Anonymous Microsoft employee hints at Windows Phone 8.2 on Reddit

A Redditor claiming to be a 15-year veteran at Microsoft who works on the Windows kernel platform and has sat a few doors down from Satya Nadella in years past is showing off a bunch of features of Windows Phone 8.1 and hinting at what we can expect from Windows Phone 8.2, or whatever the next update is called.

We've already been up close and personal with Windows Phone 8.1 in both official and unofficial contexts, but for those looking to glean extra features, this is a good place to go. Take it all with a grain of salt, especially since the source doesn't work directly on Windows Phone, but he did just recently delete his Reddit account, which suggests this might get him in hot water. In any case, here are some of the key takeaways from the AMA.

Software update cycles are apparently going to be a lot faster, with feature updates every 6 - 8 months, and really major OS updates every year or two. The source suggested we won't see anything akin to a file manager until after Windows Phone 8.1, which is probably one of those major OS updates he's talking about. He expects Windows Phone 8.2 or 9 to launch in 8 - 10 months and that "OMFG you are going to pop a boner" when we see what's included.

There's apparently a password you can give out to Inner Circle so that they can get through your Do Not Disturb mode with text messages. So, if they say "knock, knock" in a message, for example, you'll get a ping on your phone even if you're set to mute notifications. You can also set DND to go on hiatus if an important contact calls three times in a row.

Though Skype is the only real video option for answering calls right now, we can expect support for other video services in the future.

The music app can now read downloaded music you own, create a playlists, and add Xbox Music to the same playlist seamlessly.

You won't be able to change the default SMS app until at least Windows Phone 8.2. Speaking of messaging, there's no more Facebook in the messaging hub, though one could imagine it being added later. A new Facebook app is being written by Facebook apparently, so that's something to look forward to.

Xbox One is adding background tasks and music in about six months, which is good news for anyone trying out the universal Microsoft-made Spotify app that is supposed to be launching in a few weeks.

The source hinted that they had an "interesting plan" on how to close the gap in search between Google and Bing, though it's an uphill battle with Google's brand recognition. Unfortunately, he couldn't go into too many details there.

Hit up the source below to dive into all of the information. He's an entertaining guy to listen to, if nothing else.

Source: Reddit

Simon Sage
  • WP 8.2
  • Seems faster.
  • Seems stupid
  • So does the spelling of your name, but I am a U.S. citizen, so what do I know? ^_~
  • I'll pretend as if I didn't read this...
  • You are horrible at pretending...
  • We're already looking at 8.2? Dayum time flies by.
  • Hahaha
  • Dere was news about wp8.5 even ..! First let wp8.1 come thn. Later
  • What was I pretending for?
  • Nevermind... -_-
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  • Wasn't April's fool on the 1st? *_~
  • Please release 8.1 NOW
  • Go sign up on the Windows Phone App Studio site.
  • I'm totally popping a boner right now!
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    No that's not a que for Rodney's mom to start calling me again.
  • I'm totally pooping right now (on the toilet as I read this)!
  • ...aaaannnnd I'm done boner popping.
  • What kind of MS executive talks this way? I call bullshit.
  • One that was probably close to Balmer & doesn't give a FCUK... Some of the leaks seem credible
  • I was thinking pretty much the same thing. And talking about this on Reddit?
  • Which part.
    That the leaks seem credible or why would someone from Microsoft do that?
    Or... Popping boners
  • "OMFG you guys are gonna pop a boner."  Sounds like a fanboy, not a Microsoft executive.
  • Well, reading the article again it doesn't say he was an executive, just a 15-year employee.  So, it's possible.
  • Chances are it could be someone who knows someone in the know and was privy to sensitive information. Wanted to seem credible who he claimed to be a Microsoft employee... Things spun put of control and decided to delete his profile in hopes that it goes away. It was me guys
  • You mean a 15 year old employee? No one who's been in the industry that long talks like that. I can appreciate that WPCentral is obligated to cover this, but I promise you it's a massive steaming pile of B.S.
  • What??? Are you serious? I have yet to walk around anyplace where code monkeys work that didn't have an unbelievable amount of swearing. Hell, they put it in the code itself: vyralize . c o m/7772/f-bombs-and-poetry-dropped-in-ms-dos-source-code/
  • He was confirmed by a moderator on the subreddit as legit.
  • I'm not surprised
  • Are they allowed to employ 15 year olds?
  • Hahaha
  • not 15 years old...he is working there for 15 years....
  • If these leaks are true, and it is very possible that they are, why an employee would be out there leaking features of WP 8.2 when 8.1 is not available outside of the SDK. Need to continue building on the momentum hyping 8.1 features, not getting people frustrated of what is not making it into 8.1 right away.
  • Because the WP 8.1 & W8.1 U1 are ready.
  • I didn't get to see it, all the OP's post have been deleted by now... Oh well.
  • Yea..that's unfortunate (0_o)
  • A redditor, duh
  • Hoooly
  • Seems a bit to soon for any real legitimate leaking of the next update 
  • I disagree. There's some things they didn't finished on time for 8.1...
  • Still, everything they got going now for the next update is to far away to be sure about.
    This is just seems to preemptive, more an attention grab. I'm not saying this person is a fake or the reported things are not true, but you know how the dev world works...
    If you knew how many great ideas, even if finished, made it to a final build of an OS/game or any other release
  • Future is bright for Windows Phans ^_^
  • (*_*)
  • The future so bright, I gotta wear shades
  • YEAHHHHHHhhhhhh
  • Google glasses?
  • Thanks, but no thanks ^_^
  • I rather go blind... Seriously
  • Just because they are Google, no need to hate all their products. I like Google Glass and Android Wear, and Microsoft needs to get into that, as well as VR headsets for the Xbox One.
  • And now there's Android for TV. :P
  • Not hating, just refused politely ^_^
  • I would rather go blind!!!!!!!!!!!
    (looking straight into Microsoft's bright future)
  • Lol
  • VR is a niche product that will never catch on with the mainstream consumer. Who wants to wear a big box on their face?
  • Money matters otherwise microsoft would have made a glass better than Google.
  • Microsoft has glasses coming!
  • The future is bright orange, and its a 930
  • He will be soon kicked out of the company ;)
  • Doubt it
  • Microsoft is known well for that job
  • The anonymous James...
  • With 8.1 already demoed in Build what's the problem if anyone goes deep into it over net. He didn't divulged any notable secret from future versions. At least he seemed innocent to me.
  • If there is any truth to it then mentioning stuff like using a password for Inner Circle etc could land him in to deep trouble. I don't think any phone till now has a feature like that and I really hope this is true, would love it!
  • Personally, I like it. One of my biggest gripes is lack of communication from MS. Sitting in a black hole with no hint or indication of issues you have with a platform are actually being worked on is the number one reason I jump to other platforms.
  • Yeah but if he is not careful then he could end up getting fired. A moderator on Reddit confirmed that he has a MS badge. Well, you do get several leaks which give you an idea, I personally like it that way. Let some things remain a surprise :)
  • Surprises are nice but critical features which affect my ecosystem planning needs communication. If there's a plan for a file manager, awesome, I'll wait. Otherwise, I need a tablet to hotspot to get around it. Will XB1 ever be DLNA pull capable? Otherwise, I need to budget for an alternate Plex solution.
  • Well, you could always use Pocket File Manager on WP. I never saw much use of a file manager even on my android phone and iOS doesn't have a built in manager either. You don't see apple users complaining about the lack of it as WP users do. As far as Plex is concerned, they are working on its app for XB1.
  • What you need is not what everyone else needs and vice versa. It would be nice, if one of you chuckle heads could grasp that for even a weekend.
  • I just gave you a solution to your problem. What more do you want? If you are that disgruntled by MS then jump ship. I get that we all have different needs but given the amount of choice you have, you get something that suits you. Would be nice if you don't resort to calling others stupid.
