Astropad Studio is finally on the way to Windows 10, and you can try its beta for free

Project Blue Demo
Project Blue Demo (Image credit: Astropad)

What you need to know

  • Astropad launched Project Blue today.
  • Project Blue lets you turn your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Windows 10 PC.
  • The app works with the Apple Pencil and the iPad's touch gestures to access shortcuts from apps.

Astropad launched Project Blue today, the first free public beta of Astropad for Windows. The app allows you to use an iPad as a wireless drawing tablet for Windows 10 PCs. The app is in beta right now, but it already has many of the features seen on Astropad Studio, which works with Macs. Project Blue connects through Wi-Fi or USB, which allows people to flexibly work anywhere.

The app already supports mirroring, Apple Pencil, and touch for panning and zooming. It also has some shortcuts that are in Astropad Studio. Here's a complete list of its current features:

Drawing tablet functionality

  • Mirroring
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Touch support (pan and zoom)

Limited Astropad Studio shortcuts and customization

  • Basic sidebar shortcuts
  • 'Magic Gestures'
  • Hard & soft pressure curves
  • On-screen modifier keys
  • On-screen keyboard
  • External keyboard support
  • 'Move and Zoom'

Robust connectivity and performance

  • Connect over WiFi or USB
  • Low latency at 60fps
  • GPU support

Since Project Blue is still in beta, some features aren't available yet. Astropad states that unlimited customizable shortcuts are on the way, as well as per-app shortcuts. The app will also work with Luna Display in the future and gain other features like custom pressure curves.

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  • I hope this works as well as the Mac version. Since most other manufacturers still haven't gotten the pen right (except Samsung's Wacom EMR devices), there is definitely still a market for something like this for art.
  • using this with my windows laptop hp omen and ipad air 4 and even on wireless connection, it works amazingly! i am surprised i am getting this quality of service for free! if they later plan to sell it, i would be happy to buy too but i hope they make it a one time purchase instead of subscription