Amp'd Deathwatch: CEO Peter Adderton Ousted

Amp'd recently declared bankruptcy - they owe Verizon (among others) a ton of money. Money that they don't have because those crazy rotten teenagers that make up the largest portion of their customer base haven't been paying their bills. You kids.

The latest bit comes via Engadget, who notes that Amp'd just gave their CEO the boot - he's apparently been replaced by Sue Swenson, who is now listed as the Chief Operating Officer over at the amp'd management bio page. Best of luck to you, Swenson. If you're looking for ways to make those crazy young'uns pay up, I'm told that grounding doesn't really work with teenagers. I'd suggest that you try taking away their cellphone, but that probably isn't a punishment you'd consider, is it?

the rumors that CEO Peter Adderton's days were thusly numbered have finally materialized into reality. mocoNews reports that the ex-chief is still Amp'd's largest single shareholder and maintains a position on the board,

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