Asda and Sainsbury's team up with Zapp to launch mobile payments in 2015

Several major UK retailers and companies have announced support for Zapp, which means shoppers will be able to make payments using their smartphones. Zapp is an upcoming mobile payment gateway and platform that plans to offer a new way for consumers to pay for goods and services. The UK service will launch three mobile apps – Android, iOS and Windows Phone – to enable said smartphone owners to make payments without having to take out their wallet.

Zapp has been working with major companies in the UK, including Sainsbury's, Asda, House of Fraser, Thomas Cook, Clarks, Anglian Water and Shop Direct (Littlewoods,, etc.). Leading UK banks are also backing the service with HSBC, first direct, Nationwide, Santander and Metro Bank named as Zapp supporters. What makes Zapp easy to use is how the service works in-between the bank and retailer, enabling consumers to quickly make payments without having to worry about managing and transferring funds.

Zapp will then invest in launching the brand in the UK market, supported by the marketing efforts of its financial and retail partners. The launch will be underpinned by an awareness raising campaign from Zapp and its backers, supported by tens of millions of pounds in advertising and promotional activity. This will include a consumer education campaign, above the line advertising and promotional activity at the point of sale.

Expect to see Zapp launch in the UK next year. Be sure to check out the official Zapp website, as well as the PDF linked below for more details on the upcoming payment gateway.

Source: Zapp (.PDF), via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This looks like great news and I'm excited. :D
  • I still don't know what exactly it does? Does it allow contactless payment using NFC or....? What's the benefit over pulling out a debit card?
  • Similar to a "contactless" card. You can just present your phone and pay.
  • About time. Happens as soon as iPhones get support but my 920 supported it for the past 2 years! Better late than never I suppose.
  • I'm glad to see a concrete announcement from Zapp.  They've been around for a while but it seems ApplePay has lit a fire under them! I now hope that more banks and credit card providers get on board with this!
  • Doesn't use nfc
  • I didn't have time to go through all of their info, (there is a lot) but the video appears to show the person interacting with a terminal, in some stores.  Was it a tap?  I'm not sure.
  • I'm a little concerned that only a few companies and banks have given this one service a go. If there are other companies and payment apps available later, then other banks may use them meaning I will have to use separate apps for separate shops to make a payment, which just confuses everything. If this is the case I hope WP has a universal payment system; a Microsoft app that connects every service with every bank and shop.
  • Or, just use NFC enabled cards already supplied in the UK. This way you can use chip and pin or NFC, simplest. Mind you, once the iZombies start using their phones guess it will be pushed. Just wondering what happens if your iPhone is stolen. Can the thief go spending until the phone is blocked. If its password protected then using a card still wins. End of rant lol
  • The Apple system requires you to have your finger on the finger print scanner if I read right, although I could be wrong on that.
  • Not holding out much hope for this taking off properly. They say leading banks have signed up, yet the big ones like Barclays, Lloys, TSB, Natwest aren't on that list. Also, of the ones that have signed up only one has a Windows Phone app, and not a very good one at that. 
  • The issue with payments on a Windows phone is it requires a payment SIM which if I have to get a whole new SIM, what's the point?
  • Loved ASDA when I was little. Still remember my field trip to the bakery.