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Android may be leading in the US, but new report shows Windows Phone growing faster

Kantar Worldpanel has released a new report that shows Android leading in the US, but both iOS and Windows Phone are growing at a faster rate. Both platforms experienced an increase in sales of 2.3 and 1.8 percentage points respectively, while Google's mobile platform was reported at 1.4 (year-on-year). Good news for Microsoft and its continued struggle to establish itself in the competitive North American market.

Through the 3 month period ending April 2013, Android currently holds more than half (51.7 percent) of the US smartphone sales market. iOS remained in second place with 41.4 percent, while Windows Phone's share of the sales remained at 5.6 percent, but has grown over the last year by the 1.8 percentage points reported above.

Interestingly, Kantar Worldpanel analyst Mary-Ann Parlato notes Verizon is seeing a positive boost in sales, which is down to Windows Phone:

"Verizon and Sprint’s slight increase is thanks to the growth of two key players. For Verizon, Windows’ share rose from 0.2% in the three months ending April 2012 to 6.8% by the period ending April 2013."

The report also goes into some detail about where Windows Phone owners are coming from. Of those who purchased a Windows Phone in the last year, 42 percent are new to the smartphone market, while 25 percent previously owned Windows Phone and 23 percent hopped on from Android. It's noted that iOS only captures just 31 percent from a featurephone, illustrating the strength of Windows Phone in attracting consumers who are new to smartphones.

Remember when we went into some detail about Nokia's plan to rejuvenate its brand with younger generations? We've touched on this numerous times since, but it appears as though the platform is also experiencing success in the younger demographic. Parlato continues, "Verizon and Sprint’s slight increase is thanks to the growth of two key players. For Verizon, Windows’ share rose from 0.2% in the three months ending April 2012 to 6.8% by the period ending April 2013."

The report ends with the observation that Nokia is the driving force behind Windows Phone, which we're fairly certain no one will challenge.

