Apple's move into living room gaming was inevitable, but it's not yet a 'console killer'

The iPad Pro can easily be described as Apple's competitor to the Surface, but it's the Apple TV that received probably the biggest update with the addition of apps and games. And with it, the Apple TV enters into Microsoft and Sony territory in the home entertainment center.

I'll be up front with this. I don't think the Apple TV is in any way a console killer. I also don't think the Apple TV represents too much of a concern for Microsoft, or indeed Sony, at this time. Apple's move into TV-based gaming isn't a direct challenge to the console makers, more an inevitability that's taken longer than many would argue it should have.

Knowing your place

What Apple has created is a casual gaming product whose primary role is still the delivery of media content. Be that iTunes purchases or rentals, Netflix, MLB or any of a number of other streaming services. It's been a successful product. Not on the scale of the iPhone, say, but still, hardly what anyone could describe as an unsuccessful venture.

By contrast, the Xbox One is primarily a games machine. The console's launch may have suggested otherwise, but ultimately, Xbox is gaming to Microsoft. It has the added value of being able to function at the center of a home entertainment system, offering similar services to the Apple TV along with a Blu Ray player. There's also the small matter of the OneGuide and Cable pass-through or OTA TV with the Xbox One. It integrates into your entertainment, it's less so much just an add-on to it.

To Apple, apps and games from its App Store are just another form of content that it's making money from. Unlike Sony, Microsoft and even Nintendo, Apple isn't (currently) making any first party games. It is instead providing a conduit for others to deliver the content.

Games still need horsepower

Talk of TV based gaming will immediately make the current consoles will spring to mind. I don't know exactly what is in the Apple TV, but is it really going to be on a par with the Xbox One or the PS4? Unlikely.

Take the buzzword marketing applied to the iPad Pro which has a "console class GPU" inside it. And a more powerful CPU than the Apple TV. So, if anything, the iPad Pro will be a more competent gaming machine.

That's not to say there won't be amazing looking games on the Apple TV. Because there will. iOS already has some stunners, like Infinity Blade and Real Racing. But both of those could also run on the current crop of games consoles without breaking a sweat. For the complete picture, the CPU inside the Apple TV is the same as that in the 12-month old iPhone 6.

The Apple TV will be capable when it comes to gaming. The combination of the hardware and Apple's Metal will see to that. But a console, this is not.

The casual approach

What the Apple TV is, is the company's answer to products like Android TV, Roku and the Amazon Fire TV. Gaming on these devices has been possible for a while, with Apple's Crossy Road demo, multiplayer withstanding, already available on the £35 Fire TV Stick. What is highly probable is that Apple TV will get better support than at least the Android competition when it comes to developers getting apps and games on the platform.

Even though we've already seen that Guitar Hero Live will be available (also on Xbox One) and a great looking Warhammer game, those who actually want to game in the living room are still going to get a console. Guitar Hero is one thing, but you're not going to be seeing a Forza 6 level racer or something the scale of Fallout 4 hitting the Apple TV. Or at least, not in the same fashion as you'll get on a console.

iOS devices are where Apple has made its reputation and big portions of its vast fortune in recent years. The Mac, while considered successful, remains something of a joke when it comes to gaming. Certainly next to the Windows powered juggernaut. The Apple TV is a more casual approach, but probably a better play in the long run.

Should Microsoft be concerned?

Concern is maybe the wrong word. Perhaps aware is a better way to consider it at this time. Microsoft would be foolish to ignore what's going on, as would Sony and Google for that matter. This could well be Apple dipping its toe into what could become a much bigger gaming play. But there are still only two big dogs in the console space: Microsoft and Sony. Apple's brand value is phenomenal but also not synonymous with gaming.

PlayStation and Xbox on the other hand, are.

Microsoft definitely needs to keep one eye on what's going on at Apple. At the same time the Xbox One is gearing up for its Windows 10 update which opens up a whole new world for the console. It puts it into the Universal Windows Apps space and, in theory, allows for similar development as is going to be possible on the Apple TV. The Windows app catalog isn't particularly strong, but the allure of millions of PCs and Xbox One consoles is about as much as Microsoft can offer to entice.

We've also got the ID@Xbox program which is going great guns. Most of the games that come through there could also head to mobile and the Apple TV, but that some of the most interesting titles of the year are coming out of it is nothing but encouraging. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is brilliant.

