In-app purchases currently broken in the Windows Store

It looks like there's a nasty bug breaking in-app purchases (IAP) across the Windows Store on all platforms. A number of app developers have taken to Microsoft's developer support forums complaining that purchase tokens aren't being recognized, resulting in users losing access to previously purchased IAPs. And the problem looks to be pretty widespread, with well-known 6tag developer Rudy Huyn explaining that it occurs across all platforms:

"This bug occurs on ALL Windows (phone, 8.1, 10, mobile, etc…) and with ALL apps, so please, don't blame app developers, it's not our fault"

Unfortunately, in looking at the developer complaints (opens in new tab) on the support forums, it doesn't look as if the problem has been publicly addressed by Microsoft, but hopefully a fix isn't too far off.

Have you noticed in-app purchases disappearing from your apps? Let us know in the comments below.

Cheers, Carlos!

Sources: MSDN (opens in new tab), Rudy Huyn (Twitter)

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  • Like many other things whit windows for phones atm...
  • I hope Microsoft deletes all new 1 star reviews that completely ruin an app ranking....
  • My thoughts exactly. This will ruin the ratings of a lot of apps.
  • OMG you have no idea how I feel about that, some people even put 1 star and then right this *****, I mean come on, I feel like slapping these idiots in the face.
  • Any app for windows get a perfect 5 star no matter how ****** it is cause we users are desperate
  • users are angry and yeh blaming the developers cause they dont know who to blame, as far as the user is concerned their app doesnt work so its either app developer or microsoft.  now we know its microsoft its still wrong for microsoft to remove reviews, it may seem unfair to developers but removing negative reviews kills the whole review system.  Instead you should ask users to consider changing reviews due to the issues and microsoft should be charged with that.  But no its wrong to remove any reviews.  Microsoft is the culprit here and need to create a better clearer method for issues, like waitign 14 hours t and they still havent issued a statement is a big issue and its something developers need to preasure microsoft into doing cause its not exeptable to developers or customers and its unfair to let developers take any slack if issues are microsoft based..
  • They use a weighted system.  Different algorithms may weigh less on a review based on issues that occured and time review was made.  There's also the other users have the ability to flag it as not a helpful review which will bring its impact down.  The developer can also contact the users to re-review the app.  
  • Who's blaming developers? It's clearly an issue with the Windows app store. It's not just in app purchases, but updating or downloading certain apps. Most of the apps I've tried to update within the last week or so will not update and new apps don't download and some of these are MS apps. However, I have had a couple of apps that downloaded or updated with no problem. Whatever the issue, it needs to be fixed REAL soon.
  • The problem is a lot of users just don't know that and they blame the devs if something is not working (for example you don't know how many 1 star reviews I've got in August that my app could not be downloaded while the store had issues ;-) ). I tried to fix the IAP issue for the past 4 days, I really thought it was something wrong with my app. The only thing I noticed, it seems to be related to app updates (IAP's then don't work correctly for 2-3 days) and the licence syncing seems not to work right now too.
  • Are you oblivious? Do u have an app? Developers are ALWAYS blamed when things like this happen (or when users are too lazy to read the tutorials or help in the app, or too clueless to even know how their own phone works). 1 star, 1 star. I wish we could review users the way eBay sellers can also rate buyers.
  • Oblivious? No, I'm not. My initial question was rhetorical. I have plenty of apps and know the difference between a poorly written app and an issue with the Windows store, hence my comments about my experiences. But, you are correct about people not taking the time to read or give objective feedback to help make the app better. I've read some very ignorant comments that users have left. If an app isn't good, stat what issues you're having or give suggestions to make it better. I can imagine it can be her discouraging to devs. People don't consider the fact that many features that are found on other platforms are not always as easy to duplicate on windows phone and give a great user experience. Some devs use Windows phone as a testing grown to get their feet wet. On the flip side of that, there are devs that seem to put out crappy apps, too. It's like they rushed through development and then don't bother updating the app to make it better. The door does swing both ways in this situation.
  • The meet'm app flashes up a warning message when you load it if it detects that there is a problem with IAP's, to explain that it is a microsoft issue, then it provides a button to fix it (temporarily for that use)
  • LOL. You are joking right?
  • You wouldn't know would you if the one app you were using failed an IAP. You wouldn't start checking all other IAP across other apps. You'd contact the dev or moan in the ratings.
  • This. The issue is so intermittent it may well only affect one app too. Noticed it at first on Core Player claiming my trial expired a few days back but it was only yesterday when Windows Central started showing me ads again I knew something bigger was wrong.
  • I've also noticed that the affected apps tend to load much slower as well, sometimes failing to load altogether. MS needs to get this fixed ASAP.
  • Am not blaming the developers. It's Microsoft am blaming
