Android and Windows Phone square off in latest Bing ads

Microsoft hasn’t been shying away from the competition lately. Last week they finally hit a home run with an ad for Windows Phone. So here’s one highlighting the strengths of Bing over Google. It also happens to showcase a killer, but underused feature of Windows Phone. Videos below.

The following videos aren’t HD. Sorry, we got them from a reader before they were hidden from the Bing YouTube account. They were prematurely posted there, but not before our man grabbed them for us. Check them out.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The videos above are great advertisements for television spots. Short and to the point, while highlighting something that Bing does better than Google. My favorite was using the Windows Phone to translate in real-time. Which did you like the best?

Thanks for the tip and videos Travis B!

Sam Sabri