Source: Kantar; thanks, sagar, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds is a word conjurer at Windows Central, covering everything related to Windows, gaming, and hardware. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a device chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Glad to see Windows phone gain market share :)
  • Well, they put a lot of ads on the intrawebs, so that seems to help. Still they need a LOT more people buying WP8's  before all devs will jump on the WP train.  Also, they need to add funcionallity to WP ASAP, cos there are some real drawbacks in WP compared to iOS and Android. (also a lot of pro's. But still)
  • Slow but steady!
  • Wins the race.
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  • Great news, i'm pretty confident that this trend will continue and in a year's time or less WP will hit the double digits marketshare in the US. In Europe the situation is even better as WP seems to be eating away at android's marketshare (specially in the low end sector).
  • ⬆⬆⬆ THIS ⬆⬆⬆
  • Great but Microsoft for the next phones this fall they need to bring them to all carries at the same time and have this year's specs. Do that and market share might finally hit 10%
  • I can stand that career exclusivity, to me its counter productive.
  • It's how you get the best advertisement and push by "carries" though.
  • I don't know if that's true. I've been seeing a lot of ads for the HTC One lately and they are all for different carriers (IIRC).
  • They don't have a choice until WP is more popular. Just look at the Galaxy series of phones. They started with exclusivity and different versions for every carrier. The more popular they got the more Samsung could tell the carriers to pound sand when they demanded exclusivity or a million different versions of the same phone.
  • I wish I could tell Samsung to go pound sand...but they'd probably prefer plastic...heehee
  • THIS IS IT... !!!
    Finally a good news which is making me smile. not only because Windows Phone is growing faster but because Android is growing slowly now. I am damn sure if Nokia & Microsoft still give more inovative and fast updates then defenatly nothing stop it. I still believe that Microsoft is not-so serious about Windows Phone as they are for Windows PC/Laptops/Tablets.
    anyway, its a good news....
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  • No they're not putting the same emphasis on phones as they are as PC's. The profits aren't there yet, when they are, they will.
  • The profits are there but Microsoft need to actively push and dedicate resources to windows phone to attain them as opposed to waiting for them to deliver themselves and then dedicating to improving windows phone. Its a saturated market and while Microsoft have differentiated themselves, they aren't doing nearly enough to bring wp to equivalence with android/os in many technical and functional aspects.
  • I somewhat agree with that last part. They're making some pretty decent jumps in functionality with relatively great stability compared to other OS' firmware updates but waiting a full year is damn near unacceptable.
  • Hopefully this is a sign to Nokia that people want their phones! I hope they can go Apple and Samsung by releasing their flagships on all carriers, with no exclusivity someday. It'll definitely still take time though.
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  • They need to make the OS a little bit more customizable and give the user the right to use music & videos what ever way they want.
  • Agreed.
  • Just like Apple lets you use music and videos whatever you want on the iPhone... /s
  • Why compare this guy's wish with what a compeitior does? How does that make any sense whatsoever? Are we striving to be an Apple clone?
  • Because that's what you do with compare them...that's what makes it competition...
  • You made it sound like, "Since Apple doesn't do it then neither should we."  Sometimes sarcasm isn't a good means of communication.  I say, "Who gives a shit if Apple doesn't do it.  If we can then that is a big differentiator and we win!!"
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  • I agree.. They need to do what you said amongst a myriad of other things.
  • People don't care about customization nearly as much as (android) people want to believe.
  • Remember when Microsoft released the Xbox, and at that time it was all about Nintendo and PlayStation. But they stuck with it, improved on it, and for then it was always marathon,not a sprint. Now the Xbox is the leading gaming console and I truly believe the same will happen to the windows phone. Slow and steady Microsoft, you have a winner here
  • One of the things Microsoft has is tons of backup capital. They can afford for their products to take a long time to gain popularity as they can fund their losses for a long time.
  • And that's partly why they have been around for so long and will probably continue to be...
  • I sometimes feel like that works against them with Windows Phone though. I think they'd be a lot more responsive in improving the platform in ways that users are demanding if they had the feeling that their livelihood depended on it. Sometimes a safety net makes you lazy.
  • I agree, I also think they should be more proactive instead of reactive. But they have the capital to stick it out either way. As a WP user I am not worried about Microsoft giving up on WP in the near future.
  • Getting the younger generation is a great strategy. That's why the big games as well as apps like Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc. are so important.
  • Agreed
  • The last quote in the article seems to be a copy/paste fail.
  • Giggity.  Keep on plugging Windows Phone.  Woot.
  • Love it! I'm on Verizon and was glad to see a full wp8 display. I told my friend who works there that one day soon they will be carrying a nice wp8 display, he would just laugh at me! I've converted about 10 people so far!
  • Don't tell me what to do.
  • I just got my first wp8 phone,a Lumia 521 and friend of mine loves it. She wants to replace her iPhone 5 with a 928 on Verizon.
  • I'm not on Verizon but glad to see their WP sales pick up after they seemed so hesitant to jump in in the first place!
  • Windows forever
  • Android holding more than 50% of market share is because of the vast amounts of devices out there and OEM support. Google has an advantage. Imagine 3-4 WP from each OEMs, all at different price range. Right now, I'm sure we can thank Nokia for the new stat.