  • Exactly. A review in the store is a review of the whole experience, buying it, ads, iaps, how it runs, everything. A poor review is not necessarily always about blaming the developer, sometimes it is MS, but the customer has one response route at point of purchase and will use it. Nowhere in the store does it say that reviews must be targeted at devs. Same as a review left on a travel agents site. Such a review would cover the hotel, the flight, heck even the local area. The travel agent may feel that they did their bit fine so why should a bad review end up on their site? Such a travel agent may not understand how customers do things. It's not all about them.
  • You am Bizarro..? =p
  • There is also missing apps from the store irking me madly that's the worst too
  • Of course
  • Why MS store has such kind of problem everytime..
  • Let's be honest.
    Microsoft is no longer having great programmers and coders. All we see is bugs, bugs and bugs.
    I really wish windows 10 mobile gets totally bug free by Feb 2016. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is Windows 10 a big "**** you" to all the fans from Microsoft? Obviously Microsoft isn't interesting in getting new customers with all the bugs and half baked OS release. Posted from my Note 5
  • Well ios and android always have issues after they bring out new OS it's just people don't bad mouth them
  • Oh really? They have these kinds of bugs on this wide spread of a level? 
  • Just google it. For example a apple loving site: "have been a welcome improvement from iOS 8’s year of bugs."  
  • You haven't been around for the craptastic release of Lollipop for Android Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah. Win 10 mobile isnt finsihed. And yet ms released rhe phones already.. So sad. I mean I can understand win 10 desktop is a service , but a phone os has to be complete and 98% bugfree when launch... Ms is really grinding that" its a service" thing out right now
  • Really? How often has this happened to the Windows Store? How many times has something similar happened to Apple or Google? I'll wager that you don't know the answer to either of those questions. In that case, your comment is mindless.
  • Every platform has bugs, google it. For example: So many articles about crazy bugs.
  • Ios 9 is already out ;)
  • And? I think you completely missed the point.
  • Let's se. Windows 10 buggs: Apps don't work, wifi can't always connect, camera sucks and when filming I don't get any sound, bad battery time, phone often frozes and restarts, screen goes crazy sometimes, web browser can't read all www. Sites correctly and that's just some things..
  • I can confirm I had the same bugs as you on my Lumia 1020 when I used to run W10M. I just hate the amount of heavy lossy compression they apply on Windows Camera. If I take a picture with a camera phone chances are I want a nice outcome rather than worrying about a picture taking up slightly less storage space and looking crap!
  • Yes! The windows camera app on my 930 have ruined so many pictures for me so I have stopped taking picture whit it. It's so sad how Microsoft is destroying the own mobile OS... And whit every update I get more bugs:-/ And about 2 updates ago my sensor core stopped working so I can't use Fitbit or Microsoft Healt any more. It have gone so far now so i can' t use my 930 as my daily driver anymore so I will have to buy a new phone.
  • my 930 has issues like you but the camera has never been one of them, are you sure its not a fault?  Broken phone or something cause my camera is awsome both in photos and 4k vid.  i make videos alot with my camera lumia 930 look: and no issues with eiother photos or camera.  Its the only constant reliable thing i have had in windows mobile 10.
  • it's the software. It's works just fine whit windows 8.1. Have been looking around the internet and found that i not just me who have this issue, and this issue have there for a long time. Can you record whit sound? Strange....
  • "Apps don't work" with this you completely lost any credibility.
  • Agreed. I have my own apps working on my PC. They are in a same subkernel, right?
  • Yes, if you want to you can be a fanboy. But if I buy a phone, i want it to work. Right now Windows Phone have a lot of bugs.
  • Stop calling fanboys people just because they can judge things with a grain of salt instead of whine whine whine. A fanboy would say windows 10 is the best no problems yeah! I just say it has some problems and it is expected since we are first adopetrs of a new OS + new hardware. Happens to every brand/product. You are exaggerating, when you exaggerate you loose credibility, it's how life works.  
  • Not as bad as Windows Phone. iOS and Android have their bugs but not as horrible or breaking as Windows 10 especially Marshmallow and iOS 9 which isn't as horrid as their predecessors. So no they don't compare. Those feel finished while Windows 10 is unfinished Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have huge problems whit my phone and if not Microsoft fault who is it? The fact is that whit every update my phone geta, i am altso getting more buggs and now it's so critical that I can't use my phone the way I want. That's not because I hate Windows or something , but lately Microsoft have done a really poor job
  • Really? Android has their own bugs, and I have some. Every platform has their own bugs, so please, stop whining.
  • Yes, but Windows had it's fair share already. With W10 the bug level has skyrocketed. Are you surprised that it has drawn comment? Really?
  • I said quite the opposite....