There's still so much we don't know. But as it stands right now, the Apple TV isn't going to replace the Xbox One or the PS4. At least, not if you're gaming.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • By not releasing an official controller they turned it into a casual games console because the remote as controller is just for basic games. And no normal non tech guy is going to buy some 3rd party controller. But having said this I still believe that basic app store games like angry birds & more will be more successful on the Apple TV then they were on Xbox.
  • I think if apple acquired Nintendo then we'd have a good matchup, this apple device is quite trivial.
  • May Apple never see your words, I'd hate to see Nintendo bought by Apple :(
  • I just hate seeing Apple in general, it's a disgusting company with too many over zealous followers
  • You okay buddy? Need a hug?
  • That may the possibility but I rather Nintendo to be independent from them, we need more competition. Also I also find it hard to imagine Nintendo wants to be bought by the American/foreign company. If that happens then Nintendo is essentially dead, and its fans might end up in a confusing position. I hope for Nintendo for its continued success and persistence in the market, so it wont be bought by any other company.
  • It's also worth noting that regardless of fans' arbitrary opinions of whoever is "winning" the console war, Nintendo remains profitable and is moving consoles and software. They understand that it is the software that sells the console, not the other way around. They don't care what everybody else is doing so long as they continue to make money, now and in the long run. There is, after all, more than one input on most TVs. Nintendo has been in business for over a century. They know what they're doing.
  • Nah, if apple want to disrupt the console industry, they need a decent CPU/GPU say from AMD to get away from their crapware gaming currently on their IOS platform.
  • Yes I don't want Nintendo under SUCKY APPLE
  • Lol I remember when IGN tweeted "Will the Apple TV be a console killer?" and everyone was like "LOL no"
  • Media simply loves something sensationalize titles to talk about, especially on Apple-aligned websites and media agency. The Verge is even specific, they almost considering if Apple TV is an Xbox-killer.
  • The Verge ?? Oh man
  • Where did they do this? That sounds a little far fetched, even for the Verge.
  • Sorry, its not that they do, but they tend to dicuss about it. But yeah, Apple TV may be a successful for casual TV gaming and beat current TV consoles out there like Ouya. Dedicated game consoles? Still a far-fetch, unless they became too serious about it.
  • What's with the Verge locking out comments these days?
  • They don't want people calling them out in the comments. I was banned for that myself. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If apple bought Nintendo, there would be no more Seattle mariners
  • That's Seattle Marios, surely?
  • The storage alone on atv alone is too little for a true gaming experience & streaming would be terrible with their current specs
  • Apple TV is basically a Wii mated to a Roku. It's not groundbreaking in any way.
  • It would be cool if Continuum to TV was a thing. Plug in the Wireless Display Adapter and use your phone as the device + controller. My biggest issue with TV is how you navigate, but with a phone you could display the content on both screens. If the delay wasn't too bad you could even play universal games like Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.
  • Well usb2go would be one way of adding accurate navigation
  • I can play Crossy Road on my TV through my phone and Xbox. Of course I don't want to, but I can :)
  • This. It ultimately comes down to one question: Why would you want to be stuck sitting wherever your TV is, to play a mobile game with a UI that wasn't designed to be used from 10' away, and tie up the whole TV so no one else can use it? It's just a crappy experience on a lot of levels. I'm sure there will be a few party-style games designed for this, but I can't see how it's more than a novelty that will wear off quickly. I'd rather just use my tablet 99% of the time.
  • Tiny troopers is awesome on my 50 inches TV!
  • Exactly spcdog, why would I want to play Tablet games on my TV? I think this strategy will lower iPad sales even more, and it will not take off really, just as a 2 year novelty the most, same as iPads.
  • Multiplayer games dude!!
  • @spcdog - a lot of people have more than one TV, especially when there are children in the house. Apple TV can also be used with a monitor, so no problems tying up anything and also no problems sitting only 1-2m away. Having said that, I'd still prefer to use my tablet or phone as it means I can watch the tele at the same time.
  • Apple TV is no threat to Playstation or Xbox. But the one that gets hurt by Apple TV is the Nintendi WiiU. Casual gaming is Nintendos trademark, but now apple is going to take this away from them. I'll bet this will kill Nintendo whitin 5 years!