  • I didn't call anyone stupid. The Plex info didn't come from MS either which is what this is about. MS not communicating.
  • Or you could be more patient and have more faith in MS bringing what you want. Frankly I want MS to keep everything blackboxed until the very last minute.
  • Faith? MS? Tell it to my Zune. I had media capabilities with my 360. Silly me for thinking XB1 would have it out of the box. It took right up until the week before release for them to give us a straight answer on WMC.
  • You were stupid for expecting the XB1 to be anything but a trainwreck at launch.
  • I agree with you on that. My surround sound has no problem with my server, but XB1 can't. I don't wanna use cloud for it. Why should I waste bandwidth for something that is sitting on a different floor? And it's not just the Xbox. All native APS on the W8 platform work the same way. I can play with a desktop media player but the APS have to go through the cloud. Just stupid for a device (Xbox) that is marketed as a complete entertainment system
  • Noooooo I'm just too impatient about WP8.1 DP and now this!!! WHYYYY??!!!
  • You got that right . Now I had that 'wanna pee' kinda feeling right now .
  • Don't take anyone on reddit seriously. Last time people did that everyone spread word the lumia 822 users weren't going to get Nokia Black. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • one update is about to finish... Another one popped out...... crazy MS.....
  • Reminds me of the Duggars.
  • nope they are not crazy they know they are catching up and they need to be faster in order to beat everyone
  • Faster you say...uh?
  • Update for all wp8.1 devices
  • Stopped reading after "OMFG"
  • You are going to pop a boner...
  • Shwiiiiiing!
  • Lol good one!
  • Lol, I had forgotten abt that one.. :)
  • 8.2 should be ready by Xmas, 2015.
  • Sounds about right
  • And hit phones by Xmas 2016 judging at speed of some telcos
  • Waiting for wp9.2!
    Wait wait wait...
  • Too soon. Let us get and enjoy 8.1
  • We all knew they weren't going to take a vacation but its nice to know what the future may hold. Hopefully these leaks are true and released soon
  • Why didnt microsoft include those features for the music player in this update? ...-.- come the fuck on man, basic task any music player should have nowadays
  • Xbox Music is a separate app now. Updates to it aren't dependent on OS updates. I'm sure you'll see that much sooner.
  • If they did it properly, it wouldn't just be the app. It would go hand in hand with the synching software on PC... Which, by the way, is currently in a state akin to that of a steaming pile of sh*t.
  • They were talking about an Xbox One app, not phone.
  • Which should be interactive with phone app and PC software. We call it an "ecosystem."
  • "You won't be able to change the default SMS app"
    Time to abandon sinking ship :'(...
  • ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
  • Good, good let the hate flow through you.
  • "You're not helping!"
  • "...until at least Windows Phone 8.2"
    I'm assuming that you're being sarcastic here though. Sinking ship over this? :P
  • "atleast" ...
  • Yes and i waited this feature the most, got really dissapointed right now... FB chat integration was the thing which made my final choose on WP8(even thought it sucked balls compared to fb messenger) and now it's gone...
  • Oh, your default SMS app doesn't work ❔
  • Yes
  • I'll agree that the platform is not perfect but I for one wouldn't jump ship for that reason. There's other things I would like to see improved first.
  • Hahaha, if that's all it takes you should plan to jump platforms frequently.
  • Guys.. Let we all have the 8.1 first.
  • Popped it..LMAO
  • Very very interesting
  • I seriously doubt seeing 8.2 in 6-8 months, but if it really happens then that's all Microsoft really ever needed to do for WP to really take off..
  • Windows 8.2 and Windows Phone 8.2 are both coming in Q4 2014! Its the same timeframe for Intel 5th generation Broadwell architecture and NVIDIA Maxwell architecture to launch Q4 this year. NT 7.0 (Windows 9) not ready RTM till Q4 2015 by the way it's 64-bit only platforms!
    Intel 64
  • It seems legit ,,
  • "Seems faster" that they are tipping WP8.2.  
  • It does seem faster...
    Let the "seems faster" hating commence
  • We need faster boner popping!!!
  • Seems like the boner popping happens faster now a days
  • Each n every morning lol
  • Find that employee and fire their behind
  • For now..i'll just make do with wp 8.1 dev preview..god knows it'll be 2018 by the time I get wp 8.2
  • The force is strong with this article!
  • You meant to say - "Strong the force is with this article!"
  • The article is with strong force?
  • Yoda: With this article, the force is strong. backwards I do.
  • Why they are showing dreams we don't even,know when our 925 will get 8.1 update ! And are informing about 8.2
  • Its not 'they', per se. This is one employee who took it upon himself to leak in an AMA. He decided to do this, for whatever reason.
  • April 14th
  • Tried to ask on that reddit, seems removed. Account shows as "deleted". Maybe a wannabe impostor?
  • The original WMPU article about this from yesterday said that Reddit 'verified' him - not sure what exactly that means.
  • I saw that, it meant that the mods verified he had a MS badge which means he is a MS employer.
  • Which could be a cafeteria bus boy...
  • Will you ever learn that it's spelled caffè?
  • It means he showed proof to the mods that he's legit. He showed them his employee badge.
  • This guy is toast. He clearly broke the company NDA and also made arrogant remarks about his division. He hinted blatantly at projects he shouldn't have and showed a.screenshot if his phone and hotmail account name..I wonder who has the ability to look into a hotmail account. ?. .guy was trying to impress people for imaginary internet points and now will be dealt with by Microsoft
    I have a PDF of the post if anyone wants..knew he would try to delete it..
  • Yes I would like that PDF...
  • Mhl.....
  • Can you help me choose my next phone? What is the current top of the line nokia (including l930)? I know it's early, but is the most expensive will have access to the next Windows Phone (eg 9)? I enjoyed the 930...
  • Every WP device is guaranteed at least the next major software version, as well as 3 years total software support from Microsoft.
  • The 1520 is the state of the art.
  • Isn't change of default sms app part of the wp8.1??.. I saw it in the leaked sdk! Is it removed from the final build?
  • Yup removed with 45 others.
  • 45 others..?? Which??
  • Too lazy to type, may I recommend WPCentral forums? Tons of threads for your enjoyment. Grab a cup of tea and join in.
  • Seems like it
  • Facebook app and file manager were supposed to come with WP 8.1 and now the story of 8.2 came out of nowhere and which wont happen until next year..Wow great Microsoft..Hats off..You are so Fast.
  • I don't think a "file manager" was ever supposed to be partr of 8.1 A file picker maybe. Buat what would you need a file manager on WP for?
  • Controlling save data so it could be backed up when changing devices. Also to change meta data on mp3's so we could fix wp's shithouse music grouping structure.
  • WP's grouping structure is fantastic sir, and its called a "C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R" if you dont have one, then I have no idea why your even in the tech market. There is no reason that resources better spent on much much more important things should be wasted on such a niche and generally useless "feature" that many noobs will use to fuck stuff up and start spamming microsofts support and complaining about how bad WP is.   WP os better with out one.
  • I don't know how many times I've had to say this but it appears people are too stupid to understand so I have to go through it again. If you have an album on your phone that includes tracks with different genres it will split the album. This is fucking stupid, if I am in the ALBUM tab I expect the phone to group by album, not fucking genre, if I wanted that I would go to the genre tab. as a result I have had to remove genre tags from some albums (by plugging the phone into my PC and fixing it through there) just so I can listen to them start to finish. Either they could fix their shithouse grouping system or at least give me the option of fixing it through the phone rather than forcing me to go to the PC. Besides all this if there is a file manager NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO USE IT! The people who want it can utilise the tools and everyone else can continue using their phone as they were. I simply cannot understand why people are actively fighting against more features in their devices, if you don't want new features just never update your phone because, apparently, it's perfect.
