AT&T boosting its 3G network to 7.2Mb/s, plans LTE testing for 2010

We've been expecting AT&T to beef up its 3G network in the coming months, and now we have some details.

AT&T Mobility VP Scott McElroy says software updates will double the downstream speed to 7.2 megabits per second and are already being tested in two markets. The rest of the network is targeted for an upgrade thereafter.

But AT&T's looking past that and toward HSPA+, which will increase speeds to 21 Mb/s. And looking even further into the future, tests with the 4G LTE standard should begin sometime next year.

Acronyms and numbers aside, what does this all mean? Quite simply, be on the lookout for faster speeds on an AT&T network near you.

TelephonyOnline via Phonescoop

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