  • As long as Nintendo continue pumping out good versions of their popular IPs I doubt Apple will take the market away from them completely. Smart phones may be great for casual gaming when it comes to things like Angry Birds or Crossy Road, but the humble smart phone is still not a dedicated gaming platform like the DS. The DS still sells plenty of units due to having physical buttons and being solely aimed at gamers (as well as kids) with quality games. Whilst Nintendo aren't the most relevant player in gaming that they used to be, they continue to remain relevant in the market in some form, you just have to look at Amiibo sales to know that Nintendo can adapt and appeal to their demographics and turn a significant profit.
  • I think you're underestimating how much money Nintendo still has in the bank. They won't be going out of business anytime soon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, Nintendo IPs are Nintendo's trademark, not casual gaming. As long as they have those and continue delivering quality titles, Nintendo fans will continue to sustain it.
  • LOL Are you kidding??? Nintendo casual???? Nintenfdo is the only one making games for mature audiences and gamers. And no, Nintendo will not die. LOL Sansumng and Apple entering the console market will kill Sony, the only one that does not have a competitive first party (99% of their games are also on PC and Xbox One)
  • I would disagree about Sony not having a "competitive first party" The PS4 does have several first party exlusives (Uncharted, The Last of Us etc.) as well as a big presence in Japan where the Xbox has been unable to gain any ground. Apple would have a long way to go before they have any gaming studios making some triple AAA exclusives on their behalf, although they do have a lot of marketshare in Japan when it comes to the iPhone. 
  • I don't think so.  Apple TV isn't much of a gaming console, and the Wii U isn't much of a media console.  For the time being the PS4/X1, Wii U, and ARM based consoles all remain in their separate niches and can reside next to each other on a media center.  I'd say the biggest competition the Apple TV might have are android consoles, Roku, and maybe a NUC if you are cool enough to have that.   Also say what you will about casual gaming... Splatoon is as hardcore as they come. 
  • Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles aren't so casual, and still are only for WiiU... Why there's the stigma about Nintendo releasing ONLY casual gaming? T.T And to point that out: Nintendo's concept about "casual gaming" is totally different to "phone casual gaming"
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze remains one of the most difficult games I've ever played (although part of it is because we played it together with a friend). Even Pikmin 3 had its challenging parts. Nintendo is indeed far from casual, they might be family friendly and sometimes even casual friendly, but usually have plenty of depth and challenge in their games.
  • Nintendo? They have tons of very successful, persistent and influential exclusive first-party games that Apple will ever wish. Your perception of Nintendo is for casual gaming is entirely wrong, I'm sorry. It doesn't mean they don't have realistic graphics or non-FPS gameplay, doesn't mean its a casual game. Their games as challenging and time-consuming as they could be, the gameplay is always been fun and gamer-centric. Yes they have family and considerably casual games, but that's not the whole picture of it. Nintendo is another giant that Apple TV will face. Nintendo have a massive and loyal fan base too. Personally I don't want Nintendo to be dead, they're just too iconic in gaming that if they're gone, gaming space will look bland. Apple isn't a worthy replacement of Nintendo's place, and even Xbox or Playstation. Sure Apple followers will likely to ditch their consoles slowly(immediately) and get Apple TV instead. Those who do isn't really a market of those game consoles in the first place.
  • Roku and Fire TV have had these same games you'll play on an ATV4 for years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The way Microsoft is going Xbox could be dead or sold off in 5years. Play station is killing it in sales and why? Because of what Microsoft did from day one with Xbox one.
  • Try to turn that around and see playstation go down first. Phil Spencer has turned the day 1 bad thing to something good with continues content and innovations from the first day he took over. Sony... Has less to nothing going, its ps4 profits are actually losses thanks to the rest thats in the same division, sure it has good sales and its a great machine, but in this case that doesn't mean anything but a rough start for 'maybe' a ps5. Lack of innovations but it does exactly what made the Xbox 360 popular, without the games part. Its a discussion tons of people have made before. Microsoft will stand tall and has a bright future ahead for Xbox, meanwhile doubt exists for Playstation. I don't hate the ps4, I just cant stand the people behind it lacking off compared to the good old playstation days.
  • Let's just all agree that Don Mattrick will go down as one (if not THE) dumbest and worst technology leaders of all time?  He took a very hot Xbox franchise, ignored everyone that warned him about trying "always on" and made it mandatory anyway, told everyone that doesn't like it buy a 360, then under powered the device out the door, and made Kinect mandatory.  He took over a winner and almost killed it.  Then he went to Zynga to get fired from there too. On his Wikipedia page, he takes credit for the success of the Xbox 360, but it launched in 2005 and he joined Microsoft in 2007.   He also takes credit for Kinect, but that doesn't look so great now either.  He has both more money than most people, and more horrible career failures.  Sometimes life just isn't fair.  :)  