  • for me its happend 4 times and 2 times i had tubcast about 3 months ago become unusable for 3 weeks cause of this issue.  In terms of windows store apart from the last windows update every single insider build caused me to install 8.1 and then 10 fresh as the restore pack always had more bugs in it always, in every build on my 930.  Then you have every single built exept the last one always had a list of apps in the store that just kept failing to install and thats since day 1.  I had 1 issue a battery issue that didnt get fixed in 6 months on a iphone 4s with ios 8. 1 issue in year 6 so thats 5.9 years of very reliable phone usage and restore worked every time, thats a **** of alot better than my windows 10 experience so far.
  • Ahh, I was wondering why several of my apps were complaining today... How unfortunate, hope it's fixed sooner rather than later. Really annoying for apps were certain functionality requires IAPs you've previously purchased. This also isn't good for developers, as I'm sure people will be quick to blame them for something beyond their control. I suppose the temporary fix is for devs to quickly and temporarily update their apps to give full function without the IAPs?
  • No, at this point they really can't do anything but pestering Microsoft to quickly fix the Store.
  • Yeah, in 6tag my ads came back.
  • Does this mean IAP are checked everytime a function that was added using it is usedin an app. So much for offline use then. Seems odd and restrictive and prown to this type of issue
  • i think it means the licenses sync regularly whenever there is an internet connection.
  • TF MS, this is a terrible look to attract devs. This should be Priority Number 1. Then kill all the bugs in the 950/XL. Thanks. A fan.
  • Not bugs on the phone. You've an unfinished os on your phone ;)"think of it as a service" - Microsoft would say now.
  • Microsoft really needs to make things as attractive as possible and without all of these little annoying issues. I want to buy a band 2 yet it is the only item that does not have my home course. Little things like bugs, defects, delays, and idiosyncrasies make this a serious uphill climb.
  • For me windows for phones where better 2-3 versions back than it is now. Now nothing works as it should.Lumia 930
  • So downgrade to 8.1 and wait some more months untill it is a bit more polished. 
  • If only the new Lumia devices had that option... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have confidence in MS mobile strategy /s
  • As a user, I lost 2 IAP today. Have spent about 6 hours with support folks trying to figure out what's going on. They did refund my purchase price, but that hasn't helped the issue.
  • related to server rearranging in preparation for the annual DDOS i suppose.
  • App updates too! Store broken again?
  • My payout summary 2 months no updates.. That's a bugs maybe
  • Cortana is acting funny too. Its like she has amnesia, and cannot remember where I work or my home even though they are in her notebook  
  • Just a short term memory loss I hope /s
  • The beginning of the end.
  • WP7 unaffected? Yipee
  • Fortunately, WP7 isn't a part of Windows devices. :P
  • When I search for devlishers like GameTroopers, or Gameloft only few of their games are shown. But when I search for the title it will show on the suggestions.
  • The whole platform is broken Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft is dropping the ball smh
  • Thats been their motto since 2014
  • Testing Redstone I see.
  • Does anyone know when windows 10 is officially releasing it's final version in INDIA??
  • Did anyone know why people ask dumb questions like this on completely unrelated stories?
  • Never. Because its a god **** service >.< on desktop I am fine with that. But not on mobile. I want a final product on a phone, when I buy a phone.
  • Q1 2016/Early 2016 for non Lumia 950/XL so India for all I know could be included. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • O ya. I was about to reach out to Rudy for the ads in 6tag. But last time also he was telling that its a problem with MS not the app. So am just waiting. Ads are so nice, they want me to download beautiful software's by accidental clicks :D
  • Hahaha.. Stick with window phone 8.1
  • Sorry dude, Windows Phone 8.1 has this problem too.
  • Yes, I spent a while last night trying to upgrade my daughter's 6tag for video uploads. Thought the problem was on my end. So THANK YOU Windows Central! You have restored my sanity!
  • Yeah
  • A lot of apps are getting updated in the store right now including the store itself.
  • This may just be because I'm using a 256GB on a phone that was only designed to use a 200GB max. But for the apps not installing, cancel the download, then go to setting and change the "new apps" to store on your Phone. You can always move them later if needed.
  • Mastermind.
  • At the moment I wouldn't even recommend Microsoft products n services to my worst enemy, it's that bad!! **From a frustrated Lumia 950xl user**
  • Come on better days are coming, Feb 2016.
  • Or soon after that.
  • Or after that. So the guy is right, can't recommended it right now.
  • What? We always say that. They probably aren't.
  • So how is It buying an unfinished product ? With an unfinished os ? :D never mind " its a service " - Microsoft
  • I also won't recommend win10 mobile to my friends right now.. They will not be satisfied AT ALL for now.. Im hoping the new update will fix all the stupid problem and bugs.. I put my trust on ms.. If the new update will not improve my 950xl performance.. I give up on ms forever
  • Cool that they finally fixed that icon, when you open app, that store icon jumped on right corner.
  • And yes I know its about week from that...
  • Please tell me this was a an unfortunate little slip-up while vigorously cleaning the Store from spam, scam and fake apps. That is what is going on right? No? ;)
  • Just switched my PC on, and there's a critical event in the event log relating to User Data access, this is presumably related to the Store problem
  • Or msft playing finders keepers lol