ATT 8525 Finally Gets WM6

This is good news: HTC and AT&T have finally released the Windows Mobile 6 ROM update for the 8525. You'll get AT&T branding instead of Cingular, of course, but what you'll really get is Windows Mobile 6 and a bunch of extras:

  • Push to Talk
  • AT&T's internet links (video, music, etc)
  • Correctly shows E vs 3G depending on your connection
  • Use X to close apps (huzzah!)
  • Did I mention Windows Mobile 6?

I'd like to say that this bodes well for the Blackjack WM6 upgrade and also for the Treo 750 WM6 upgrade. I like to say that, but I won't. Instead I'll just write it on my bathroom mirror; write it backwards blood.

It's Halloween, you know, and I hear tricks like that can summon mysterious entities that may or may not even exist. At this point, that's pretty much how I feel about these promised updates to Windows Mobile 6.

Read: HTC: Support: AT&T 8525 Software Downloads. Thanks to Roger for the tip!

WC Staff