Armani-Samsung Windows phone finally a reality

The White Whale! The White Whale! After an early false start, followed by an early outing by the Bluetooth SIG, the Armani-Samsung Windows phone has arrived.

As it happens when you get a designer phone, you get a designer price. A little more thatn $1,000 gets you a sliding QWERTY Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional phone with a 3.5-inch tilting AMOLED display, a 5-megapixel camera, 8GB on board, GPS, MicroSD, you know, all the usuals.

And Microsoft's making this launch into a Big Deal, with none other than CEO Steve Ballmer on hand. Peep the videos after the break.

Reuters via Engadget Mobile

Phil Nickinson

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  • Good Lord! That looks thick!
  • Hmmm... sorta screams Touch Pro 2, just with a higher mp camera and lots of internal memory. Curious about the processor. Which one, speed etc. ...and if it's got a metal back and bezel, that could be nice. Otherwise, big $$$ to get a name stenciled on the face. I guess I'm just unappreciative of fasion.
  • Put that memory and camera and screen on the TP2 and you'll have a winner. To me it looks like a really large and very overpriced Samsung Rogue. What guy would be caught with this thing? And just what we need in this economy. A Giorgio Armanni application. ;)