All NYPD officers will soon use a translator app on their Windows Phone

The New York City Police Department started issuing Windows Phone devices to officers in 2014 as part of a trial program. It looks like the NYPD is pleased with its choice, as a press conference revealed earlier today.

Azi Paybarah, a reporter for POLITICO on the New York beat, posted messages on his Twitter feed from the press conference. One of them showed the typical home screen of an NYPD cop's Windows Phone device. As shown in the image above, the home screen shows a translator app. Paybarah added that the NYPD will soon have such an app for all police officers on their smartphones.

While it's not specifically mentioned, the app is likely Microsoft Translator. It can translate a number of languages via voice, and 50 languages in text form. This app should be very helpful for NYPD officers as New York City's populace is quite international.

As previously reported, the Windows Phones used by NYPD officers can also monitor 911 calls, along with showing the location of a reported crime and the phone number of the person who called it in.

Source: Azi Paybarah (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • Using WP Microsoft
  • Do you expect them to be using unreleased software across their mission critical police force devices?
  • Lol. What's wrong with WP8.1? Nothing. Instead there is so much wrong with W10M. And you see many W10M users on WinC. This doesn't mean that every single WP user has upgraded to WM. And I don't think that the NYPD might have enrolled in the Insider program.
  • Excatly, and it´s all about there own apps, they have what they need. I dosen´t matter what OS they use, 8.1 or 10.Okay I prefer 8.1 until 10 is ready and tested enough, from now on it will take one year before we will stay with a stable 10. So therefore and yes, they need to use 8.1 in NYPD. Great to discover what they are doing. Last year BMW factoryin Germany bought 57.000 Lumia phones, could be nice to hear about the result.      
  • What exactly is weird about them using Windows Phone 8.1 for a program that was launched in 2014, before Windows 10 was developed? Even if it were a new program, I would expect it to be on 8.1 given how unstable 10 is for phones and how reliable police officers would need their devices to be.
  • Why are comments so bad around here lately? Gary, this is the NYPD and what they ordered. Has zero to do with Microsoft I thought that was clear from the article. Second, why would the NYPD use a brand new OS as opposed to something finalized and solid like 8.1? It is the same reasons why hospitals and schools use XP and 7 still.
  • It doesn't get worse than the Snapdragon 617 Continuum thread though.
  • Yea, this might be why our cops still use Nokia 5110's .. Wink
  • That and the fact that throwing one at a purp could be lethal...
  • Not to mention that even if they wanted to be on the bleeding edge, W10M is not available for their devices yet.
  • Yeah unfortunately I heard today that a hospital was forced to close because the network's computers (all running Windows XP) were attacked by a virus
  • Hahaha, I mean, not funny from patient's perspective, but the hospital's fault for using unsupported software...
  • Do you have a link? Shutting down an entire hospital due to a virus seems a little unlikely. I work for an HCIS company and we see servers get shut down due to virus infections, but I've never seen a hospital go into downtime due to it. Sadly, I see far too many still running XP and I cringe every time I have to remote into them.
  • He might be on about this.....
  • Lately? :(
  • People are getting frustrated with having being told "later" all the time and as is the case with W10M, when it finally arrives we learn it's half-baked and fixes will arrive "later". I played the waiting game with WP8.1, for Denim I went with Developer preview because my patience has ran out. Now I would love to go with the Insider program but even your review of W10M makes it seem like I should just stay with 8.1. And I even started considering other phone than Windows as my next one.
  • This whole later thing is frustrating. There will always be later. You guys constantly bring it up as if it's something only MS does. There will always be things that come later. Those things will be new, but sometimes they won't offer everything the previous version did even though it's better in other ways. Apple, Google, and MS do this.
  • People are dumb, unfortunately.
  • 8 replies to your reply Daniel and you haven't been accused of being too snarky even once! I'm not gonna be happy if you start playing it too safe. lol  By the way, I live in a small town (about 25,000) and the city issued Windows Phones to all staff here too. I know it is common in Europe, but I was a bit surprised. And I got to show my son-in-law (water department) that his new phone is way cooler than he thought. I'm not sure he is a convert or not, but he now "gets it". :)
  • I am exceptionally satisfied NYPD has chosen Windows Phone as the choice. Likewise, I have chosen Windows Phone as my information terminal. Reliable, secure, ability to install custom applications.
  • Lately? I wonder sometimes how you guys still have the motivation to keep on replying to suchlike comments.
  • Thank you Dan
  • Hi Daniel, I think it is because many of us are so fed up with Microsoft and their long list of failures. If you been on the ride with Surface RT, WP, Kinect, W10 not being fit for tablets, Xbox one (missing so many features from 360 and lower performance than the PS4), the Band not surviving a splash of water/a sweaty ski-jacket, seeing MS flooding the market with Android/iOS goodies while their own system is left to rot on a totally dead WP8.1 while waiting for a W10M that is in a total mess… Well, it is hard to like MS these days. So, I answered your question. Now, why are YOU still supporting Microsoft? Didn’t you believe that Xbox should have universal apps by now, that W10 should be OK on tablets and that W10M should have been released? One year delay for something that was behind in the beginning is HUGE. I feel betrayed and that it is now time to forget about “the always soon MS”, I do now use an iPhone to get a modern phone with full support from ALL (including Microsoft), I should have bought a PS4 to get the best gaming console, and I should have bought an iPad instead of my Surfaces (a touch friendly OS with full support from all including MS) AND then top up with a “boring” W10 for the work PC and laptop (Or, a Mac). I’m fed up, that’s all.
  • It's not even out yet for older phones.
  • It does work fine and basically why would you change them if the current line meets the requirements?