  • The problem with giving such advanced tools, is that people as a whole are stupid, people will use it and move stuff around and delete stuff and cause the os to break something (maybe they moved their pictures, so now the images hub no longer sees them, or they move their videos, etc.) in which case, they'll blame the OS, spread that around and give it a bad name.. all because they were given access to something they had no reason having access to to begin with. and idk what you did, but that doesnt happen here either, it always puts album as a higher priority than genre..   and also, there IS such a thing as to many options, if you just put every feature you can possibly think of into a product, in the end youll end up with a clusterfuck. you pick a vision, and you add features that support that vision, In this case, the vision is simplicity, which a file explorer clearly does not fit in with. AND, even if there were a file explorer on WP.... why do you think that would let you change metadata? More than likely that would be another app on its own (and also be the safe way to accomplish this) so I once again repeat: A file manager is a waste of resourses and time on an OS that easily needs them in more important places.
  • I couldn't find anything about rooms. Are those changing at all? My only complaint about them now is that I cannot send a message with voice to speech to someone IN a room. Otherwise, if it got a speed boost, it is pretty great.
  • Probably removed? Or got ability to add friends via Skype?
  • I thought we would be able to change default sms app in 8.1 :(
  • That software cycle is the same one we are on now. Updates every 6 months and a major update in 18 months! That's the history of WP8 so far. I'd be more excited if MS delivered them directly, without letting the Carriers slooooow the process down.
  • I read the post, and he said that the update in Nov-Dec, was going to be a MAJOR, not a GDR.
  • Yes, i read that too
    hope 8.2/8.5 will be after 7/8 months :D
    we need more updates
  • I think he contradicted himself though. Saying Major updates would be every 12-18 months as well. Lets hope that was a little off.
  • Actually, that feature about getting through Do Not Disturb mode with a "password" sounds very good. Unfortunately, now that it has been leaked (if it turns out to be true) I can see Apple and Google copying it.
    Speaking of Messaging, I've been asking around, is Messenger still built in the Messaging Hub in WP8.1?
  • No one seems to answer this anywhere :(
  • If you mean fb messenger the mcsft employee said in this very reddit conversation that its gone. Get used to 2 different apps
  • No. Microsoft messenger/Live Messenger/Skype messenger. The one that was cooked into the OS. The one that Rooms rely on. The one where you cant make anymore new friends since the death of Live messenger.
  • I didn't even know it was in there if im honest, lol
  • *facepalm*
  • Maybe Daniel can answer this one.
  • Daniel can but he won't.
  • "you are going to pop a boner"
    Yeah, sounds like a real professional. If he does work for MS he should get in trouble for representing the company by talking like a teenager playing co-op on Xbox.
  • Ya, my sensibilities are offended by that type of highly offensive talk in an informal setting too.
  • Formal or informal setting he is STILL representing the company.
  • oh like... who would take him for real?
  • What if you have ED?
  • "Hi. This is Bob Dole for Windows Phone. You know, the one thing that still gets me..."
  • I said basically the same thing in the WMPU comments last night and got jumped. "You obviously don't know any devs 'cause that's how they talk." The fact that he talks that way seriously makes me doubt anything he said. I doubt MS would trust someone like that with such critical information. If they did, this is what it got them.
  • Facebook app from Facebook, inc???
  • You know, its kinda crazy, but yes, the company may actually be getting off of their lazy behinds and making an app for their own userbase.
  • And I'd be shocked if it's nothing more than what other OS's have... which is nothing special. And nothing worth taking it out of the WP OS for.
  • I know I'm going to sound like Negative Nancy, but it's about damn time! For Windows Phone to be taken seriously by more than just diehard fans, it needs to have 110% feature parity with the competition. It's embarrassing when a smartphone in 2014 is missing basic features that the incumbents have had for years! Hopefully Nadella lights some more fires in asses and gets Windows Phone to a point where people can, in good conscience, recommend WP over iOS or Android...
  • You won't be recommending it to a nerd so, you can recomend it to everyone (else).
  • I can whole heartedly recommend WP to anyone over iOS and, especially, Adroid because it is without question superior to those o/s-es.
  • Remember: from now on Microsoft's goal is to be a "Mobile First, Cloud First" company.....meaning that it will prioritize those two key elements! good things are coming :)
  • Then they should make cloud saves/settings mandatory for all apps/games if they want to make that a focus.
  • @rockstarzzz Clusterfcuk
  • What's that for?
  • Sounds good and faster! Lol
  • "OMFG you are going to pop a boner" - We've been hearing that since 7.5
  • 7.1
  • "software cycles will get faster" Haha stopped reading right there. No they won't.
  • The employer said that the WP team got their asses handed back to them so that they'd start developing WP with the pace of Windows and Xbox.. Maybe Satya is behind this?
  • After all the GDRs that basically brought nothing, I'm happy to hear they got reemed
  • Sounds like an intelligent and reliable source....nnooottt.
  • His credentials aside, one thing that is clearly apparent from the recent developments showcased at //build/ tells that there is even more closer collaboration amongst various teams in MS to hopefully realize the holy grail of having ONE Microsoft soon enough. Most of his claims could actually be true and its a well known fact that the teams plan updates way into the future. What translates into reality is a different issue though. I think the 6-8 interim release cycle could be legit and as Windows continues to evolve, WP and other teams must keep pace. This could lead to better response times to user feedback and ultimately more and better apps. I am waiting for the WP 8.1 Dev Preview to hit the servers to savor all the improvements.
  • Just me who picked up on the fact he said the new Spotify app is coming within a week? PLEASE DON'T BE LYING TO ME.
  • Don't take reddit seriously, ever.
  • Subreddit mod confirmed him to be a Microsoft employee (apparently) I'm putting my trust in to this one :P
  • And hence the account is deleted?
  • Covering his tracks ?
  • Wasn't that part when they were talking about Xbox One?
  • I'm VERY disappointed in the segregation of FB messaging from the fact, I'm angry that the hub concept is essentially dying.  I rely heavily on using the Me Tile.  I have no use for the Do Not Disturb crap or the gimmicky "knock knock" crap.  Basically, I see nothing in this reputed 8.2 that interests me in the least.  "Pop a boner", indeed. 
  • Feels the pain for death of hubs too. But if more apps can hook into these hubs they may live!
  • do you guys mean the FB messenger in messaging app ?
  • No. Microsoft messenger/Live Messenger/Skype messenger. The one that was cooked into the OS. The one that Rooms rely on. The one where you cant make anymore new friends since the death of Live messenger.
  • You do like to suffer :p for something you didn't even saw :p
  • You might not have a use for do not disturb but this would be a very useful feature. Currently, a student and would love it if I could just mute messages or calls from friends in lectures unless it is important. Pretty sure others would appreciate it as well.
  • apparently the iOS app launcher interface is "the future" /s I second your feelings and it hurts. 
  • Im going to miss the hub with facebook integration, too. I think it's one of the major features windows phone has over it's competitors.   They seem to be making almost everything into an app now. First XBOX music and XBOX video and now facebook. I tried the facebook messenger out and hated  it. so I reset my burned in messager to operate Facebook again in the hub. I already don't like the music app. If Mircosoft fudges the hub up I might get an iPhone.
  • Shame these features are not in 8.1 - really wish there was a file manager or an app where one could manage files on the sd card, attachments etc. Real shame.
  • What files do you need to manage? WP8.1 is already allowing you to move stuff between SD and phone.
  • Some people like to talk before do there research! How many people know that you can turn off Metro UI in Windows 8.1? Like none!! But they keep saying stupid touch start screen wtf?
  • When you say "turn off" do you mean the boot to desktop mode or completely turn off the modern UI (as in register hacks etc)?
  • WP 8.2 ?
  • I thought this was fake when I read it on wmpoweruser but now its here and I'm having a harder time not believing its true
  • Meh
  • Love thinking about the future. But right now the future is WP 8.1. I haven't see this on my L920 yet.
