Apple loses patent suit to Nokia, Sony

A Delaware jury has ruled that Apple violated three patents owned by MobileMedia Ideas LLC. (MMI), a patent holding company that was created by Nokia, Sony and MPEG-LA.

The original complaint, filed in March of 2010, alleged that Apple's iPhone used technology protected by fourteen patents held by MobileMedia Ideas. However, all but three patents, 6070068, 6253075, and 6427078, were removed from the suit before it began. MobileMedia Ideas describes these patents as relating to "incoming/current call processing", "incoming call rejection", and "image capture/transfer."

Though Apple dismissed the complaint as invalid "due to obviousness," the jury clearly disagreed. They took just four hours to make their decision after sitting in on a one-week trial, to side with MMI's claim that they had "suffered and will continue to suffer damages and irreparable injury." It is not yet clear what that will translate to in dollars, but MobileMedia CEO Larry Horn told Bloomberg that the amount should be "substantial."

Of course, he may be slightly biased in his assessment. A trial will be scheduled to determine the financial outcome of the suit.

Source: Bloomberg; Via: The Register

  • Nokia don't take shit from nobody bow down apple to ur king
  • LOL
  • Incoming call rejection is patented? Whoever is in charge of approving patents should be more strict on what can be patented.
  • Surely you can't be serious. If that was your intellectual PROPERTY you would have a much different opinion I'm sure.
  • Patents like for designs, for example, are good reasons for patenting, but things like incoming call rejection? Im pretty sure that's one of the most basic things a phone needs. I highly doubt I would be crying over people using my call rejection feature or something like that. All this is limited to my opinion tho.
  • You would be "crying" if it was causing you to lose money.
  • I probably would, but in this case, it's just an incoming call rejection feature.
  • Its just an incoming call feature for you now after so many years because we have taken it for granted.. doesn't mean it wasn't a huge design. Suck it up.
  • I don't take it for granted. I'm saying the complete opposite. I'm saying that this is a basic feature most phones should+do have freely. And your "Suck it up." comment makes no sense.
  • Call rejection in cellphones is software based, unlike call rejection in landline phones which is hardware based, so yes it is a big thing that Apple needs to pay for!
  • Same shit. But people don't seem to get my point. I give up. :|
  • What your saying is its an essential patent.
    Regardless of how important it is, someone designed the answer (excuse pun) to it, i.e. Nokia and is now reaping the reward. If they hadn't designed it, would we have this feature (baring in mind it didn't exist before)?
    Who knows but because someone took the risk, they reap the reward, hence WHY we have patents.
  • I got your point but you are wrong!
    The call regection feature is not exactly what the patent protects in this case but It's the tecnology used to do so. In this case the code behind it.
    In other words, apple  could have it done in other way, but the way that did was someone else idea, so they must pay! 
  • Let's put it this way, Apple would be using everyones ass off if they had painted it first.
  • While i agree it may be a basic thing right now, I highly doubt it was a basic feature at the time when it was "invented". So there was very much a reason to get it patented.
  • He is serious. And don't call him Shirley.
  • Lmao! Good one.
  • Call rejection as a idea was not patented, but it's part of Nokia's essential GSM patents. Nokia afterall owns GSM space with over 65% of all GSM patents out there (Ericsson being second with 20%). Nokia also owns around 60% of LTE patents. 
  • i'm a nokia fan but they do not own 60% of lte patents. i thnk it's more around 20%, samsung has around 12%
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  • Good. Fuck Apple.
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  • Took the words out of my mouth!
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  • Hey, it's all fun and games until someone gets a shot in the eye! Let's not get out of control, aight?
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  • Hehe! Apple getting a taste of its own medicine :D
  • Always nice to read about Apple losing in court.
  • being a long term apple fanboy (history), I feel the same way, whenever apple looses.  
  • The richest company ever and they are still greedy as fuck
  • Richest is Microsoft, please ;)
  • Yup, Apple is not the richest if you take inflation into account.
  • Not even close...Apple is far more profitable than Microsoft
  • Apple would be more profitable then "windows phone" but microsoft as a whole... I doubt that. Think about it microsoft has their fingers into just about everything computer related, even mac and fyi Apple wouldn't even exist without microsoft
  • Nor would Microsoft exist without Apple.
  • Please explain your statement.
  • Without the competition from Apple, I highly doubt Microsoft would be where it is today.  And who knows if they would've come up with the idea to "borrow" Xerox's ideas 30 years ago.  I mean, it seems likely enough, but we really can't know for sure.
