Apple loses patent suit to Nokia, Sony

A Delaware jury has ruled that Apple violated three patents owned by MobileMedia Ideas LLC. (MMI), a patent holding company that was created by Nokia, Sony and MPEG-LA.

The original complaint, filed in March of 2010, alleged that Apple's iPhone used technology protected by fourteen patents held by MobileMedia Ideas. However, all but three patents, 6070068, 6253075, and 6427078, were removed from the suit before it began. MobileMedia Ideas describes these patents as relating to "incoming/current call processing", "incoming call rejection", and "image capture/transfer."

Though Apple dismissed the complaint as invalid "due to obviousness," the jury clearly disagreed. They took just four hours to make their decision after sitting in on a one-week trial, to side with MMI's claim that they had "suffered and will continue to suffer damages and irreparable injury." It is not yet clear what that will translate to in dollars, but MobileMedia CEO Larry Horn told Bloomberg that the amount should be "substantial."

Of course, he may be slightly biased in his assessment. A trial will be scheduled to determine the financial outcome of the suit.

Source: Bloomberg; Via: The Register

Seth Brodeur