  • MS lessening the gap for software update cycles is a good thing. If they can only do the same for their hardware. Apple has got it straight. Announce product today, available in a few days (not weeks/months)
  • Only if Apple can release iPhone and iOS not buggy the same day would have it straight! (iPhone 5S) (iOS 7.1) Same thing with Android 4.4 (aka KitKat) who got it?....under powered Nexus? Who got their update? 90 days later?? And so buggy had to get fixed...4.4.3 wtf? Lol
  • A boner? That's good
  • While I do like getting these early looks into what's coming, I can tell you that if it were me, no way in the world would I be putting my job on the line in order to satisfy the curiosity of a bunch of geeks like me.
  • I was thinking about that. Because too many features are missing in 8.1 update. But i need file manager if it is not there time to switch to BlackBerry 10.
  • BlackBerry? Really? I mean, it's good, but I can't find enough good reasons to board a sinking ship.
  • I hate leakers, they make the waiting time to the next update almost unbearable. I knew most of the features coming in WP 8.1, so the official announcement wasn't really exciting. But waiting took much longer thanks to those leakers.
  • You should tried waiting for the icon, that was unbearable
  • He also mentioned a completely new product besides windows phone, windows or Xbox that he couldn't talk about
  • 8.1 suddenly seems out dated.
  • For now, I'd be pleased to get a pop up notification on my Ativ S for GDR3 update.
  • European or American/Canadian ATIV S? The European has had it for months
  • Rogers, Canada, has also had it for months and I'm sure at least one carrier in America has as well.
    Sounds like its time for someone to just enroll in the developer preview program.
  • I'm in Edmonton Alberta Canada under Telus mobility and have Samsung ATIV S with GDR3 update! And we will get Windows Phone 8.1 (aka Blue update) May long weekend....
  • So the updated music player is coming in wp 8.1 or 8.2? The one now is horrible, I can't make on device playlists and the wp manager app on my Mac is horrible and hasn't been updated in months. Can I sync a windows phone with windows rt on my surface rt? I wonder what is so awesome about next update to wp. iOS 8 will be out and next version of android. Microsoft better be working on an modular smartphone because I plan on getting project ara when it comes out next year. I wonder if Microsoft could make chip for it so it will run windows phone?
  • Microsoft is working faster now after the re-organization
  • Let's hypothesize... What could make us pop a boner in a future WP update? I can't think of anything short of x-ray vision on the camera.
  • Xbox repeaters for tv's throughout home ( RDP Into Xbox from phone), IOT and wearable's, new in car OS
  • I am a loyal WP user. If MS wants to have more users, they should build a stable WP version wherein all the needs and demands of all users are there. MS release WP 8.1 will action center. But action center is already available in other platform and it is just a common control. MS should focus on developing innovative features like Cortana. Not release new firmware or os updates after few months and the availability of it is only valid in one region. To make this short, MS should release a well-rounded OS which is available to everyone in any region.
  • I think the majority of users would already say that Windows Phone is well rounded and stable.
    If not then I guess I'm in the minority feeling that way.
  • You're in the minority
  • I'm a loyal Windows and Windows Phone user and a fantastic experience so far! My new gaming PC build with Windows 8.1 Pro with Metro UI turned off thanks MS! Bring on SP1 & SP2 this year with future Windows 8.2 (NT 6.4) and next generation NT 7.0 64-bit only (Windows 9) Samsung ATIV S GDR1, GDR2, GDR3 and (aka Blue update) in May long weekend can't wait! With future Windows Phone 8.2 before 64-bit ARMv8 Windows Phone 9 OS
  • Project Ara looks cool on paper, but if you think about it, imagine how thick this phone will be. It'll be years before that tech gets out to be anything remotely desirable. Good luck. Not holding my breath.
  • Welcome Mr. Sage :)   anyways, the only thing he said is that everything that wasn't finnished on time for 8.1 will come to 8.2 :p
  • First bring the wp8.1 then will talk about wp8.2 :v
  • I thought that your closest friends, as you determine, would already be able to bypass the Do Not Disturb settings, so giving out a password for the same inclusion seems redundant unless I misread about 8.1's DND features.
  • Will windows phone 8.1 have file manager? And file access to offline file?
  • Check the source, that reddit post and user was deleted.
  • Since the guy's posts have been deleted, here are some of the answers: ----   I have Windows Phone 8.1 on a Nokia 929 and 928 - AMA (self.windowsphone) submitted 17 hours ago* by [deleted] Didn't get around to the HTC 8x this weekend, and gladly, it's child duty weekend so I get away from the keyboards for a bit.   Ask away. I'll try to answer with screenshots, videos, or something else. I'm a 15 year veteran Microsoft Employee (developer in the core operating systems group, specifically Kernel Platform.. my work goes on WinPhone, Windows 8.x (PC/Surface/whatever), XBOX One, Windows Server, and some new stuff). I don't work on windows phone directly, but you'll be using my work one way or another even if it isn't up in your face in the upcoming months. And I'm a HUGE fan of the platform.   SOURCE:     BAADFOOD Here's an album of some of the new settings. Quiet Mode is one of my favorites. I'm in meetings all the times and give zero fucks about texts or phone calls - no need to mute!   BAADFOOD Also you can set 'inner circle' to enable them to 'break through' on texts by replying 'knock, knock'. Or just let me through.   I choose 'knock, knock'. I get texts all the damn time from my 'inner circle'. 0.001% is important.   Larsjr     What do you mean by 'knock knock'? Sorry I'm a bit confused   BAADFOOD There are three settings   1) Don't let inner circle through 2) Let them through if they call three times on the phone, or reply 'knock,knock) 3) Let inner circle through   Basically if I get a phone call if I'm in a meeting (thanks Calendar) or probably asleep I won' hear it and it goes to voice mail. If I get a text during any of those times I won't see it unless someone in my 'inner circle' (you pick who) does it. And if they do, it better be damn important.   Larsjr     Ohh ok that's cool. Thanks for the quick reply   BAADFOOD the second your meeting or 'quiet' time ends you see all.   unless you break the rules and text first. because we're not stupid like that.   itsmeee     That's beautiful! I meet with MS employees regularly and I'm always hearing their phones going off in the background. I just mute mine whenever I'm going to start a call but this is a great solution for that!   BAADFOOD oh and don't piss cortana off, she might fuck up your phone...   XodiumT-Mobile :(     I KNEW IT.   I PLAYED HALO 4, I AM READY FOR THIS   photo_mattyellow lumia 920     Does she have anything to do with turn by turn car navigation? Where she might start trolling when you take a different route because you think you know the way?   lee0101     You're such a awesome person Plus the way you post, so straightforward !   BAADFOOD Cortana is a real girl   BAADFOOD Mods can verify if they want. I have a photo of my work badge.   phendromeLumia 800 & 920     Moderator over here - and can confirm that OP is an employee of Microsoft.   jubbingLumia 1020 - Editor     How do we really know you're a mod though? :P   BAADFOOD Cortana can sing too...   itsmeee     I loved her reference to Hal in 2001 by singing Daisy.   DrIGGIHTC 8x     Can you swipe upto close an app in the multitasking view, or do you still have to push that small x?   BAADFOOD Swipe down to close. And you have the option   DrIGGIHTC 8x     FUCK YES! I didn't expect that.   IAmMohitLumia 525     It's swipe down AFAIK.   BAADFOOD Alright folks... I'm taking off for a bit. I'm a subscribed to this sub on readit and will reply as time dictates however this [lady] is [attractive] and we have alot of booze and alot of journey to sing tonight.   Seriously ask me ANYTHING and I'll reply and not bullshit you. I might be a bit cocky but whatever...   BAADFOOD Also I pledge no allegiance to Microsoft. We have sucked ass for about a decade or so and we are in the 'we can no longer rest on our laurels' mode. I know we rock in alot of areas, but suck where it counts - you folks.   I used to work 2 doors down from Satya Nadella when I was in Bing and about 5 doors down from him in Windows Server. He's a good choice... however IMHO I wish they would have hired a young, external guy with HUUUUUUUUUGE balls. stock would have tanked, but I promise within 2 years it would be close if not more than Apples. There is so many resources at this company it's not even funny. I can't even write a feature without spending 3 months tracking down someone who may have already did it.   Fred-931Lumia 920; WinSource Contributor     Quite interesting to hear. I like you. :)   wtrmlnjucHTC 8X (T-Mobile Unlocked)     Why don't you work on a feature anyways, then see if someone else has done it, and then build a team for that feature?   