Angry Monkey Run, a Windows Phone with potential but still a little work is needed

Angry Monkey Run is another endless runner gaming option for Windows Phone 8. The game has simple mechanics, nice graphics and can be a little on the frustrating side as far as game challenge is concerned.

The story behind the game has the monkey's girlfriend being snatched up by zookeepers that does not sit well with the monkey. Your job is to guide him through the jungle to save his girlfriend.

Angry Monkey is available for low-memory devices and isn't a terrible game. The game has potential but Angry Monkey seems to lack the pop other endless runner options have.

Simple menu, simple game play

When you launch Angry Monkey Run you will be carried through a series of storyboards illustrating the abduction of the monkey's girlfriend. This story is displayed every time you launch the game and thankfully, you can skip it and move on to the main gaming menu.

From the main gaming menu for Angry Monkey Run you will find options to play the game, mute the sounds, view your gaming statistics, view the help screen and access the game's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Game play has your monkey running through four areas: a jungle, city, forest and beach. You have to jump the monkey through gaps in walls/barriers and collect bananas along the way. Your game score is based on the number of bananas collected.

Mechanics are simple. Forward movement is automatic and picks up in pace the further you travel. Tap the screen to jump between the bottom and top of the screen. When you first start the game, the monkey will be protected for a few seconds by a shield that will destroy the walls when he touches them. Once the shield fades away, you'll have to time your jumps to have the monkey sail through the gap. You can collect additional shields as you progress through the game.

Overall Impression

Angry Monkey Run is a challenging endless runner game. It will test your patience and timing to sail through the gaps in obstacles and advance far enough to save your monkey's girlfriend. Don't be surprised if your high score remains in the single digits for a while.

The game is ad supported with the ad banner running across the top of all the screens. This does take away from the gaming screen with the monkey being partially blocked by the banner as he swings from the top of the screen. I would like to see the ad banner limited to the menu screens but I would imagine having it run throughout the game increases the revenue.

While Angry Monkey Run isn't without challenge, it is also without a gaming feature to keep you pulled into the game. I would have liked to have seen some variation in the obstacles you have to pass through during game play or more bonus items. Maybe one of the bonus items could be a Land Rover that plows through all the barricades.

As is, I can see Angry Monkey Run growing old quickly for some. It's worth a look and hopefully the developer will find a way to add a little more meat on the bone.

Angry Monkey Run is available for 512MB devices.

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