At least until Adobe acquires them.  ;-)    
  • I could see Microsoft or Apple or Google it maybe even a Nikon, Canon or Kodak type of company snagging then before Adobe. Adobe thinks they have a permanent rule in this space.
  • Photoshop is an amazing and solid product with tons of support.
  • I'm not sure that anyone is arguing that point.  That doesn't negate that another company could ALSO have an amazing and solid product with tons of support while operating under a different business model.  They might also innovate and work harder as a smaller venture to compete. Being a champion isn't a permanent thing.
  • Not everyone is pleased with one thing.
  • The problem i have with the adobe series is that in South Africa its bloody expensive so anything that can offer me the same for less is something i cant pass up on, and i agree Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator are amazing products, but this seems like it has it all in one and thats something i have also been looking for.
  • Anybody know how well this does with Fuji RAF files? Lightroom has definitely improved, but still doesn't do justice to the details from the Fuji sensors.
  • Don't really see this as a huge deal. GIMp exists as a free alternative to PS. PaintShop Pro exists as a superior commercial alternative when compared to GIMP. The app was popular on Mac because it competes with products like Pixelmator and Acorn. It looks much less attractive of an option on Windows.
  • GIMP exists as a free yet user-hostile alternative to PS. PaintShop Pro maybe exists as a superior commercial alternative to GIMP, yeah. And now there's a new competitor that looks great, feels smooth, is feature-packed and is dirt cheap compared to PS. And no, Affinity doesn't exactly compete with Pixelmator, those guys have made it clear they're targeting Photoshop users (eventually).
  • Re: Toutou Kay,
    "those guys"? Which guys? Affinity or Pixcelmator guys?
  • This is epic news, looking forward to testing out the desing and photo side.
  • When for mobile??
  • Too complex for mobile.
  • So, I installed it.  Looks nice, but I'm frustrated already.  Does anybody know how to cascade windows inside Affinity?  I have to be able to see more than one graphic at a time.
  • Downloaded and Going to install. Always trying to use new editor to see what's difference this photo editor provides rather than all photo editors. thanks.
  • Tried download it with both Firefox and IE, both just say fail.  Tried both SAVE and RUN, neither worked.  On win 10 insider slow ring