Asus reportedly not pairing Android with Windows due to pressure from Google

Asus and Intel have been working together to combine two experiences - Windows and Android. This enables tablets and other form factors to run Windows and then Android, depending on which mode has been enabled by the user. Asus presented the TD300 at CES 2014, but now Digitimes reports that the company is postponing launch plans due to pressure from Google.

The new products with dual operating systems would benefit both Asus and Intel, but could run the risk of hurting relations with both (or either) Google and Microsoft. Redmond is looking to continue pushing its Windows OS with modern applications, but this move with Android could hamper any progress made due to consumers opting for the familiar Android experience while mobile.

Digitimes also notes that other vendors are looking at halting plans for dual OS hardware. We'll have to see how this progresses and what benefits will come of such products being released, but it's worth noting that this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Source: Digitimes; cheers, Guy Kh, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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