AMD and BlueStacks team up to bring 500K Android apps to Windows 8 desktop

One of the biggest knocks that critics like to sling against Windows Phone is that there aren't enough apps available when compared to Apple and Android. Well, a new deal between chip maker AMD and software developer BlueStacks will ensure that the same cannot be said for Windows 8. The two companies have agreed to work together on bringing around 500,000 Android apps to Microsoft's upcoming operating system for PCs and tablets using AMD's AppZone Player.

By updating code in their processors and graphics chips, AMD has made it possible for apps designed for mobiles devices to look good on the larger displays of PCs and tablets. They hope that this will lure consumers to AMD-powered devices, rather than those running Intel chips.

"This helps AMD leapfrog Intel by making Windows 8 more attractive on their tablets and PCs," BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma told Wired. "We've worked closely together to optimise the performance of the apps for AMD's unique 'graphics and computing on one chip' setup. The result is awesome -- mobile apps run beautifully on their machines."

Apps that run in AppZone will also allow users to save information between devices. So if you are playing a game on your PC, you can pick up where you last saved on your mobile device. All AMD-powered Windows 8 devices will come with the AppZone player pre-installed. And if that weren't good enough, consumers who currently have a Windows 7 device with an AMD processor under the hood can run AppZone player now.

This is a brilliant move on AMD's part to capitalize on Windows 8 before it's even released and could be a huge lift for Microsoft as well. If only we could magically bring all those apps over to the Windows Phone Store. SHAZAM!

Source: BBC, Wired; Via: CNET

Seth Brodeur