NYPD arms officers with Windows devices in pilot to fight crime

It looks like the New York Police Department has begun piloting some Windows-based smartphones and tablets as part of a new initiative. The $160 million funding for the 41,000 new mobile tech tools used by officers comes by way of the criminal asset forfeiture funds from the district attorney's office.

The devices shown being piloted include a Windows tablet, a ruggedized Windows tablet, a Windows embedded handheld, and a few Windows Phone devices, including what looks like a green Nokia Lumia 1520.

Using criminal asset forfeiture funds secured by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office through recent sanctions cases, the $160 million NYPD Mobility Initiative will provide NYPD officers with up to 41,000 mobile devices, including tablet computers and handheld devices that will streamline law enforcement efforts, increase the safety of New Yorkers as well as police officers, and ensure fairness within the City's criminal justice system.

The tools are said to enhance mobile communications between NYPD officers, the department said in a tweet.

What do you think of the devices that the NYPD is piloting? What devices would you recommend the department use to fight crime?

Thanks to @darpavader for the news tip.

Source: NYPD