goodpricefriedriceLumia 920 + Lumia 520     Hows the music app? I think you posted a picture somewhere else and it just looks like the current "xbox music" app which is terrible for playing local files (album art doesnt work, slower than the default app, keeps prompting you to buy an xbox music pass every time you open the app and telling you the app wont work without one (previously the app used to just flat out close if you didnt have a pass)).   No scrubbing?   Pretty disappointed in that department...:(   BAADFOOD You know what, It's not what I wanted but HOLY FUCK I can now download music I own, create a playlist, and add XBOX Music to the same playlist... and it works!!!!   No skipping. But I probably have a pre-release app. Apps I can't really talk about. I have no idea if they are final, close to final, etc. I work on Windows Server and the Windows Kernel. I do things like play with bootmgr, network boot (no disk, boot over the internet into windows, no problems), etc.   omelets4dinnerLumia 820     Wow. So glad they improved playlists.   Kmann1994     I've heard everywhere that the newest "8.1" build of Xbox Music hasn't been pushed out yet. There better be significant upgrades there, because I don't use the Xbox Music app right now because of how terrible it is. If they are removing the Music+Videos hub, there better be advancements to Xbox Music .   petardNexus 5, L920, SGS2     boot over the internet into windows   Interesting. Does this mean we might soon have a way to restore Windows over the internet? Those 6-8GB recovery partitions can be killer on devices with just 32GB storage. I think 16GB is allowed now too.   goodpricefriedriceLumia 920 + Lumia 520     cool, thanks for that!   samcode7     I have to apologize for my ignorance first. I'm not a software engineer. But why does it take so long (1.5 years) for 8.1 to come to fruition.   BAADFOOD reorgs and bad management. As a Principal SDE ( I write code, have managed, know the ins and outs) it's purely bad management and too much of an Ego   samcode7     Thanks! So will we see a faster update cycle in the future? 6-8 months you said?   BAADFOOD yup.   we have two trains   6-8 on minor/major features if it's done   12-24 of major releases   This is for Windows. Windows Server is a bit different because we have a smaller audience but make a metric fuckton more money than any other group at Microsoft and our Customers expect nothing but AWESOME at a release.   But generally, XBOX, Windows, Windows Phone, (New thingy I can't talk about) will have a 6-8 month cadence on releases including new features, and of course immediate bug fixes and security fixes.   samcode7     so you're saying 6-8 months like GDR1,2,3? And 12-24 months like 8.1? Hmmm...   BAADFOOD no I'm saying you're getting 8.1. And probably 8.2 or 9 or whatever they call it shortly.   stayintheshadows     So let's speculate on the new thingy!   Fitness device, smart watch, both?   DragoneerFA     I'd probably put money on either a mobile gaming platform or an Xbox TV (like Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV).   felickz2Lumia 929     New thingy watch / wearable / iot related? Disappointed by lack of announce on that at //build/   IAmMohitLumia 525     ... (New thingy I can't talk about) will have a 6-8 month cadence on releases including new features, and of course immediate bug fixes and security fixes.   Woa.. Wearables?!   BAADFOOD Seriously gotta run [dating] is important   Chaosphere_LG Quantum, Lumia 920     Keeping it happy is important too.   tcpip4lyfe     Easy though. Throw money at it.   BucIt     You say you think WP9 is going to be awesome. Have you actually seen much of it? Not being specific, is it vastly different from WP8.1 or just major improvements?   BAADFOOD MAJOR   felickz2Lumia 929    * Who won, WP or RT ? Rumor is they are one now?   Or major like I can remote into my xbone from WP and a controller to play halo   DragoneerFA     RT always seemed like a temporary solution anyway while Haswell processors were waiting for release.   twiitarATIV S     Have to disagree. RT seems like the latest possible time to port the Windows Kernel to ARM. Since Intel also overslept the mobile revolution, this can become handy for the "Internet of Things" aka connected devices kind of stuff they were talking about at Build. You know, the one where you can use a free copy of Windows to Telnet into.   MenzloLumia 1020     It'll be interesting to see if Intel's atom chips can make ARM obsolete in the next few years.   Brewster-Rooster     I really think they should just use 3 OS's. One for phones, one for tablets, and one for desktop/laptop. Kind of like how apple does it i guess, with the tablet OS pretty similar to mobile.   Brewster-Rooster     In terms of UI? Or mostly functionality?   BAADFOOD So what do you want?   I want them to integrate Facebook Messenger into the Messaging Hub so I can look at ONE place to get my messages.   I'd also like an option for a consolidated email view. I have 5 accounts I use (I'm weird, but aren't we all) and would like one place to view, and reply to emails. Using my originating accounts settings.   I want Microsoft and Apple to score a deal on a FaceTime protocol they can both use between Skype and FaceTime. Apple is being a bitch and not sharing. We would happily implement it.   I am not an app user but I think our recent updates to Visual Studio will make it easier... Just wait until 2014/15 when we ship a piece of code that pretty much auto ports from iOS and Android to WinPhone..... 80% of it is the goal.   We kinda rock and can do this. This is an amazing platform... Ya'll run so much of My code even tho it's not in your face it's not funny.   omelets4dinnerLumia 820     I'd also like an option for a consolidated email view.   Maybe I'm not understanding you, but I was able to link 3 of my email inboxes together in one place under the email settings.   MyNameIsntMatt     Apple is being a bitch and not sharing   You're just lucky they haven't tried to sue you and claim that they invented video-calls.   BAADFOOD Microsoft gave them 150,000,000 USD to un-bankrupt them and we have multiple patent shares. We're actually quite chill with Apple. It's weird in the public eye but we are both raking in BILLIONS and it wouldn't happen if not for both of us.   BAADFOOD chill in like 'you just slam dunked something'... not chill like 'you just nailed my GF and I'm not going to punch you cause I'm a bitch'. Microsoft's punch is harder than apples. They have an over inflated stock price and very few assets.   Don't tell anyone but if you netsniff, iCloud runs off Windows Azure ;)   There's a diff :)   brock_hNokia Lumia 920 (GDR3/AT&T )    * Siri also uses Bing. I've always got the impression Apple prefers Microsoft over Google (but only in a lesser of two evils way). Google, I think, is the epitome of self-serving. The users, of course, are a different story, but often times, they aren't representative of the company. How do you think Microsoft, as a company, feels about Apple and Google? I get the impression Microsoft doesn't care who they work with, and that does wonders for business.   TURNERO     Apple and Microsoft are like old high school buddies that did well in the same industry. They compete but they still look out for each other. Google is the cocky upstart that doesn't have the same manners as the old boys.   GrzegorzWidla     You can literally replace "Apple" and "Microsoft" with "Steve Jobs" and "Bill Gates". You'd have to change present tenses to past though :(   GeneticsGuy     I have always gotten this impression as well. Google seems to be much more like a company that would try to "innovate" new stuff that has been Apple's kind of shtick since the ipod's release just over a decade ago   DragoneerFA     YES! Consolidated email view would be a massive improvement. I've got four accounts on mine, and switching back and forth to monitor them is a nightmare.   Also, I'd love a "Sync email on unlock" option. For the email accounts, you can update as they arrive, hourly, manually, etc. But I'd love for the option to have all email accounts sync upon unlocking the phone. It'd make my life a hell of a lot more easier.   GreenGale     What has changed in the "messaging" hub?   BAADFOOD No more facebook!!!!!   You have quick access to your contact info. Also Cortana will read texts aloud if you let her, and you can speak a reply. It's pretty damn cool.   -rabid-     So does that mean we'll have to have two separate chat... things? One for text/messenger, and one for Facebook?   BAADFOOD looks like it now. It sucks. But its from FB.   shadowthunderLumia 925     Damn. I abhor the notion of opening an app every time I want to reply. The combined inline was the best thing since sliced bread.   davrukinVerizon Nokia Lumia 928     What does that mean? They don't want Facebook integration?   minderbinder     Facebook doesnt want   davrukinVerizon Nokia Lumia 928     Why not?   DJBell1986Lumia 925     DAMN YOU ZUCKERBURG!!!!1!   davrukinVerizon Nokia Lumia 928     !!!!!!11111000001101!!!!!!!!!01101000100100010!