Angry Birds Star Wars II update for Windows Phone adds Rise of the Clones

Rovio has finally released a new version of Angry Birds Star Wars II for Windows Phone that includes a major update, adding the new Rise of the Clones chapter.

The update was first released for iOS devices a few weeks ago, but at least Windows Phone owners didn't have to wait too long to get this new content. There's quite a lot for fans to check out in this update:

  • NEW ELEMENTS! Navigate the fast-flowing waters on stormy Kamino, and get an extra boost from the air turbines on Coruscant!
  • 20 NEW PORK SIDE LEVELS! Destroy the Republic's Clone Army on Kamino and face off against the mighty Jedi!
  • 20 NEW BIRD SIDE LEVELS! The Sith have taken over the skies of Coruscant – use the Force to take them down!
  • MORE SECRET LEVELS! Track down the hidden maps to unlock two secret levels on each side!
  • LAST CHANCE BIRD! If you need just one more bird to complete a level, try using the Last Chance Bird!"

You can download Angry Birds Star Wars II for just 99 cents right now in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Angry Birds Star Wars II

John Callaham