Amazon Unbox brings its videos to Windows Mobile

Add Amazon (opens in new tab) to the list of content providers with Windows Mobile compatible offerings. Amazon’s Unbox video service (opens in new tab) is offering portable versions of their videos that are compatible with Microsoft’s PlaysForSure certification.

The fact that a source as reputable as Amazon is offering content that is compatible with Windows Mobile is a great thing for consumers. Until our dreams come true and Microsoft gives us OTA access to the Zune Marketplace (hey, they apologized for the points system) this is a great alternative. While many people have been doing the video thing for years, the process of encoding video to optimize it for your media player of choice isn’t always as straightforward as one would like.

Is this old news for you guys? Is having video on your phone even something you would bother with? Talk it up in the comments.

[Simple Mobile Review via Windows Phone Thoughts]

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  • Its nice to have, though as mention in the article this an area where Microsoft is lacking. My friends, and I despite downloading content via torrents, also buy the same content on the Zune Market place, but it sucks when we want to have it on our phones. We are not down to downloading torrent directly to our phones. So this is very welcomed.
  • Well, I'm not entirely above torrenting on my cell. I do have a torrent client installed on it, though I haven't used it much yet. It can be convenient away from home. =)
  • This is pretty cool. I'm still holding out for Zune, but this is a nice alternative.
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  • It is a good utility tool in mobile.Amazon Unbox service gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows, all of which can be watched on your TV set using your TiVo.
  • I watch TV video all the time via Orb and love having that functionality (and in related news, it looks like the iPhone is finally going to get access to 3G streaming of Slingbox, so that's one less major missing feature we can gig them on now.) I've rented only one movie from Unbox in the past and the service was fine. I downloaded the movie to my main PC and then was able to view it just fine through my Xbox. However, it's not as seamless an experience like it is ordering a movie through the Zune marketplace for Xbox. Still, I welcome any options (even if I'm not likely to use them.)
  • This functionality has been around for over 2 years...
  • This is really amazing. I am sure it will be really useful to get the idea of newly arrived device.
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    Its interesting to know about Unbox video service.This seems very good and useful.Thank you very much for giving such information.