Browse the latest fashion trends with ASOS Daily Edit for Windows Phone

The weekend is approaching and you'd like to pick up a little something to treat yourself for the following week, right? A solid place to start when it comes to clothes is ASOS (, an online retailer specialising in the latest trends for both male and female products. We've now got an official client available for Windows Phone, enabling you to check out the new collections and quickly purchase that new dress.

ASOS Daily Edit (already available for both iOS and Android) provides consumers with a digestible snippet of what's available on the main store, and as the name suggests, there's something new fired out to mobile device on a daily basis. Rocking a mobile web version already, the Windows Phone app wraps ASOS Daily Edit up in a Modern UI and sprinkles it with some glittery stars. It's a seriously well-designed app.

Categories sported by the ASOS app include festivals, weekend, date night, going out, special events, and work. There's something for every occasion. Purchasing an item will take you through to the mobile site (still wrapped inside the app) where it's actually relatively simple and convenient to checkout and configure your order.

As this is a Windows Phone app, you've got the usual fast resume, panorama set-up and Live Tiles to get cracking with. You can pin individual sections of the app to the Start screen for more convenient access when out and about. Not only does the app make it easier to jump back in for updated listings, but "saved" collections are synchronised with the main ASOS website. Can't pick up that item right now? Save it for later when you're at a PC.

It's worth noting that should you be a dude, ASOS may not be the right app for you just yet. The development team behind the app is working hard to bring male content to the app in a future update, so stay tuned. For now, only female items are available through the ASOS Daily Edit app.

You can download ASOS Daily Edit from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 only and Nokia exclusive).

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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