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Brewster-Rooster     I'm guessing they want people to use 'facebook messenger'   soren121Lumia 928     I prefer it that way. The built-in Facebook support is awful and fairly useless. With apps, it's easier to maintain, or so they say. I know when I used the built-in FB chat, it never recognized when I was logged into Facebook on a PC, and I'd keep getting chat notifications all the time. The FB apps don't do that.   -rabid-     Recognising PC log in would be good, actually. Still, having all forms of messaging in the one hub would be great.   GreenGale     No Skype built-in? Or the possibility to integrate other messengers?   BAADFOOD Skype is an app, and AFAIK (Again, I'm a Microsoft employee and only doing this to entertain myself and help tide you over, on my own dime.. I don't work in the winPhone group and don't know their current plans that much except 9 is going to rock the world....) that multiple video apps can hold that spot in the 'call' screen.   right now when I'm in a call, or get a call, I have 'Video' as an option. If I install Skype (maybe I'll try tonight) I would have a 'Skype' option.   Fred-931Lumia 920; WinSource Contributor     "rock the world"?   stormarsenalLumia 820, 520 x2    * Yeah like it's so awesome it'll create waves across the world. From what we know, 9 will merge WP and RT together. /u/BAADFOOD can confirm this?   mognats     Can you show what the Change Default SMS option is like/does? It leaked back in feb and we havent heard anything about it since   BAADFOOD tell me where I can find it and sure   mognats     this was the screenshot from the leak   BAADFOOD   that's what I have...   mognats     awesome. thanks so much! must have decided to take it out for the final release.   BAADFOOD 8.2 :). Or later.   Windows (Windows Server, Windows Phone, XBOX, (Unnammed thingy)) are going to take drops from our next release 'Threshold' which will be out like in October-December. the WinPhone team has had their asses handed to them and have been told to develop in parellel with us in the core OS group so I'd expect a 6-8 month 'major' update going forward. QFE's, Bug Fixes, Security Fixes etc in the interim but something cool and new every 6-8 months...   continue this thread MA3LKNokia Lumia 920     Big disappointment for me, it was probably my favourite thing about wp.   skisagooner    * Does Xbox Music in WP8.1 finally supports gapless playback?   Does Xbox Music in WP8.1 finally sort songs from multiple disced albums correctly?   These are the only features that matter to me. More than anything else, even the notification centre (or whatever Microsoft calls it, 'Action Centre'?).   ps: I know Microsoft's an American company, but I really hope there's an option for it to be spelled 'Centre' instead of 'Center'.   ermonas     I would like to know these things too. I want to be able to finally ditch my iPod, and these two annoyances are keeping me from doing it. It's so frustrating.       Abe_Linkin     Answer honestly because we will know of you're lying. Google or Bing.   BAADFOOD Google. It's faster. And I used to work on that team. They are fighting a battle they won't win. Not in search at least. They have an interesting plan however that sadly I can't share. You're going to be surprised.   Abe_Linkin     I admire your honesty. Bing really isn't BAD in my opinion, they're just in a battle with literally god.   BAADFOOD Yup. Bing has some performance issues that are 'easy' to address (actually pretty hard, but some smart people and a year or so fixing it problem solved)   Bing's biggest problem is 'Google' is a household name. 'Bing' isn't. And that's been ingrained in multiple generations (Seniors, Elders, Midway Crisis, 20-30's, teens, younger...). That is google's biggest advantage. It's a household name.         Abe_Linkin     Is it frowned upon to have an android phone or iPhone at Microsoft, or do they not give a shit either way   BAADFOOD * I don't work in the Windows Phone org, I'm in Windows Server. And we give zero fucks. We make windows server, Azure, Visual Studio. We make more money than office for microsoft... zero fucks are given around here.   I choose WinPhone because it makes sense. We just need one device to rule them all... and my guess it's going to be called 'Surface'. I had an iPhone 4s for two years. No one cared.   Abe_Linkin     What was the last phone that you had PRIOR to WinPhone? What were your initial thoughts of the OS versus when you upgraded to 8.1?   BAADFOOD Interesting story   I had an iPhone 2, then an iPhone 3. Then I got a WinPhone 7 - Hated it, so I switched to iPhone 4s. I used it for a while, but got a free phone from work so went to HTC 8x. That was okay but meh, switched back to the iPhone 4s.. screen cracked, didn't want to spend $200 to replace on last year's phone so I got a 928. Then the 929 came out and I had more money in my pocket so I bought it at MSRP (Off contract). I love my 929 more than any of the above.   Abe_Linkin     I just switched from Android and got the 1520. I love it but there are a few small things that have annoyed me. The hardest thing to get used to is lack of Google Now, but I am far more excited for Cortana.   BAADFOOD Well Cortana is v0.5 right now. It's a 'beta' release and they claim its because lack of countries but really a small portion of Microsoft was dedicated to making it happen and things get cut because of things like 'it can't be tested'.   we can do the code. we are all the pick of the litter. It's a matter of resources. not engineering.. engineering here is the best of the best (yes I'm cocky) it's about the way Microsoft works and that every major feature gets tested by a second pair of (sadly uneducated) eyes.   FecalFaceNokia Lumia 920     Well Cortana is v0.5 right now.   Would you happen to know why it's US only? Just because it's in beta? Is it easier to test / fix things when it's only in one country or something, or are the somehow only able to get data relevant to the US right now? Excited for Cortana but I'm Canadian so... Yeah.   BAADFOOD And my initial thoughts were 'Oh fuckin' yeah'....   Ariez84Samsung Focus => HTC 8x ==> Red Lumia 920     From what I one at MS actually give a fuck what people use. The "Big guys" are told to not use iPhones in public (via twitter) because it just bad PR for the WP8 teams.   A friend I know intern at MS and he see people with macs and ipads everywhere. I dont think MS core DNA actually cares what hardware their employee use, that sound more like an Apple thing.   bexal     Hey, if you copy text to your clipboard and lock/unlock your phone, is it still there?   msftdude     Nope.   ahmadsamhannLumia 620     hmm, looks like 3 column tiles isn't that good on 620 :/   BAADFOOD I put the 3 column or 6-across small tiles on my 928. It's pretty functional. I took a pic of it last night - not the screen but an actual photo of the phone. Too lazy to look through my comment history for it but it's there. You won't be disappointed.   omelets4dinnerLumia 820     Can you confirm if the 6-across small tiles is for ALL screen sizes? I've been hearing that there's a 4.5 inch minimum or so.   BAADFOOD It's on my 928. I'll do HTC 8x on Monday. Sorry. I'm sure it is. There is no option to expand for the pimped screen sizes.   CrispoFTW22HTC Trophy     You, I like you. You make me want a phone I can't quite have yet.   Goku42     Hows the apps to SD card thing? Are u able to move the majority of apps, or is it a select few?   BAADFOOD I don't have the ability to extend via SD card on either of my phones, at least I don't think.... Never needed it. I use about 8gb of storage at all times oddly enough.   EShyNokia Lumia 920,925 & 521 | T-Mobile     Developers have to submit an update to not allow their app to install on SD cards   -subtext     Doubt the option would even present itself on phones that don't have SD slots.   BucIt     Being a WP user and MS employee, do you ever give input or bug reports to the WP team? Do a lot of MS employees not in the WP dept. get to try things out early like you do?   BAADFOOD I do all the time, sadly it's not in their view. we have a site for wp complaints, bugs, etc and most of em get lost.   I'm in OSG (Operating Systems Group) and actually spent a year building 8.1 for Windows 8.2 (?) Windows Phone and most focused on the next XBOX Update and a few bits of windows server.   we have a build of windows that you can install on your machine EVERY night will all the cool things you can do. We cut it back when Marketing decides to pick and choose.... We just code, have fun, drink beer...   msftdude     Another Msft guy here with wp8.1. We work with the Wp team on lots of issues and can file bugs against them. Many teams have dog food or self host programs to help test things out early and get feedback.   netizencz     How's the "universal search"? Can you search in contact, messenger, mail, store, etc..? Is it look similar with "Bing Smart Search" in Windows 8.1?   kokola95     Your question is answered here   madmodmikeL920     Hi! Any words about gapless music playback?   pizzaboy192Trophy > 521 > 810 | Radar > 8x     Did you install it as an update or a wipe and flash? If it was an update, how big was the update? (so I know how much space to free up)   Also, can you ask Cortana to scan a barcode or qr code? Or do you have to use the Bing vision lens?   