  • No, what he's saying is that Microsoft bailed out Apple when they were about to go bankrupt. Apple would literally no longer exist if Microsoft didn't save them.
  • Ah, I wasn't aware of a bailout.  I don't really follow the goings-on over at Apple.
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  • Apple got a taste of their own medicine!
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  • Their logo should have another bite taken out of the Apple... Lol. The only thing left will be the core after all these other companies take a chunk every time.
  • they can't do the other bite bc the simpsons would sue apple (look up mapple from simpsons)
  • Fair is Fair... Not only Apple patents are valid. The other patents also. Apple should learn to pay for these like they expect to receive money for their own patents.
  • Except that for the most part Apple doesn't want money for their patents... They want to block sale of anything that violates them. This is a nasty attitude that they should be made to pay for.
  • Agreed. Let companies license your patents. Come to fair terms. Let the consumer win for once.
  • Yup awesome news
  • Nokia owns everyone.
  • With Steve jobs gone apples going down. Fox business said today apple has lost its cool their products are no longer cool I love it. Goodbye apple good luck in what in what ever you don't do next.
  • But those CNBC jokers still in love with apple
  • The market experts and tech journalist's are normally soulless 9 to 5'ers who just blindly follow whatever trend _was_ happening, in Apples case they are 2 years out of date.
    Right now I think things are slowly changing, the iphone 5 was a tedious peice of technology, and its implementation is not great (too fragile).  If Apple follow form then the 5s should be the same with a faster processor and NFC+maybe wireless charging added, these things won't sell themselves anymore.
  • We need patent reform, suing cycle needs to stop. Lawyers are making a killing though so grats to them.
  • Absolutely. The consumer doesn't win in this environment. Only lawyers and the winner of the lawsuit. Garbage.
  • -Sad trombone-
  • So when Samsung pays $1b to apple for patents, media goes crazy. But when Apple has to pay $600m + licensing + loses another patent war with Nokia, media stays silent.
  • Businesses usually go out of business because of poor management,or poor will go out of business because of patents... Simply because they started the whole business on one principal which is "use ideas that belong to others"
  • I own a patent for the word patent.
  • That's actually more of a copyright issue... ;-)
  • Actually I've been saying that word since before you were born. See you in court.
  • Are you Nuts! Steve Jobs invented the word Patent. He said it was very difficult, but after years of working on it, he finally cracked it. And the result is Amazing! and Simple, and so intuitive you'd think people had been using the word their whole lives!
  • I remember smashing crab apples with a baseball bat when I was a kid. This kind of feels like the few seconds of excitement before the apple went 'pop'
  • Apple no longer is serious company, just a huge patent troll now. Glad it got its butt kicked.
  • Good. Fuck Apple!
  • "Irreparable injury" Oh please, just go f*** yourself. This kind of language should just stop, they should cut down on all the hyperbole
  • Apple dismissing Nokia's patent claim as "obvious" has got to be the most laughable remark in tech in 2 years. An incoming call rejection patent is obvious but a square with rounded corners patent? That must be protected at all cost!
  • Cannon fired man.
  • I was in public when I read the "obvious" statement in the article.  I got lots of strange looks from my laughter.
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  • Good job Nokia. You're a good soldier.
  • "due to obviousness,"... this is very ironic from a company that has patents which 3 year old could think as obvious... to start with rectangle shapes with rounded corners!
  • What happens when apple release their tvs? Does Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, lg and others head to the courts cos apple copied the rectangular shape? Hope so...
  • Lets not be just like the apple and android bots people.
  • Agree with what your saying, but i think we deserve to give back to them, what they've been giving to us for along time. Just saying.
  • hahahaha... looks like apple is fucking its own ass......... 
  • Nokia came up with a lot of things in the mobile industry.. nowdays they seem simple, but without them.. it doesn't work. It a shame that they have to get credit for it in such a manner. 
  • I find this offensively amusing...
    "Though Apple dismissed the complaint as invalid "due to obviousness,""
    Rectangular phone with slightly rounded corners and button in the front, not obvious?
  • Bingo!... you hit the nail on the head...
  • Patent pecking order: Microsoft>Nokia>Motorola=Apple>Samsung>HTC
  • i dont get it, almost everything we are using on the phone is patent from someone, if you need to pay for every patent wouldnt that be crazy amount, i wonder how those deals are made, i understand some companies trade patents even though they are competition, but sounds confusing