Pick Our Next WM Smartphone and Review (and Win!)

We'll be posting up a full review of the Motorola Q9h and the Mogul next week (and even a mini-review of the Motorola MC35). There'll be more smackdowns to come too (intra-carrier style), but for now I'm itching to try something new out. I've already said that I prefer the Q9h to the BlackJack II, but as sbono13 pointed out in the comments, the BJII is a full $200 bucks cheaper (with contract) than the Q9h... so I'm thinking I should give that device a full rundown as well. Toss in the fact that I have (unfairly?) poo-poohed the Pantech Duo and the Samsung i760 and suddenly we're looking at a whole smorgasbord of Windows Mobile smartphones. That's a situation I love, but I can't decide.

So, what to do about that itch? Let you decide. Head on over to the thread associated with this post and vote in the poll. We'll leave the poll open through Tuesday, February 5th. We're also making your choices public so we can track 'em, not because we're nefarious, but because we'll choose one lucky voter from the top choice to win a $100 coupon at the WMExperts Store!

After the break - see the smartphones sitting on my desk, waiting on my eternal judgment (and the full rules to the contest). To vote, just click on this here link

Here are the

  • Pantech Duo
  • BlackJack II
  • AT&T Tilt
  • T-Mobile Shadow
  • T-Mobile Dash
  • Verizon Motorola Q9m
  • Samsung SCH-i760
  • Sprint Touch

I'd like to stick to phones that have carrier support in the US, if you're wondering about the choices above.

Contest Rules

  1. Not open to Smartphone Experts employees or contractors (but mods, go for it)
  2. Coupon only good for merchandise, you'll have to pay the S&H (sorry)
  3. 1 entry per person
  4. Contest ends on February 5th at Midnight.
  5. The winner will be chosen at random from all the people who voted for the smartphone that receives the most votes (in other words, there's strategy involved!)
WC Staff