BAADFOOD Update. Tho I can't tell you...   I had to update to an interim build (you probably wont) which took about 15 minutes, then the final build which was about 30 on my 929.   And no. You click the 'lense' icon on the new camera app, pick 'Bing Vison' and scan your QR code. You can also use the AWESOME office app they released to scan documents. It's a lense now too.   pizzaboy192Trophy > 521 > 810 | Radar > 8x     Cool. So I can tell Cortana to open the lens, or pin it to my start screen? I can live with that.   It'd be nice to not have to empty too much off my 8gb of storage in order to install the update.   BAADFOOD Dunno. I'll try this weekend and get back to you. I know you can take a pic, click the 'lense' icon and use a prior pic, or take a new one to do what you want.   TheWhiteAfro     Is the resuming faster? I am on a 520 and I hate that resuming screen.   BAADFOOD What resuming screen?   TheWhiteAfro     When you switch apps, it doesn't resume instantly, there is a screen which says resuming   wtrmlnjucHTC 8X (T-Mobile Unlocked)     whoosh   tkhumush     I think he was being sarcastic, meaning its gone now..... but with this attitude I would expect anything. Seriously very arrogant guy, would fire him as a manager, bad influence to the team, unless they are all like this I would quit.   TheAnimus     but with this attitude I would expect anything. Seriously very arrogant guy, would fire him as a manager   If you were one of my managers, I'd have to have a little chat with you about what precisely I expect my development managers to do.   Whilst this isn't true at the moment (I'm on a shoestring budget) my last proper gig I had a huge budget, everyone on the team was the best we could find. They knew this, they also knew they were on the team for only as long as they were the best. The attitude might be pissed off other people, especially those outside of such a headline project, I mean it was rather obvious we were delivering more (features, fewer QA tickets per story etc), with fewer headcount. We were there as a bit of an experiment, and a bit of example. Turning round something that was failing, into something good.   So long as the arrogance and pride isn't being actively disruptive, it's fine. Taking pride and genuinely knowing that what you are doing is the best thing going on in that area/industry is exactly what I want every guy I work with to live and breathe. If anyone in my current company didn't feel that way, I'd ask why they are working for me.   The downside is that attitude will result in an almost limitless number of jokes that simply weren't funny.   nixxcodeLumia 520     This only happens on the 520, I think it's because of the low RAM.   goodpricefriedriceLumia 920 + Lumia 520     How about facebook? The tiles in your screenshots look a bit different, is the app a bit less terrible?   edit: thanks for answering all these questions man!   BAADFOOD Eh it's usable. It's the latest Facebook app right now. It's not a new one.   Facebook will be releasing an official app and will be supporting this platform shortly so it will no longer be catchup.   I don't facebook often. I just have cute daughters and share their pictures with my friends and family.   goodpricefriedriceLumia 920 + Lumia 520     Facebook will be releasing an official app and will be supporting this platform shortly so it will no longer be catchup.   PRAISE THE LAWWWWD. :D   felickz2Lumia 929     Is this news or they previously announce FB taking over dev?           pirekare     do not disturb option?   and   any news onenote?   BAADFOOD Do Not Disturb is 'Quiet Mode'   What about onenote? There is a whole new set of office apps that were reeleased on iPad that are even better on Windows Phone, Surface and Windows 8   samcode7     Will actionable notification be implemented? Maybe in 8.1 update 1? Or 8.2? I assume 8.1 doesn't have it right?   BAADFOOD I'd imagine so. I can click a text, and immediately say 'Cortana, Reply get fucked' and bam the person who sent me a text is feeling like shit.   samcode7     Could you please confirm if swipe to right on the tile will dismissed the notification or not?   msftdude     A right swipe will dismiss it on the notification screen, not the live tile (at least I can't get it to work on the live tile)   BAADFOOD I'll try       erichunt     Can you show us the different lock screen themes?   BAADFOOD What do you mean themes? You can lock it with a background photo and attach app notifications/status to it. I hear that developers can make lock screen apps... I haven't found one yet.   erichunt     During the build conference they showed different lock screen themes made with the help of Rudy Hyuan. This would be different from the background image.   BAADFOOD those are apps that customize the look of the screen. the base lock screen is just a photo, or nothing. Anyone can write one.   mohocianLumia 1020     Is there any hope of getting 3 columns on the 1020?   BAADFOOD Probably 100% chance of it. I don't have one but it looks if you have a display smaller than a 'new' one you can get them.   F0RCE963l520     L520 will get 3 columns, so why not 1020 ? :) (I've the emulator)   FEELSlikeFELT     I own a 928.   How's the battery life thus far?   BAADFOOD Pimped. Tho I don't have anything installed that runs in the background on it except Facebook. The device doesn't have a SIM, it's one of my dev phones (Microsoft let's us moonlight and make money on the Phone/Win8/(Soon XBOX) stores). I've made $12,000 USD since 2010 from ads only on one of my apps :)   iou90HTC radar -> HTC 8X     uhhhhh...this is really unexpected but making sense.   Ericrss94HTC 8x Lumia 925     Will phones on ATT be getting data sense?   BAADFOODLumia Icon     no idea I don't work on that team but I'd assume no reason not unless ATT doesn't want you to have it.   GarbanianLumia 1520     So no. :P   petardNexus 5, L920, SGS2     They don't :(   Which is why I vowed to not buy AT&T (or any carrier) branded phones anymore.   Ericrss94HTC 8x Lumia 925     Thanks for the quick reply!   danielcolatoLumia 928    * is the 929/928 a big difference?   Mostly the camera? I know WP runs smooth on anything, but is it really noticable between the 2 devices, also is the size really different?   BAADFOOD the stock camera app is way better. Does 'burst' mode and allows you to adjust exposure, etc.   It's all down to your lense. I have a 20MP on my 929.   danielcolatoLumia 928     What about battery life? How does it compare to the 928? And is the size difference noticeable?   BAADFOOD no idea. I got this on my main phone 2 days ago, 928 yesterday, and had to spend 4 hours in a meeting discussing how we're going to pump ETW events to remote machines in a scalable manner over the existing KDNET protocol.   danielcolatoLumia 928     What about in just regular WP8? I might upgrade to this phone for an off contract price so sorry for so many questions hahaha   dhack21Lumia 920, Lumia 520     No questions. Just came to express my disappointment with the lack of Type O on the picture.   BAADFOOD Sorry. I'll snap more next time. It was KMFDM today.   BucIt     Can you search or manually backup/download Sms? I keep texts with some people. And to g back in its history months ago, takes forever to sit there and scroll and scroll and scroll...   BAADFOOD I don't think manually. From what I've seen the SMS backup is just as it was before. If you restore you phone, you get texts from 10 months ago.... that's it.   They need to expose a WebUI to allow you to manage your stuff. It's coming.   talmuthLumia 925     I saw how phone region can be changed on emulator, is it possible on real device with 8.1?   BAADFOODLumia Icon     Yes when you set it up. Just pick 'reset my phone' and party on   phendromeLumia 800 & 920     I can't help but to ask what Spotify version you are using. Is that perhaps the new one coming out this spring? :)   BAADFOOD Sadly it's the stupid old sucky one. The new one will be out for WinPhone 8.1 and windows 8 in a week or so   phendromeLumia 800 & 920     That's some awesome news. Can't wait to get my hands on it.   Are you speaking of the desktop version or perhaps an upcoming RT version?   BAADFOOD All three. It's a universal app and we've wrote most of it.   BAADFOOD you can snap it to the left while playing Titanfall.   Enough.   BAADFOOD tho XBOX One is adding background tasks and music in about 6 months....   manmeetvirdiLumia 920     Is there any word on sand boxing? Now in 8.1 can one app access other apps data? Say for example can youtube app will now be able to let me save downloaded video on phone videos hub?   BAADFOOD There is a shared-key-exchange app data sharing. You can't just look at an app's data, but you can see what they authorize with you to share.   manmeetvirdiLumia 920     Sorry but I didn't understood! Does that means a particular app can store files outside the app folder?   Abe_Linkin     In regular english, I can't make an app to take whatever I want from your app. However, you can make an app and create a sort of catalogue of things you are willing to share with me, and by reading your documentation I will be able to code my app to take whatever bits of info you allow me.  
