Bluetooth group outs Armani 2 as Samsung B7620

Everyone and their mother is on Twitter. Yes, even mine. Turns out the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is, too, and they took it upon themselves to out the Samsung B7620 as the long awaited Armani 2 phone.

The Samsung B7610 is also known as the recently announced Omnia Pro (seen below), so we'd imagine things would fall along that line. Here are the specs on the SIG product page:

  • 800MHz processor.
  • Dedicated graphics.
  • Stereo FM radio.
  • agps.
  • Business card scanner.
  • Work and Life mode.
  • Media player, photo viewer/editor (?!?), Pocket Office, etc.

Zero word on pricing or availability, other than it's Europe-bound.

Samsung Hub [via wmpoweruser]

Phil Nickinson

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