Ask WMExperts: Sprint Touch Edition

The voting came in on our “Pick Out Next WM Smartphone” contest and the winner was the Sprint Touch by a wide, wide margin. Actually, the real winner was blue4shizzle, who was picked in a random drawing from amongst the votes for the Touch. Congrats Blue - email coming shortly with your prize.

It's actually no surprise to me that the Sprint Touch was chosen to take the place of the Motorola Q9h. Our comparison of the iPhone and the original HTC Touch, lengthy-video-style, is still amongst our top articles.

So! I'll be rocking the Sprint Touch for a couple weeks, forwarding my text messages because I still can't find a service that offers universal phone and text forwarding (Dear Google, Please Fix This, Love WMExperts). If you've got questions, the Sprint Touch currently sitting in my hand has answers. Ask 'em in this thread and I'll answer them.

If your first question is “How's all that TouchFLO 2 action?”, let me answer that right here, right now: Sprint ruined it by putting their own apps on it, apps I don't want. Time to get registry hacking.

WC Staff