Asus EeeBook X205 notebook, using Windows 8.1 with Bing, coming soon for $199

Asus will join HP with its own $199 notebook running Microsoft's Windows 8.1 with Bing this fall with the announcement of the EeeBook X205 as part of the IFA 2014 trade show in Berlin.

In a post on Microsoft's Windows blog, it states that the 11.6-inch laptop from Asus will have an Intel Atom quad-core processor inside, unlike the HP Stream which reportedly will have an AMD processor. It added:

"The EeeBook X205 has a compact and ergonomic design for people constantly on-the-go – like students for example. It weighs less than 1kg and has a full-size, one-piece seamless chiclet keyboard with 1.6mm of key travel for comfortable typing. It also has a 36% larger touchpad compared to the ones found on the 14-inch ASUS laptop models. And the touchpad uses Smart Gesture technology that supports touch gestures in Windows 8.1."

The notebook will have 2GB of RAM and have either 32 or 64 GB of onboard storage, but it won't have a touchscreen. It will have Windows 8.1 with Bing, which is the exact same version of Windows 8.1 except that Bing is set as the default search engine. That default can be changed by the owner of the notebook after they buy it. The laptop will be released sometime in November in both the US and Europe and will come in four different colors (black, white, gold, and red). What do you think of this cheap Asus EeeBook X205 notebook?