  • Still rockin' 8.1 on my Lumia 1520 and loving it. And yeah, think your anger is misplaced. On a side note, I wonder if someone is nice enough to make a W10M ROM with lots of metro-UI elements...  I know, I know, shaddup..  
  • Do you even think before you post? Like at all?
  • Are you that butthurt that you don't have W10M that you troll anything that has WP8.1 on it? if you want it so bad get off your fat A$$ and put it on your phone so you can stop crying about it. It's an unperfected OS, the trial phones were highly likely to have apps developed for 8.1, and it's a gov't mandated thing, those are always far behind the times. MS is not necessarily to blame for it. WTF garry.
  • WM10 has got better especially in the last few months but when I see my wifes phone running 8.1 on her 930 It reminds me how far WM10 still has to go before it works as well.
  • Yeah I came here to post the exact opposite, NYPD stay the hell away from W10M. Honestly wish my 950 was running 8.1, I'd be missing a few of the new features but at least most things would actually WORK.
  • I read somewhere that it's possible to rollback the 950 and 950xl to 8.1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How is that possible? These phones launched with windows 10, they never had an official 8.1 ROM
  • Then what you like to use them on their mobiles...marshmallow or ios
  • Is it just me or is those indicator lines all wrong in that presentation slide....
  • Lieutenant Herp Derpington NYPD made these slides lol
  • LoL
  • That's just you. Look closely and you will see they're longer than you thought they were
  • Windows phones translating all over The Big APPLE. Nice.
  • It seems like Windows Phones ARE great after all! Its nice to see a change!
  • iphone will not be classified as a.. "cop phone" that's waaay beneath the name... The legend..... The only
  • In Germany they are not allowed to use iPad or iPhone, it´s banned in police and such corps - all. It´s all about security.
  • Apple, what?
  • Apple, iPad, Mac, Mac, Macbook, Macbook Pro.
  • Can it translate "does taze me bro" and "you're choking me"
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Posted from my Note 5
  • Lol "Don't Taze me bro" Will be a soundbite for future generations to come. Never has police brutality been so hilarious
  • How about "dont shoot me,im unnarmed". Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is great news, imagine when they upgrade to new phones with continuum support, then no need for other tools in the office if they can use this all on one device on all size screens. Wish the UK police would take a leaf out of their book, instead we have forces who have to buy more expensive police cars (Vauxhall corsa) with no warranty rather than cheaper (bmw), yes that is the right way round, because it looks bad to the residents.
  • Actually it'd be pretty sweet if they can get it to work in the cruiser. Dock the phone where they normally keep the laptop, and then they will always have the phone ready, charged and waiting. Also less likely to have the computer compromised if it's always in the officers hands.
  • They could have designed a bit more distinctive live tiles for those NYPD apps. Look way too similar...
  • They're not hippies... When it comes down to the official preference, the Dept. puts badge on everything. It's simple as that.
  • Yes, though they still could have done the badge with some nicer icons. But I don't think they really care about looks.
  • He means they all look the same. They could be a bit more differentiated from each other to make it easier on the user. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Correct, i didn't mean looks. It is hard to pick the right app when they all look the same. This is a usability issue.
  • LOL .. They sure need a little help in those icons design!
  • While I certainly don't disagree, I'm sure there is a cost in mind for that. Takes much less time and therefore money to build what they have there. Can't be cheap to buy all new phones for the police force (or all new anything for that matter) so I'm sure they pinch pennies where they can.
  • Is that app meant to translate the bullshit charges into the truth about being a corrupt cop?
  • Oop! We've got another cop hater. Stupid media lately...
  • I certainly agree that the media is largly to blame, but so are the officers with a chip on their shoulder. I personally make it a point to be respectful from the start, but it's up to them if they want that to continue or not over the course of the interaction. I've dealt with both types, and I would say it's more of the negative. You prett ymuch have to be a type A personality to be in Law enforcement, and being jerk seems to go along with that in many cases.
  • If only those apps were available in the Store. And for the LAPD, mind you...
  • LA?? you're joking right?? Mostly illegals, thugs and riches are pushign away middle class there. Not diverse as New York, ethnic wise.
  • Los Angeles is one of the most diverse cities in the US. I work for the FD in Los Angeles and just used the translator app to communicate with a Chinese couple in downtown. It worked excellent and we were able to get them to the bus stop they were looking for.
    The WP operating system is good for first responders, large touch targets, simple operation, universal microsoft apps that are familiar with most government computers.
    I really like the earlier comment about having a docking station in the rig that would charge and link to the CAD system. I could see it, have the device to document or capture run data on scene, dock it in the rig or at the station to download the information.
  • Seems you've never been in LA. I live here, and I've been to New York many times, It's much more diverse here at home than over there. I'm talking about the city alone. Once you consider LA County, it's like having a piece of every country closeby.   Culture yourself.
  • Oh dear. The ignorance is strong in this one. California is one of the most ethnically diverse places in the country. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Thats really cool let's hope those apps dont crash everytime they need to open them.
  • Oh damn it, it's not working while type here, but before I started it was working. Anyway, there is bug "between" WC and Translator apps*. Type something here in comments section (dont submit it) Now copy your text and paste in translator. Remember, it has to be English -> [language]. Works with English -> Russian.
    *I found WC recently, the other one was either Office app or IE
  • Privacy!
  • That IE tile is so big.