Ask Mojang #8 answers more questions about Minecraft Earth, the Nether Update, and more

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What you need to know

  • Mojang occasionally does "Ask Mojang" episodes on YouTube, where they answer questions from fans about Minecraft.
  • The latest episode, #8, focuses on the differences between various versions of Minecraft, petting animals, and the Nether Update.
  • It's a short video, but there is some neat information to be discovered there.

The team at Mojang started a new series referred to as "Ask Mojang" on YouTube a little while back, wherein team members from across the company can answer questions about Minecraft, Minecraft Earth, and more. Ask Mojang #8 is a quick video, but sheds some light on the Nether Update, and a little bit about future plans for Minecraft. Most interestingly, we get a semi-official comment on why Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition still exist.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the version of Minecraft most people will be familiar with, because it spans all of your devices and supports modern features like cross-play. It's more flexible in the hardware it can run on, and is built for the future. Minecraft: Java Edition is the original version of Minecraft, and while it's built on the far heavier Java platform, it achieves a level of modularity and power that the Bedrock Edition simply can't. So while the Bedrock Edition is probably better for most people, there's a huge community of players that want full control over Minecraft. The Mojang team member, Anthony, pretty much confirms this in not-so-many words.

The video also talks a little bit about the Nether Update and its ability to change over the next few months until release. There's some discussion about petting animals in Minecraft, which has long been requested by players. While there are no plans (that we know of,) a member of the Minecraft Earth team mentioned that they're always looking for new ways to interact with their unique mobs (which should just be in vanilla Minecraft anyways.)

The video is on the shorter side, but worth a watch if you're interested. In the mean time, we're counting down the weeks until Minecraft Dungeons finally makes it into our homes.

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