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Amazon overtakes Microsoft as world's most valuable company

Microsoft Logo at Ignite
Microsoft Logo at Ignite (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft has lost its spot today as the world's most valuable company after around five weeks as top dog. Taking over Microsoft's position is Amazon, which ended Monday with a market cap of $796 billion compared to Microsoft's $783 billion cap (via Business Insider).

Microsoft first took the top spot in November, when it surpassed Apple, which had held the position for years. Microsoft has been on the rise for some time after finding its footing in building out its cloud infrastructure, Office 365, and other services.

Still, it's likely we'll see tech companies continue to wrangle over the number-one spot in the coming months. Beyond Microsoft and Amazon, Google and Apple still remain in close competition with market caps of $745 billion and $701 billion, respectively. Given the volatility of the market recently, it wouldn't be surprising to see the title of "most valuable company in the world" change several more times.

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  • They are also climbing the charts to being one of the most hated companies by their own employees and workers rights watchdogs around the world.
  • This is really a meaningless statistic. The "world's wealthiest person" changes frequently too. No one cares.
  • It changes frequently?
    Until Bezos it was Gates and then Gates divested half his fortune to hide (put) into his charity.
    Now it's consistently Bezos.
    How often does it change?
  • A company being the most valuable company for a week or just a day is not a meaningful news at all.
  • Right. But this might very well be the day that Amazon takes the top spot and never leaves it again.
  • Give it time, Changes will come.
  • Notice how when Microsoft passed Apple (Nov 28th), there was nothing from this site. They were too busy displaying Ads for Apple products, redirecting you to Amazon to get some money from those references, and trying to sell you Chromebooks. When you finally did write something about it (, it was to criticize Microsoft. Now Amazon passes Microsoft and you couldn't wait to trumpet Amazon's greatness. And why shouldn't you be happy for Amazon? You sold out to them with all your ads for them. You were part of it. Celebrate your participation. You have lost your way, WC.
  • "They were too busy displaying Ads for Apple products" This amuses me. Ads are based on relevance per user. If it was displaying Apple ads to you it means that your history implies a lot of interaction with Apple-related subjects/products. IE: WC does not determine what you see, you do. I don't follow Apple products/articles/discussions around the web. As a result I pretty much never see Apple advertising. I've certainly never seen it here. But again, the site is not the ad network, the ad network uses relevance based on your activities. Lay off the Apple discussions and my guess is Apple advertising will soon disappear for you.
  • Lol Preach to 'em!
  • Looks like you missed his point entirely
  • In the last year this app/site has gone down, FAST! Seems more of a add platform than anything. I usually check it out once a week. Used to be here at least every couple days. BTW, app hasn't been updated in like a year!!!!
  • A year, ha!
    Easy 2 years.
  • @nohone... lol. So would a critical piece of Amazon help? Then again I guess it wouldn't since it would seem reacting to criticism thus an appeasement piece. If you want articles critical of Amazon try the Guardian. Which strangely do not write much about Microsoft.... only about the tax evasion tactics which Apple, Google, Amazon also do.
  • Amazon Prime Central.
    Rubino has lost his way, shilling for the Bezos now.
  • I have never seen an Apple ad here. Do you know how ads work?
  • Agreed, this site had lost quality and relevance
  • Shh don't tell that to Rubino. He will either come at you with website stats that are more irrelevant than the market caps because we all know exactly what WC turned to due to refocus of Microsoft OR if he is moody, using a lame sarcasm attempt, will label you "troll" and ban your account for speaking the bitter truth just like he did with my previous one, as you can see like I care (can make a thousand more). If you want frequent but smaller reporting on Microsoft go to mspoweruser instead or follow many minor ms watchers on Twitter like WalkingCat, WC's own Zac Bowden, Tom Warren, Jane Gentleman etc. Even those old and irrelevant MJF and PT. Waaay more informative than this how-to-do-basic-things on windows/laptop store Windows Central site a.k.a. Google SEO masters.
  • @oraora. You do realise that there are other PC and laptop users that don't even know what the windows key on their keyboard does? Let alone differentiate between wireless standards hence the name change to more generic sounding WiFi 6 for 802.11ax for example.
  • Or, he will just call you names, and put you down, which is totally unnecessary, unprofessional, and immature.
  • Pinky: What are we going to do tomorrow night Jeff? Bezos: Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world. Bwah hah hah hah...
  • I loved that show.