Akyumen's massive Holofone Phablet comes with a built-in projector

Akyumen has announced a brand new phablet, the 7-inch Holofone. The massive device is powered by Intel's Cherry Trail processor, runs Windows 10 Mobile, and comes with a built-in projector.

The most prominent feature of the Holofone, aside from its massive 7-inch display, is that built-in projector. The 35-lumen unit allows you to project a full Windows desktop experience wherever you go.

The phone is powered by an Intel Cherry Trail 8300 quad-core processor, with 4GB of RAM. It comes with 128GB of storage, upgradeable with a microSD card. Its rear camera is 13-megapixels, while its front-facing unit is 5MP. It also has a 3500mAh battery.

The Holofone is available for pre-order now in a number of packages. For $750, you get the Basic package with the phone, the company's Sabertooth stylus, earbuds, a device stand, and a screen protector. The $850 Premium package nets you all of that, except you'll get a stand with a built-in battery. You'll also get a Bluetooth speaker. The $950 Advanced Package gets you everything in the Premium package, as well as a game controller. There's also the $600 Education package that offers an assortment of basic accessories.

The Holofone Phablet is set to launch on September 1.

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Thanks to N_LaRUE for the tip!

Joseph Keller