  • Based on how well Phil Spencer has levelled the playing field (picking up after the screw ups of Don Mattrick), I think the Xbox One will have a bit more strength in the later half of it's life in the market. I doubt it will catch up to the PS4, but we know the console has sold more than 12.8 million (about 10 million behind the PS4) so it's still VERY relevant to it's market and being another platform to carry Windows 10, it will be pivotal to Microsoft in order to get that magic 1 billion device number for their shiny new OS, especially with cross platform play with the PC. As for what follows the Xbox One? I think it could evolve into a different monster all together.
  • Puting these numbers in perspective is important.  There is somewhere around 90 - 100 million Apple Macs in use in the world after being available on the market for over 30 years.  Mac are getting thinner and faster but are still limited by near zero innovation in software/UX.  There are about 22.5 million Linux boxes in the world after being available for 20 odd years (it was also available in even years but nobody bought it).  Linux will never be cool.  Xbox1 has been around for less than 2 years.  It will receive a massive makeover before Xmas when W10 arrives. There are already around 100 million Windows 10 machines after being available for a month and a half. Whether you like it or not, W10 is a new, fresh approach to computing.  It's fast and secure and more important, it's new.  There's a glimpse of the future with HoloLens and who knows what else will come out of it. So if you're a software developer, which platform would you spend your money on (very expensive) games development?  The games that will be available on AppleTV will be toys by comparison.  Like the Apple Watch, Apple TV is a fad.  Fanbois will buy it but they'll be laughed out of the real gaming community, which is about as hardcore as you can get.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.
  • I am a Windows 10 fan, but it is no way a fresh and new way to look at computing. It is Windows, basically the same Windows we have had for 20 years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So because PS is outselling XBox, XBox is doomed? Was PS doomed when it was being outsold by Xbox?
  • Funny how several parts of Microsoft are being said to die for at least a decade. Still around though.
  • Not several parts. It was said that Microsoft itself would die a quick death ever since Windows 95 days. It seems the quick death is a little slower ;-)
  • Xbox is Microsoft's gaming brand and under Spencer it's going from strength to strength. I'm not sure what exactly you're basing this on.
  • The Ps4 has just taken the Wiis place from last gen sales wise, and the majority of Sony's early lead  was due to more aggressive global distribution in year 1 & the $100 price advantage... Xbox is in the exact same position as last gen and selling even better  so far. Long term, the moment AAA gaming starts to depend on the cloud, it's game over for Sony. They don't have the money or cloud infrastructure to compete with Azure.
  • What I find saddest about this dichotomy between PlayStation and Xbox is that it portrays gamers as being so narrow-minded...
  • The other thing that'll hamper it as a gaming device is that (at least as far as I'd read) apps on Apple TV are limited to about 200 MB. But games have always been kind of an afterthought on iOS devices, more of a "you can play games if you must."
  • Anyone throwing around 200mb don't know what they're talking about. If you need more than 200mb, the rest gets installed when you open the app for the first time.
  • I don't think Apple TV is a threat to either Xbox or Playstation (Wii U/ NX maybe) at all. Ouya, Roku, Amazon, Google, Razer, and Nvidia have all tried to crack the small, casual console market and none of them have been successful. The Venn diagram that shows people who play games on their TV and the casual audience is just two circles who's edges nudge a little against each other. The Wii had the same problem: People loved Wii Sports, but that didn't translate into 3rd party gaming support. That being said, I think Microsoft needs a "Apple TV killer". A set top box for $100 that has the Xbox UI and runs Universal apps would be killer for many nongamers in my family.
  •  I would agree with you if it wasn't for the Cult of Apple that buys into anything they sell. If this was any other company, no one would give it a second look. I hope it truns out to be an epic fail for them.
  • Normally I would agree, but I think the difference here is that this isn't some new product that Apple has unveiled, it's a new version of an old product that hasn't sold well. Apple TV has been out for years and is well behind Roku and even Amazon, who only entered it last year. If Apple was going to bank on the fact that they've got a loyal customer base, they're in for a tough ride.
  • That cult is not buying the current Apple TV, it's in 4th place in the streaming device market.
  • My 4 year old Samsung SmartTV has AppleTV type of games!
