Age of Empires: Castle Siege to add player leagues

Microsoft will be adding some new ways for players in its free-to-play strategy mobile game Age of Empires: Castle Siege to rank themselves against other players. Currently, the game's leaderboard for Windows Phone and Windows 10 only shows the top 200 players, but the upcoming leagues feature will offer a more even way to compare gamers at their current skill level.

Microsoft says:

"We are launching the feature with 8 leagues, with the ability grow beyond that if needed. Which league you're in is determined by your number of crowns. You can see the crown totals required for each league on the League Levels screen. An individual player may be in a different league than their alliance, depending on crown totals. (For example, you might be in the Villager league even though your alliance is in the Knight league.)""Each league will be further divided into separate pools. This means that, even if you have the same amount of crowns as another player in the same league, you might be placed in different pools within that league, and the two of you wouldn't see each other in the competition. Again, more details are on their way soon!"

age of empires castle siege leagues

The names of each league, and their positions on the leaderboard from highest to lowest, will be:

  • Duke
  • Lord
  • Noble
  • Champion
  • Knight
  • Squire
  • Villiager
  • Peasant

Player will be placed into a league at the beginning of each "season", based on their total number of crowns. Each season runs four weeks, and the top three players in each league will win some extra rewards.

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Source: Age of Empires blog

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