  • I kinda only like 1 or 2 WP OEMs. Nokia's putting in all the hard work, I want them to reap the rewards. Not just some dumbass OEM making a phone just because WP is making money.
  • And if people start's realizing what kind of big brother Google is...
  • Nice!
  • If MS can get that last 5% of big name apps, Samsung & HTC to release phones with this year's high end specs and low ends to Walmart for PAYG, I know WP can hit 10% easy.
  • Good way to start the week! Nice!
  • I've had IOS and Android before and they both can't compete with the fluidity of WP8. With the growth of apps recently I see a bright future for the WP8 community.
  • My wife and I our first smartphones were wp7s trophy from Verizon. Current phones are Nokia Lumia 822. Everytime I talked to customer service for Verizon I always tell them how good my phone is. I also try to convince them to try it. People should see how good they are, it's not like it used to be. So far I've talked to five different CSRs and all but one responded positively to trying it or looking into it. Who knows of they'll actually do it. But I did put the suggestion out there. One person at a time.
  • WP awareness is on the rise is India too but Apple could play spoil sport here with their advertising muscle n the Emi schemes which are being flashed on the front pages of prominent Indian dailies reason being high end devices are expensive and not many can afford the upfront payment. There is a lot of positive talk for the Lumias though. Picked a 620 n 820 for my wife n sis and coaxed 3 of my friends to pick 620's and one to get a 720 last month and have 2-3 lined up to pick 720's this month. Everyone who has seen the 720 has come away awestruck :)
  • Slowly slowly catch a monkey !
  • I assume the VW 928 will bring a big market share gain to WP.
  • Hey guys!  I know windows phone OS is good but the few seconds that we show our phones to others just wouldn't be enough.  All they'll get from that attempt  is how nice it looks and as we all know that is just 1% of wp's appeal.  It takes time to discover how great the integration, the functionality, the design language and attention to detail that is WP.  If you really want to win them over, get them a way to try the phone OS for themselves for longer than just a couple of seconds without having to sacrifice your own time, your phone, or *gosh* having to buy them one( unless you are uber rich). 
    There's a windows phone OS simulator
    Just send them the link so they can try it themselves for a while.  You might want to watch it yourself, you might not be aware of all the things your phone can do.
  • alright!!! way to get a momentum going for TEAM WP! lol... let's keep it up NOKIA / MS!....
  • Excellent news. All down mostly to Nokia
  • trust me, Android suckkss!!! :-/
  • I disagree :)
  • I agree
  • Its not delivery, its delissio.
  • This is great news and I'm sure MS and Nokia will be happy that their strategies are paying off. What they did was very smart. By identifying that there are still huge amounts of "pre-smartphone" users, not yet taking that leap from your bog-standard mobile phone, MS/Nokia took a risk and decided to release many cheap handsets which didn't sacrifice quality but just certain features over and above the flag-ship models. Handsets like the Nokia 520/620 have filled that gap in the market, (previously filled with poor quality, laggy android handsets) enticing those new first time buyers to purchase a windows phone handset. And once MS get those new users, they are essentially invested into the WP ecosystem; which means that when it comes to upgrade time, they'll be less likely to jump ship onto a different platform due to all the apps they have bought.
    Smart move MS/Nokia!
  • While I agree with you I still think there's gonna be a huge amount of people not getting any smartphones simply because the over all price of the plans. Not the phone prices themselves. Carries need to start lowering the prices not raising them and adding on weird expenses. Just my two cents.
  • I bought a 620 for my girlfriend and a 720 for me (my first WP after many WM and Symbian) waiting for the new series this year end, I bought an Ativ 500 for me too, upgraded my notebook to Win 8 and soon I will buy a new desktop with Win 8 and I'm fell in love with Window 8 / Windows Phone 8 but MS must fix some bugs and add more option and features.
    Here in Italy many have changed their Symbian for a Lumia and many missed some Symbian's features.
  • I wonder if Android fanboys still think Nokia should have adopted their beloved OS over WP? When WP has taken a large amount of market share, Nokia will be sat on the thrown... pretty much where Sammy is now.
  • What is going to happen to Android when Sammy leaves them for Tizen?
  • I know what I hope happens to it. :D
  • If they do what BB10 is doing and allow android apps to run on Tizen then they can kiss a LARGE portion of their Asian market share (if nothing else) goodbye.
  • by they I assume you mean Android?  I heard a rumour (not positive on the validity of the rumour though) that there is a posibility that Samsung Android phones that are current at the time of the Tizen launch will be able to (or perhaps automatically) upgraded to Tizen from Android as it is apparently an Android based OS (or at least looks a lot like android according to demo phone). I am not sure if such a move is possible, or even legal, but if it were to happen Android would lose a large chunk of marketshare as the way I understand it Samsung takes up a large chunk of that marketshare currently.
  • People here won't like to hear it but entry phones is the way they are gonna increase market share. For the growing prepaid crowd in us and international markets looking for inexpensive options.
    Lumia 900's are nice but can't Match the competitions flagship devices. But they get killed by WP on entry
  • I totally agree. Apart from price-aware prepaid folks, there are countries where people simply can't afford expensive phones. They will take whats cheap.
  • Actually this doesn't sound like great news. I'd rather have 51.7% of the market and sales growth of 1.4% than 5.6% marketshare and 1.8% growth. Android still grows much more in absolute numbers. The difference is abysmal.
  • And it should...
  • Hmmm I thought more recent WP users are coming from Blackberry instead of android.
  • I thought so to judging from the recent decrease in BB marketshare and the increase in WP marketshare.