Alkekopter, a Windows Phone arcade game full of floating skulls and fireballs

Alkekopter is not your typical endless runner styled Windows Phone game. You play the role of a floating skull that is armed with a floating fireball that is dangling from a chain.

Your job is to guide the floating skull down an endless path that is filled with evil minions and other skulls that are intent on doing you harm. The game does have a few power-ups to help your skull survive all the attacks.

Available for low-memory devices, Alkekopter has simple controls, challenging game play and isn't a bad time waster of a game.

Simple layout, challenging game play

Alkekopter's main menu offers links to jump into game play, to view the how to play screen, to view the credits and to view information on contacting the developer.

Game mechanics for Alkekopter are rather simple. You have your floating skull and fireball slowly drifting across the screen. You can control the skulls movement and position by dragging your finger along the screen. As the skull moves, the chained fireball will move accordingly as well. If you make a slight circular motion with your finger, the fireball will begin to spin.

It won't take long for evil minion skulls to begin to attack your skull. You spin your fire ball to knock these skulls and any other enemy for that matter out of the sky. The fireball won't take out your enemies by simple contact and it's best to have your fireball spinning counter clockwise. Any contact made by an enemy skull (alive or other) will drain your skull of health points. If you spin your fireball clockwise, you will knock the enemy upwards and run the risk of getting hit by them as they plummet to the ground.

Power-ups include such items as health restore, a blast the will take out enemies in the vicinity and other weapons boosts. These power-ups drop from the top of the screen and have to be collected by the skull. If your fireball hits them, they will go sailing off the screen (which sucks).

The game does have an endless runner feel in that you continue to travel down the playing field until you die. However, you do not earn points for how far your skull travels but rather how many enemies you send to their fate.

Periodically you will face your nemesis skull that is also armed with a chained fireball plus the ability to steal your power-ups. There is also a giant skull that you will run across who shoots fireballs at your skull.

Overall Impression

Alkekopter is a nicely animated, challenging game for your Windows Phone. Game play has a nice pace right out of the gate that only slows down momentarily before you run across your nemesis or the giant skull.

I would have liked to have seen a reference page on all the power-ups available and the ability to collect them with your fireball. I don't mind the endless runner style of play but the game would also do nicely with set levels of play.

Overall, Alkekopter makes a nice first impression and after playing the game for the past few days it comes across a fun time waster of a game. While the game is relatively new, it holds a 4.5 star rating in the Windows Phone Store and has a Windows 8 version available that is well suited for tablet play.

Alkekopter is a free game title and if you take it out for a spin, let us know what you think in the comments and toss out a review in the Store to share your thoughts with the developer.

  • Alkekopter - Windows 8 - 21.7MB - Free - Store Link
  • Alkekopter – Windows Phone 8 – 22MB – Free – Store Link

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