  • I totally agree with you. I have both Apple tv and xbox one, and for me, it makes more sense to turn on the Apple tv to watch Netflix then my xbox. Why? Benause its a game console!
  • This makes no sense. The xbox one is much more than a fame console and completely nullifys appletv. Xbox one is a bluray player, an internet browser, a place to purchase digital films, games and music. Has an hdmi in port and is about to receive windows 10 and its universal apps. Why anyone would use an appletv over their xbox one in same room is mind boggling.
  • Because Apple, that's enough argument for most people, especially its fans. But yeah, Xbox One and any other console is just overwhelming in comparison to Apple TV. The problem with media is that they consider Apple TV to be a gaming console competitor which is not. Apple TV is a competitor to those TV consoles like Roku, Amazon, Google, and especially Ouya. Apple TV is a joke in comparison to game consoles. Also mass media even talk about this before that iPad and iPhone will kill gaming consoles...
  • Working in a electronics company, I've had loads of people enquire about apple tv, roku box etc. 9/10 they have an xbox one or ps4 but the main issue was power consumption. A savvy customer would rather invest into a firestick than use his or hers game console to watch 6 hours of tv
  • One thing that can make Xbox one sell better than playstation is project illumiroom.
  • Setting up a projector and kinect in your room as well as your TV? I very much doubt that would sell in high numbers, the kinect itself has been pushed aside by the masses, I doubt illumiroom would make a significant longterm impact.
  • Too expensive and requires too much space. The Xbox's long term differentiators will likely be enhanced graphics & physics  rendering via the cloud and xbox gaming as a service accross devices. There have been leaks that MS research is currently working on both of these.
  • Its pretty simple, any Box like apples shouldn't be considered a console or console killer. Apple TV is late in the line of what's already out, sure people will get it to calm down their boners, but its far from spectacular as getting that fresh factory smell of opening a console box.
  • Isn't this exactly what Microsoft said about the iPhone? We now know how that worked out. I am no Apple fan, but their ability to upset markets is well documented. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think it will ever be as powerfull as a Xbox one of PS4...
  • Apple will never win the living room, just like they never won the enterprise.
  • I'll say it will sale but fail and be put to rest just like the last apple tv was.. Either way to say ms will lose the gaming industry is ludicrous.. Every console has their up and downs when it comes to technology.. The thing is improving on it for the next wave which is what ms is doing now.. They are completely focused and on a plan. We shall see. I seriously don't think Sony or any other company is threaten by this. All they would have to do is add app support to already capable systems. It's not like they use a lot of power or space.
  • Apple seems to be turning more and more into the company trying what others already do. Yes, fanboys will buy everything Apple, but sooner or later, the "we do it now too and claim to have invented it" will get too lame. I don't think Apple TV will conquer the living room, just as I don't see the iPad Pro taking over the enterprise/professional user segment and being the Surface Pro killer. The high times for Apple seem to slowly fade. Best example: 3 years ago, the Apple event was THE topic in my office for days after it took place. This time around, nobody really seemed to care.
  • At that price, I'm considering the Apple TV. And it's in competition with an XBox for me. Especially since I won't need XBox's Gold subscription service. I know iOS has plenty of games that should entertain me, while I am not enthused by Gears of War or Halo or Destiny or whatever FPS is hot
  • Why buy appletv for games you can play on your phone or tablet. Seems like an extreme waste of money to purchase a device to play your phone games on your tv. Which is what this is.
  • I just finished playing Steam over In-Home Streaming with 2 xbox 360 controllers and a small server I have connected in my livingroom :). Couldn't be happier! hehe. Apple can take their overpriced crap and shove it :). Gimme Windows + controllers or keyboards ANYday!
  • Apple TV is a joke
  • The Xbox seems to have this stigma that it's just for FPS games, but there are plenty of other quality games in the lineup, but I would have to ask what kind of games you are into to give you a list of examples. Also the Xbox Live Gold service isn't a bad deal when you get 2 (soon to be 4, due to Xbox 360 backwards compatibility) games free each month. I use mine as my central hub for everything and absolutely love it.
  • the ipad pro has a desktop-class cpu, and nintendo is still a thing in the gaming world last time i checked.
  • It can have a nuclear powered, warp-driven, interplanetary holographics processing unit for all I care.  It's still just a phone with a big screen.  There is no such thing as a "desktop class" ARM processor.
