Apple sues HTC over alleged patent infringement

The lawyers are in overdrive today as Apple's filed a patent infringement lawsuit against smartphone manufacturer HTC, a longtime partner of Microsoft and Windows Mobile. To help keep our ducks in a row, we're going to do the bulk of our coverage over at AndroidCentral. The lawsuit doesn't specifically target Windows Mobile or Android -- we just want to get things right, in one place. So head on over.

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  • I truly hope that MS and or Google gets involved, someone needs to give Mr Jobs a scare. Ps, Until I get a universal user name and log in for all the phone expert sites, I will not "head on over". :P
  • Ha, even WMExperts is referring visitors to Android. The circle is complete!
  • They want to stop/slowdown HTC, because the iphone looks soo 2008 after the latest HTC releases and recent reports shows HTC market share growing...
    This the only answer they got for now
  • The lawsuit DOES specifically target Android
  • whats the infringment???
  • i agree with enerqi
  • I wonder if Apple and Mr.Jobes are not taught a lesson they would sue every one for no reasons. Why only HTC? They can go for many others as well. This is just because HTC built Nexus one. Thats it.
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