Source: Microsoft

  • 11.6" at what resolution?? Sounds good for the spec and price..
  • 1366*768
  • 1366x768 is the resolution
  • Yeah but if that processor gonna keep up?
  • The HP seems a better deal with the AMD processor which is faster in both the CPU and GPU part.
  • The cpu is powerfull enough for wat is is intended to do
  • I have an atom t100 and it runs great. This computer should be fine.
  • Its a chromebook competitor
  • I can tell you from past experience as long as your sticking with basic facebook/email/office stuff, that even on vista I was shocked by how good a atom processor was (2009). It was fast and responsive. It only got better with windows 7 which made it run even faster. Since windows 8.x is lighter than 7 and this is newer tech, I can promise you that while it won't perform miracles it will run quite nicely as long as its not yanked down by crappy bloatware. Unfortunately that will probably be the case. If you can reformat this to run without bloatware it will be fine.
  • Both Ram and flash are far too small to be useful as a full w8.1 machine... Even the RT arm chipset lagged with just modern ui. Suppose its value for money but that's about it. Also does anyone know how much the OS uses from the 32gb model..?
  • No true my brother in law has an asus t100 arround the same specs an that one is fast. 32 gb flash is np if they use wimboot then the os uses 2.8 gb of storage (32 bit version) 2gb of ram is plenty for what this laptop is intended (chromebook rival).
  • Really only 2.8gb that's amazing for x86
  • What a nonsense. My Teclast X98 3G tablet with Windows 8.1 does really fine with those specs and even has a far higher resolution.
  • Win 8.1 is pretty light on memory. It can easily run on 2gb as long as you aren't doing intense work. It's fine for browsing, music, watching streams/videos, and maybe even a bit of light gaming.
  • yep even for light gaming you can find plenty of youtube vids where the t100 gets tested for gaming.
  • u tube is the thing Microsoft needs to get rid off. m kit saying that u tube is bad but we cant rely on google for anything. they wont release any of their service and even of they release it will be like a dead thing on Microsoft's platform. Microsoft should start their own video search now.
  • Did you ever use MSN Video? It was rubbish.
    So is Xbox Video.
    Youtube works perfectly well. It's Chrome which creates some ridiculous system overheads. Use IE and you'll have no problems with Youtube.
  • so Microsoft can buy things like Vimeo?
  • & mess it up?
    No thanks.
  • that was Ballmer era who messed everything up. not in satyas rule.
  • Satya is ruining Windows Phone. It's still Microsoft.
  • Yeah. I actually use IE for YouTube. No problem at all compared to chrome.
  • Xbox Video is fine, but totally different product than YouTube.
  • It is a very average product. & it is quite pricey.
    Oh, and video downloads still don't actually download via the Windows 8 app (on an Asus T100).
    I personally prefer Netflix. That is a much slicker service!
  • Indeed. My Dell Venue Pro 11 served me well for the whole summer with Steam games like Portal 2 (from the microSD) and Team Fortress 2. If you look for my name on YouTube I did some reviews on that Atom tablet. (2 GB Ram here as well). ^_~
  • 2gb ram is plenty for basic uses. I consider it to be an absolute minimum in this day and age. I generally tell people to stick with 4+ though. Ram is cheap.
  • Low end Asus devices have always done me well. I'd be all over this if I didn't just buy a t100
  • Might grab one of these
  • OEM should release more of this type of chromebook killers.
  • Agree!
  • Its a good deal if you will only use it to surf on the internet, office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and watch videos/listen music.
  • want Microsoft to make universal app of mix radio.
  • This ^^
  • Are you talking about the ex Nokia MixRadio? Because a Windows app for Mix Radio already exists.
  • They mud acquire Spotify :) hehe
  • I use my T100 for video editing whilst cycle touring. It works amazingly well.
    The latest Atom's are pretty amazing little creations. Moderately powerful with excellent battery life.
  • Well, it should do things like edit photo and video with apps similar to what we can do with the phones. There are plenty of solutions running light enough to function on 512MB. It's not going to run Sony Vegas Pro 64 bit, but it should run Movie Maker 8.1.
  • Why would ANYONE use Sony Vegas 64 (64 bit) on a 32 bit netbook?!
    The very fact these devices competently edit 1080p videos is all that anyone really needs to know. If you need to do anything heavier, go and get an i5 (with the poor battery life and necessity to have active cooling)
  • That all the average consumer does. Heck, when I retire that will all I will be doing. You also need to add to your list mail and paying bills online.
  • Ok. So I didn't really get the whole windows with Bing thing. What is it missing compared to normal windows?
  • Nothing, i think its just a marketing strategy. Windows comes with Bing anyway and it's always set as default, so it's the same exact thing. It just makes Bing sound cool and, well, a cool product is what sells.
  • Ah, ok. I thought there also was a pricing difference
  • There is. Its cheaper.
  • Thanks for clearing that up. What makes it cheaper? Is it like a cheap version of Windows or what?
  • Yeah! I'd like to know that, too! :)
  • In this price tag, its a good deal.. But who wants a full pc OS with only 32gb..
  • It's perfectly enough for surfing, office, media consumption. I have even installed PhotoShop cc 2014 and adobe muse and still got 6GB left. Not even filling up my 64 GB microsd. -Acer aspire switch anyway.
  • After I by it I can change the search engine? Can other people by it? Do you want to by it?
  • *Buy
  • Seems like a chromebook killer.. but what is Windows 8.1 with bing really is?
  • Its a basic version of windows 8 built especially for cheap products, its an Android happy about that.!
  • NO difference, just the default search engine is Bing which can be changed, But OEM's like Dell, HP, Asus get the OS for free as windows 8.1 with Bing is free.
  • Bye Bye ANDROID !
  • Sounds like the death of chrome books Coolest Man Alive
  • What is the default search engine on a non-Bing version of Windows I ask.
  • Bing.
  • Mmh.. i sorta thought the time of netbooks was over already. I havn't seen Chromebooks really become a similar kinda trend and I kinda doubt these will either.
  • It's because chromebooks couldn't do what a PC could do, these can apart from heavy gaming but for this price it is a walmarts store dream to sell.
  • I will definitely get one when is released
  • Buy not by
  • Bye=goodbye,au revoir,adios,lamtumire,.
  • Does it has an SD card slot? The article doesn't seem to mention one...
  • Sorta... it has a microSD slot plus a micro HDMI port (i found some hands on pics online)
  • Windows 8.1 is optimized for touch...i would not buy it without it.
  • No need of touch in windows 8.1, you can boot straight to desktop and windows 9 will have start menu and automatically disable charms bars etc and boot straight to desktop for non-touch devices.
  • Is that a quad core Atom Bay Trail? I assume so. In that cast, awesome! In any other case, awful!
  • Also fanless! Wish it had 1080p. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • About time Microsoft gets in game
  • They should make a black version. Not liking the white.
  • In the article it says they will come in four different colors (including black). I'm glad I could make your wish come true :-)  
  • Thats great I would like black keyboard with black backing. I thought they only meant the back color.
  • Microsoft should never offer windows 8 for non touch screen laptops. Or the default home should be set to desktop. This is the reason why many traditional users hate windows 8. The metro interface should be for touch enabled device only.
  • It looks like a very sexy device for the price! It's about time Microsoft tackled the Chromebook fad.
  • I think, it would be good for people like me who just do basics when it comes to computing... If and when it comes to the middle East, I'll surely be taking one...