  • What I would like to see is a smart TV with with windows 10 built in, but in a way that it acts more like a smart TV rather than a desktop or tablet. The tiles approach would work well as that is what samsung tv's go for anyway. But also it would expand the remint of universal apps. and of course, could mean that you have a tv with xbox (or the watered down pc version at least) built right in.
  • Yes, that is what I would like to see. Or an Xbox light for mobile games like Apple tv. But lets me get Windows 10, Cortana and video Skype. Xbox One is to expensive for non gamers.
  • There are so many small Windows 10 devices already available. What would the difference be? Another app platform for developers to ignore? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wouldn't it be better to have W10 on a USB PC? There are a few comming out, my only concern would be space, if they are 16 or 32Gb drives, it's to low, at least a 64 or 128GB would be better to get some gamming on a TV screen. Obviously for high gamming a console is the best solution. I would get a USB PC for my kids for casual gamming on other TVs.
  • I don't see this as being in competition with any games console though, the smart tv unit Roku, Android, firestick, apple tv (it's a wonder they didn't try and get away using itv), Now tv and I'm sure there's an etc out there is very very crowded market starting from £10:00 for the tv / film market and £35:00 to have mobile phone games ( with its pop up adds on your tv) it's hard to see why apple thinks this could be profitable.
  • Yawn, according to the tech press.. iradio was the end of pandora... wrong! Apple music was supposed to dominate spotify... wrong! Apple watch was the next blockbuster selling 14M units this year... wrong! Free iworks was a serious threat to Office.... wrong! Here is the reality of the situation. All these steaming media devices are adding gaming in an attempt to breat out of their small market. The Xbox sells more units per quarter than Appletv, Roku, Firetv  & chromecast combined and has all the same streaming apps.  
  • +1. :)
  • Let's put it this way: an XBOX can replace an Apple TV, but an Apple TV cannot replace an XBOX. At least not yet.
  • I just don't want to consume content this way on my TV, I prefer just using Chromecast, going on my PC and streaming it all from my PC to the Chromecast via a Chrome extension. It's so much easier to just go on piratebay or Youtube on your PC with a nice keyboard and mouse, search for what you want and just stream it that way.  The problem with going through official sources is everything has it's own exclusive content now, it's not like the old days when everything was on TV and you had access to everything. Now you have to subscribe to about 45 different services to just watch what you want. On top of that sites are now blocking ad blocker, so I have 20 mins of ads to 40 min programs and they've started doing interactive ads where if you don't click on anything, you have to wait 10 seconds for it to pick one for you....  The whole TV space has gone crazy, why I pirate everything, I'm not going to spend hundreds to be able to watch what I want. I mean Moto GP and F1 went to two different services, I'd have to pay like £100 a month to be able to watch like 2 races :\ Meanwhile I can just go on Chrome, type F1 live stream and watch it for free.... If Piracy went away, I just wouldn't consume content any more, I could get behind Netflix whereI pay a reasonable price a month, but sadly they have nothing worthwhile here in the UK.    So for me I'll give Apple TV a pass, I don't understand why TV has become such a mess, the Music and game industry, you buy what you want and you can listen/play it and that's it. With TV it's subscriptions to everything and then it's impossible to rewatch most of it once it stops broadcasting. 
  • A device that plays phone games and facebook games is not a console. Ley alone a console killer. No gamer into videogame consoles and pc games will consider having an apple tv device instead of and xbox, playstation or pc. Sorry its just a fact.
  • They don't need to compete in console space. Casual games is has big enough market to capitalize on without caring about fickle and much more demanding console gamer. Nickel and diming you for mindless gaming perks is profitable with the right crowd. Smart phones and tablet market has tons of such consumers.
  • Most probably they were referring to the sega master system :P. Joking aside, Qualcomm chips have been capable of handling alot graphical intensive applications, so I see why it won't be possible. But given the limited heat dissipation and power budget, no one is not going to be doing anything extremely graphical on their phones lol. Unless they want to cook their phones whilst frying their hands in the process. Never the less when it's actual professional software, your better of getting a Surface Pro 3 as opposed to the overstretched iPad.
  • I'd be concerned only if for the reason that Apple has much cash on hand, they can afford to buy Sony AND Nintendo, without breaking a sweat. They won't, but they COULD.  There's already talk and scuttlebutt that Apple is getting into TV production, and they may be shopping fora studio (maybe, Lionsgate or Columbia Pictures). Especially watch if Sony's business, outside of Playstation, deteriorates more; then they'd be open and vulnberable to a hostile acquisition.
  • The problem