It's not just you, Twitter is down (updated)

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What you need to know

  • Users in parts of the U.S., Europe, and Japan are experiencing significant Twitter outages.
  • The outages have been intermittant since at least 4pm EST.
  • No word yet on the cause or when things will be back to normal.

Update 2: The company told Axios during the outage that it had "no evidence of a security breach or hack" and it was investigating "internal causes".

Update: Twitter seems to be returning back to normal, although there's still no word on the cause of the outage, although it seems likely a DDOS may be responsible.

Twitter is down for many users in the U.S., parts of Europe, and the far east in countries like Japan. The outage seems to have started sometime after 4 PM EST, and service has been on and off for many users since that time. Twitter users on the web and mobile can not see their timeline or recent tweets.

Twitter down 10/15/20

Source: DownDetector (Image credit: Source: DownDetector)

We don't have an explanation as to why the microblog is down at the moment, but we'll be following the situation and updating this story accoringly as the evening progresses.

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  • That's what ya get..
  • Lol, if this is the worst that can happen, I think we'll be OK. I won't even tell you what happens if you lose electricity!
  • Aw, Cult followers mad. They should just block them permanently. hahaha
  • Wanting news not to be censored is not a sign of being in a cult. It's a sign of wanting freedom of the press.
  • Freedom of the Press applies to the US gov't not infringing or abridging their right. You're conflating things. Twitter is a private company and there is no "freedom of the press" that applies to it. See Prager University vs Google. You also have no rights on Windows Central. I can block your speech, edit your comments, wipe your account, ban you, do whatever I want because you agreed to our ToS . While Twitter's actions are not desirable, nor do they solve the issue of shoddy news stories that may be Russian propaganda, these are the pains of a new information society. The Trump admin could actually DO something here by getting all the tech companies together to put in place guidelines on agreed actions. But they don't. They get all legal, some BS FCC nonsense (FCC has no authority here, and won't go anywhere), and Congress is too dumb to understand 203 (as are most people on Twitter, TBH). Our leadership has failed us, again.
  • While I agree there needs to be standards. There has been many 'news articles' that have been completely fake about trump, proven fake, that are still allowed to be spread on Twitter and Facebook. This one has nothing proving it to be untrue. No one has denied the allegations either. The banning of this is just a political stunt. Rules for one side and not another could be considered political interference. And I would hope you would keep this platform open to discussion as long as people are respectful to each other.
  • Each side perceives that only they are being targeted when, in fact, the differences in enforcement are due to the fact that it's next to impossible to apply the same standard across millions of posts and not some political bias. I've seen various leftist posts censored or blocked unjustly across all major social media sites. There is no bias.
  • I haven't seen or heard of one. What were they roughly about? I traditionally follow left leaning news, but since all of this started, I've started looking and listening to both sides. I don't hear anything from the left about censorship being bad.
  • It's funny how things change. What do you consider "left" anyway? I consider the distinction between liberalism and leftism important. Leftists are usually the ones who are censored and do decry censorship, especially in America. Throughout American history, the left has been censored more than any political faction between red scares, McCarthyism, anticommunist discrimination being explicitly allowed by the Civil Rights Act and more.
  • Good! Stay down forever!
  • Narrator: It came back 90 mins later.