  • No Facebook chat in the messaging hub kills it for me. what crappy decission is that. WP was supposed to optimize all this into single points of contacts.. messaging - people- pictures... not that crappy solution without it
  • I think it's multiple. WP is pushing that notion that doing it as an app makes it easy to update... which I think is trash.
    But with all the constant crying and bitching about WP not having what other OS's have I think they caved for that reason.
    Also on ther FB front they want branding... they want to make sure people knopw that they are using their brand when they are using THEIR brand.   But I'm oping the people hub will remain the same just as it is in W8.1.
  • So what you're saying is that its not that difficult to update various pieces of the OS independently?
  • Agreed. Microsoft should keep the hubs and accounts integrated. I hate how they are getting lazy and making every great program into a an independent app.
  • 8.9 is also coming
  • WP 8.2 to launch in 8-10 months? I'm skeptical about that
  • Sounds like bullshit
  • Boner popped confirmed.
  • I can't be the only one here calling bullshit. "OMFG you are going to pop a boner"? 15 year veteran indeed
  • At least they didn't copy my comment about Vagina.....  
  • Funny you should mention that - I replaced that with [dating].  :) haha
  • I quote verbatin "Okay I'm done. Vagina is more important than Reddit. Cheers!" I speak the truth ;)
  • Thought these were already on 8.1? For the most part
  • Many users leave Windows phone because of the delay for new features in our country. Why cant MS release the update to all phones together? This is the proof that MS are supporting their country 1st. I was shocked when i came to know that cortana is coming next year for my country. MS need 8 months to support our country. I really like iPhone who supports all countries together in updates
  • It's not you. We would like to have EVERYONE use Windows Phone. Trust us. And localization is really easy. It's the lack of testing, and the amount of time it takes to score deals with people in other countries.   Sadly that's how the world works. It's all about money, and time. The US is easier because we're all here, and of course we make it for ourselves first, and share.
  • 1 month is ok, but not 8 months or 1 year
  • Srsly?
  • lol! I am "Anonymous Microsoft Employee". I deleted it because I do not appreciate news sites taking choice quotes from an informal conversation and making money off me. WPCentral, WMPowerUser etc could contact me directly if they wanted to publish an article.   I should sue them for using me to make money. Seriously. Assclowns.   And I'm a douchebag, dudes.
  • I love how this checks out. Your one earlier post from a year ago states that you replaced your iPhone 4s with an 8X. Verified again! :)  I enjoyed the AMA, so much so that I reposted it here in the comments, hope you don't mind. Cat's out of the bag anyway.  
  • I don't care about that I just don't want a stupid bunch of comments I did on Reddit all over the damn internet. Headlines. Seriously? WTF.   Anyhow I'm off to go bowling.
  • Hey, just shows people are enhusiastic about the platform. Cheers, looking forward to the dev preview.
  • You're going to love it.
  • ZOMFGWTFBBQ!@#!@#!@#   It's going to be... just like Facebook. nothing to get excited over.
  • Heck, forget WP8.2, he even says something about WP9!
  • they are just names. a minor release gets a dot. a major is a version update. who knows they'll probably call it Windows Phone One (I hate the 'One' shit btw)  
  • Guys, just give me sorting options in the apps menu and an app manager in the WP 8.2! 
  • Why no more Facebook integration! I dont want to open an app for chat when its already built into the messaging area! This really blows MS!
  • They don't want to be locked to FB and their protocol so it's gone. It frees FB to do what it wants, and MSFT to do what it wants.   They need to create an API that allows FB and the various 'free' SMS apps to put messages there. That is the proper solution. Do it once, Do it right and you're done. No updates neccessary.  
  • I think this is just a phony rumour. It cant possibly be that this person "claiming" to be a 15 year veteran at Microsoft. I think its all fake.
  • We're not all wearing pocket protectors and snorting when we laugh....  
  • Rumor rumor
  • Did anyone take screenshots from Reddit!? All the messages from the source have been deleted... :(
  • See my looooong partial copy/paste from a few comments up.
  • The fundamental failings are Microsoft services compared to Google services. The feature set of the OS is nearing parity with iOS/Android. But Google search, maps, mail, Youtube are miles above Bing, Bing Maps, & Bing Video. There is no comparison. F.e., let's take Gmail vs I love the MS GUI, but they still expose folders when I couldn't care less about that. I want labels only. Also Google Calendar has a way to type in "appointment at 9AM Friday for something" and it will parse that into a correct calendar entry. You can't do that on the MS calendar. Many little things like that just make me crazy.
  • This platform keeps getting better, amazing growth
  • Why would someone risk his/her 15yr career to leak such information is beyond me.
  • I'm trying to get 8.1
  • Why.. I love Facebook massage in message app
  • I bet windows phone 8.2 seems faster. Lol, I rock!!!
  • A new facebook app from facebook?? that would be great if it was like ios. 
  • Its kinda sad how people put their job in the line, just for their moment of glory.
  • I think we are looking at Cortana extension in IE.  Personal assistant that follows you from phone to tablet to pc to tv, integrated with bing.........could be insanely awesome, or insanely scary
  • so will the 8 devices be update from 8 to 8.2?
  • Taking FB messages out of the message hub seems like a step back to me. I like having all my messages showing up in one place and having the ability to change between FB, Skype, and SMS in the same thread. I hope this boner popper is making this up.
  • Hopefully next, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9, 8.901, 8.902 (range : 7 years) hahaha! I dont like MSFT do with windows phone 7... Surely windows phone 7 users feels abandoned, and got nightmare everyday. #pardon my eng
  • Let WP 8.1 launch properly at least ... Then talk about 8.2 or whatever...
  • I suggest all outside america to buy iOS or Android. Because when the update comes to our country, we will have better update in iOS or Android.
    MS should make update for all country 1st then show the update in public and release altogether
  • Haha android dont even think of any update if u buy a phone. No direct method of officially downloading the update.
  • I suggest you get one instead and GTFO.
  • Not so early,first let us review 8.1!
  • Microsoft-made Spotify app? I want to invest on Xbox Music but seeing that we are expecting apps on WP and X1, how am I supposed to do it?
  • Duhhhhhh.
  • I am all for MS moving to a faster release schedule *BUT* to sucesffuly move to that way of doing released, MS need to put out the updates much like Apple do, take it out of the carriers hands Kimbie
  • Windows Phone 9? I'm not excited anymore about 8.1. :P
  • When they're out, will WP 8.2 or/and 8.5 or/and 9 be available for Lumia 930?